Wonder Woman vs. Superwoman (ep. 3) | Inanna Sarkis & Lilly

I'm so busy and tired with work ~Yeah Me too

I'm so tired of flying around all week ~Same, except, you don't really FLY FLY ~What's that supposed to mean? ~Let's just cut to the chase; all you can do is jump really high ~Jump really high? What is this? Seventh grade track? I can jump into the sky You see that plane? I can stop that plane from soaring and smash it into the ground ~Can I tell you what I can do? I can fly

OOOOOHHHHHH ~We get it, you can fly I have a freaking shield! I have a tiara that can slice people's necks off ~Kay, all of that is lame You know I have these fists, these guns ~What if I'm two miles away? What are you gonna do? What, are you gonna fist punch me? ~No, like I said, I don't have to because I can just fly there! ~We get it! Let's just cut to the chase here

We both know how you got into this game ~And how's that? Superwoman, Super-MAN Your cousin brought you in this, okay? Me, on the other hand, I'm self-made ~Okay, listen, Wonder Woman We're all wondering what you do when you take your weekends away in Vegas while the REST of us are saving the world

~You know what? That was a low blow That's not fair You know I was going through a bad breakup with your cousin! ~Every weekend you're going through a bad breakup Have some sympathy He broke my heart

Don't make it seem like you're better than me How many people have you saved this week? Four? ~Uh, no, too many to even count ~Oh "too many to even cou–" Yeah? Well, watch a real superhero get to work

~It's on Any last words? ~How'd you get here before me? ~Because I didn't jump here, I flew here (Both) I'M HERE TO SAVE YOU ~No, I'm here to save you ~No, I'm going to save you

~No, I'm here to save him ~No, I'm doing the saving ~I'm here to save him ~I'm going to save him ~Wonder Woman and Super Woman are here to save me! Yes! ~Get 'em! ~You always try to one-up me! I save a guy from a burning bridge, what do you do? You save a family from drowning

I'm so sick of it! ~Well, I wouldn't always have to save you if you weren't always about to die all the time! Shut up! ~You're making the rest of us look bad Yes Oh, Miss Pageant Queen whipping out her tiara! Lemme show you how it's done ~Oh, please You, get out of my way! ~Woah! You almost fried my head off! ~Stop getting in my way! ~Make me ~Forget the girls

Go after him! ~Ow, my hair! AAAHHHHHHHH?! ~Stop, you guys are taking! ~Oh, shut up ~You guys are screwed! ~Ugh, OKAY! ~God, WHY? ~Okay? We're supposed to be superheroes, out was saving the world, not fighting each other! ~Right, it's supposed to be our cheat day! ~It's supposed to be our day off Come come here ~I'm sorry man ~Save this guy ~You guys are the worst super heroes I've ever encountered ~I think we gotta take the 'L' on this one

~I'm kinda happy that they stole his shirt ~Yeah Should we just leave his clothes off? ~Hey, so sorry we didn't save you ~Yeah, my bad! You like that? Oh my god its so good ~So, just a random question– you know, we're curious Who were you more of a fan of?

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