When You’re the Designated Driver

(shimmering chimes and unicorn whinnying) – [Lilly] I'm taking my heels off, my heels are so stupid! – [Girl] Can I call an Uber? – [Lilly] No, Max is DD, remember? – [Girl] Max is an Uber driver? – [Lilly] Max, hold my heels! (heels thumping) – [Lilly] Ugh! – Oof! – I have to pee so badly, I'm so hungry (funky guitar music) – [Drive-thru Employee] Welcome to McDonald's

One moment please – Yeah, uh, can I get a Whopper? – Listen, Max, listen to me, look at me Okay, look at the road, but you are such a good guy Uh, yeah, I'll take French fries – [Drive-thru Employee] One moment please

– But can I get some sweet and sour sauce? – Can we also get barbecue, ranch, honey mustard, ketchup, mayo, and then, some fries? – Yes – Oh, don't forget sweet and sour – Oh sorry, yeah, can we also get sweet and sour? – You are! – Seriously, like you're such a good friend – He's so, you know what it is, I respect you, we respect you – I have so much respect

– And your hair is so nice – And it's not even because I drank alcohol, it has nothing to do with it – Not, no! – No! – I didn't even drink! We didn't even drink – We didn't, I just drank a little – I'm not even drunk! (loud dance music) – Wait, Max, do you want anything? – Yeah, I'll take a Number One, please

– Wait, could we get some sweet and sour sauce? – Max, are you sure you don't want anything? – Yeah! – No, I, – I did, I got a Number One – What, you have to go to the bathroom? – Wait, okay, my friend has to pee, can he use this washroom? – No, a Number One combo! – Oh, okay, he'll take a Number One combo meal plan, but we could please get some sweet and sour sauce – Oh shhh, what you do is so hard – Oh, it is! You know what I mean? – No! – I could never drive Uber – You should be president

You drive Uber? – Ah, you could be First Lady! – [Drivethru Employee] Is that everything? – Wait, Max, did you order? – Yo, can you ask them for some sauce! – Oh my goooood! – You deserve it, (Lilly wailing) you deserve it, you really do! – Could we get some sauce? – Max is the best! – We love you! – Can I also get one McFlur-ly? – Me too! – Well, I want Oreos, do you have Oreo cookies? – [Drivethru Employee] Sorry, our ice cream machine isn't working (car horn honking) – Why do you keep doing this? (loud dance music) (soft snoring) (loud dance music) – And I'm not even drunk, I like barely drank (Lily vomitting) – [Lilly] I'm sorry, don't be mad! – [Girl in jacket] We're not mad – [Girl in dress] We're not mad, let it out girl You're doing so good

(vomitting increases) Oh yeah, ohhhh – [Girl in jacket] We got you – Wow, that girl cannot handle her liquor I mean, we had the same number of shots (Girl vomitting) – Do you guys have another bag? There's a hole in this one! Lily! Guys! Max, Max, there's a hole, it's everywhere! – Yeah, I know

– Max, it's wet, it's so wet, oh my God! – Oh God, oh God – It's warm, why is it so warm? – I'm good, I'm good – Oh God, oh God – I'm gonna be sick! – Oh dear God no – I'm gonna be sick (soft snoring) (paper bag rustling) – Yo, they didn't give us any sauce

(Girls whimpering) – Yo make sure you tag all your DD friends, because they do good work! If you like this video, give it a big thumbs up Also check out my Vimeo videos, They're my second vlog channel there, Make sure you subscribe, I make new videos every Tuesday, no, Monday and Thursday, One Love Superwoman, that is a wrap, Zooooop!

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