Your Mom Knows What You Did

– [Woman] What if someone sees? – [Man] Nobody's going to see – Oh my God Okay fine quickly

– Okay (laughing) That tickles, that tickles – Do you like it? – I do (suspenseful music) (phone ringing) – Wait stop My mom's calling (phone ringing) – So just ignore it

– No – Come on so what? – Okay Okay – Lilly where were you last night? – Oh I was studying at Allison's house I think she knows (frightening music) Hello? Who's there? (patting sound) Mom? (patting sound) Mom what are you doing? (patting sound) (frightening music) – She knows what we did – How? I picked you up from down the street – I should have said the library (knock) (phone ringing) – Hello? – Hello Allison? This is Lilly's mom

(intense music) (screams) (intense music) (scream) – You want some No one's going to know – Okay (Knock on the door) (wind howling) (suspenseful music) (phone ringing) Hello everybody it's your Auntie Paramjeet you better like this video or I am going to beat your face Comment below give it thumbs up and do subscribing Last video over there, dumb vlog over there you better make sure you coming back because we making new video okay one love whatever God stupid go to room

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