Why I Could Never Be On Game of Thrones

("Game of Thrones" Theme) (bell dinging) – So there's a dragon over here? – No – So you're not going to put a dragon here

– There's no dragon in this scene – Got it – Okay everyone, this is Daenarys' entrance take one, marker (clap) – And action (birds tweeting) – Look out a dragon! – Cut! – Crap

(upbeat music) I know what my father was, what he did I know the Mad King earned his name (dramatic instrumental music) – Cut! There is no dragon – [Warrior] My queen, Lord Varys would like a word (dramatic music) – Who is that again? Line? – My queen, how do you plan to take the Seven Kingdoms? – With my dragons that are behind me

– Cut! (birds tweeting) – The High Sparrow demands to enter the castle my queen – Well she is not welcome – He, he is not – Yes, he is not welcome Sorry, which character is this again? – Dragon, attack! – Cut! For the love of god

– Let me live – [Warrior] Lord Snow, they found Bran – Bran? – [Warrior] Yes Bran, the raven boy – Which boy is that? – [Warrior] Your brother, Lord Snow – Oh my brother, Bran, yes Bran

Yo is he still in this show? – [Woman] My queen, what shall we do? – Are we in Meereen or Dorne right now? Sorry which kingdom is this again? – Excuse me, ma'am, this is your dragon – This? This looks like a giant praying mantis – Winter's coming Are you sure? We've been saying this for like six seasons – My dragons are hungry

(imitates dragon roaring) – Cut, don't touch the prop dragon (mumbling) – Hey, could you please fill this up with some real wine? I'm a method actor – [Camera Assistant] Okay this is Cersei drinking take one, marker (clap) – Action (dramatic music) – Enemies in the West, enemies in the North

(slurping) – [Camera Assistant] Cersei drinking take two, marker – Action – Enemies in the West, enemies in the, above the West Enemies in the North – [Camera Assistant] Cersei drinking, take three

(clap) – Action – Enemies to the left, enemies to the right and the left Everywhere (slurping) – [Camera Assistant] This is Cersei drinking take four, marker (clap) (coughs) – And action

♫ From the window, to the walls ♫ And me's all on these balls – You are in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn, House of Targaryen, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, Keeper– – Cut, cut, sorry I just feel like it's not realistic for my character, you know – [Camera Assistant] Khaleesi introduction take two, marker (clap) – Action – You are in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn, Breaker of iPhone Chargers, Eater of Chipotle

(upbeat music) – Eew He's my brother – Champion of Flip Cup and Mother of Friends With Low Alcohol Tolerances – [Camera Assistant] Jon Snow dramatic turn take one, marker (clap) – And action

(humming "Game of Thrones" theme) Cut! Please, stop humming the music – Right – Blood of High Sodium Levels, Queen of Subtweets – [Camera Assistant] Khaleesi speaking Valyrian take one, marker (clap) – Action

– Khaleesi Dothraki Despacito DJ Khaled Quavo Draco More Life-o – Cut! Are you just saying musician and song names? – No – [Camera Assistant] Khaleesi speaking Valyrian take two, marker (clap) – Action! (speaking nonsense words) – Cut! (imitating sword clashing) (groaning) – Stop making sound effects

– I'm not (speaking Hindi) – Was that Hindi? – No (dramatic music) (imitating wind blowing) – Cut! – [Camera Assistant] This is Khaleesi speaking Valyrian take 39, marker (clap) – Okay you got it? – I got, I got it – You sure? – This is the one

– Okay – Right here – And action (speaking Valyrian) (dramatic music) (speaking Valyrian) (dramatic music) – Expelliarmus! – Cut! The line is Dracarys – What? (upbeat music) (snaps) (sighs) (dramatic music) (bell ringing) – Yo I hope you enjoyed that video If you did, give it a big thumbs up and welcome to Game of Thrones week on my channel

If you want to check out the bloopers for this video of which there are many, you can click the link right over there Also make sure you subscribe because I'm uploading six Game of Throne themed videos this week and I'm so excited so make sure you do that One love Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop!

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