Why You Should Never Google Your Date

-Magical Unicorn Noises- i love you lilly <3 Girl guess what? -gasp- Your UTI is finally gone Okay no – I told you I just like the way cranberry juice tastes

'Kay but nobody likes the way cranberry juice tastes -breath- I have a date Oh my god! Yes, tell me everything! Okay, so there I was on a walk, you know enjoying nature being present and this cutie caught my attention Girl it was love at first sight, the old-fashioned way I mean you got his number? No, and then I swiped right

Check out his Tinder profile Okay, *Dave* *sexy looks from the eyes* Strong name, maybe a David? Or a Davis? Or Davenport? Who the hell's name is Davenport? It sounds like a capital city Okay, whatever his name is, he is fine as *hell* I know right? I need to go moisturize No no no wait! We need more info about him I do not want you getting kidnapped

Kidnapped? Girl, if he can lift me, I consider that a plus Girl you thirsty Okay, let's at least look at his bio so we could etch it on your gravestone Okay, first of all, that's racist Okay, because you know we get cremated Okay, it looks like he's 6'1''

Girl, Imma climb that tree You can barely climb the stairs That's rude Under his job it just says business Wait that's it? -in unison- Google him Okay page 38, I think I found him

David Klein 🙂 HE HAS TWO SISTER ,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Basically a feminist October birthday, which means Libra With a Scorpio Rising, so he's probably a little ~feisty~ His favorite show is Game of Thrones Oh my god It's meant to be

I'm the Khaleesi to his Jon Snow Isn't she his aunt? I said what I said Okay his mom just found out she's gluten-free So now he's gluten-free Oh my god, That is so sweet

Girl, I'm about to go shave with a *new* razor blade He deserves it N-No! Wait, wait Wait, I found a flaw Apparently in grade four he bit some kid on the playground He publicly apologized on Facebook

Oh wait wait, so what you're saying is he's a 6-1 businessman who loves his mom and has a tendency to bite? Yes -apprehensively- You haven't changed that razor in like seven months It's a special occasion So, I know nothing about you Oh my god same, yeah, totally same page, yeah

I also know nothing about you So uhh tell me about yourself Uhh okay? Well, my name is Lilly First of her name, mother of unicorns, breaker of bread, C'mon, mother of unicorns? Like mother of dragons? Like Khaleesi? Game of Thrones? TV show? Ohhhh, okay! Yeah Sorry I uh- I don't watch that show -slight bewilderment- There's gluten in that, you can't- you can't eat that

Cool smirk Yum smirk Have you ever bitten anyone? Excuse me? Sorry Not like "Do you bite people?" that's weird No but like like have you ever leisurely? Bitten anyone, you know, just because you're feisty due to I don't know like say the Scorpio Rising mhm, David? Uh, no, and my name isn't David It's actually Davenport -quiet disappointment- Davenport! -tortured breath- Cute

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