You Know You Love Food When…

– I'm stuffed Excuse me, can we have the dessert menu please? Thanks

So, how big is that portion? Oh my God, do you remember how good those cupcakes were last week? Shoot! I think we should get two Remember those cupcakes? Is it party-size or? No really, they were like the best cupcakes I've ever had

How many people does it serve, because I just, I just, you know, I honestly didn't eat all day today I think we should get two Can we get two of those? Thanks Should we get those cupcakes again? I think we should order one more I think we should've ordered

Hi, I'm so sorry! Did you eat the last cupcake? Can we actually get one more? I mean, I'm not hungry yet, but like, I'm getting there Mhm, mhm Did you see that? What was that? I want one of those

Can I have whatever he's having? – [Voiceover] Hey, are you hungry? – I mean, I could eat Yea, I'm leaving right now, I'm leaving right now Okay, but wait, are we eating before or after? What time does it close? Is that enough time? Okay, well, I just wanted to make sure we have a plan Fries, onion rings, two garlic dipping sauces, that's right, cheese on the garlic bread Can you please make sure there's cheese on the garlic bread? Yea, right, and one large pizza, correct answer

Did you want anything? If you could eat like, anything in the world right now, what would you eat? And we'll get one, sorry, wait, what are you getting? I don't want to be the only one eating Can you hold on? Sorry I'd eat like, a funnel cake, you know? Like, straight out of the fryer? A little bit of ice cream? Some strawberries? Ooh, ooh, with a little bit of chocolate sauce drizzled on top? Uh I just can't trust anyone who doesn't like Nutella, you know what I mean? They're so weird I don't know if I'm hungry or just, like, bored, you know? Oh my God, and he likes cooking

That's it, I have to marry him – No, I'm not hungry – What does being hungry have to do with eating? So weird Lily, Lily Flay, it's got a ring to it (moaning) Yes, yes, yes! I swear, the only reason I wake up is because I'm hungry, you know? Everyone else is like, getting married and stuff, and I'm just sitting here like, I love carbs, you know what I mean? I'm so full, but like, there's food here, so

Stop, literally stop me, stop me! Yea, I'll take fries with that It's like the bags always half empty, you know? Can I actually, can I upsize those fries? So hot, ah! Can I get a side of mayo? Can I get ketchup? I'm burning my tongue Can I get barbecue sauce? So spicy! I can't eat another one

Can I get sweet and sour sauce as well? Can I get all the sauces? Take it away from me Can you repeat my order? I'm dying So what do you wanna have for dinner? You have to listen to this It was crazy It was literally the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me

So, I walked into this room, and all of a sudden it's like, what did you just say to me? And then he's like, get this What? Yo! Hope you enjoyed that video If you did, give it a big thumbs up

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And zoop! I'm hungry Oh my God, I cannot wait to eat all of the doubles in Trinidad

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