When You’re Having a Bad Makeup Day

Yo, make sure you watch until the end of the video for a giveaway Yeah, I know you like free stuff Don't play up

Yeah, I know you cheap like me What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman! And you know want guarantees that you'll have a bad day? When your phone says your uber ride has started But you're still waiting on the sidewalk? nah I believe in charity When they accidentally put pineapple on your pizza? Yo pineapples do belong with spongebob I hate that but nah Ooh! When you wake up and you're still Lilly and still single and have crooked teeth and low views Who exactly do you think you are? Na na na, I have the worst day when I'm having a bad makeup day! Can I get a amen? And straight-up this has been true since the beginning of time Okay, since the very first watch was invented, Let's rewind all the way back to high school, okay? When I was just a young gal learning how to do her makeup for the first time

Yeah, that's right I learned how to do my makeup in high school I know these days people be learning how to contour and learn their times tables at the same time But these are the good old days I remember I desperately wanted to wear eyeliner, but I could not apply it for the life of me I'm like yo hold up you want me to take this minion sized sharpie, okay? And draw a line near my pupil? Are you dumb? Are you dumb? A- a- are you dumb? Are you dumb? Are you dumb? Do you see these unsteady hands okay? 90% of my selfies are blurry, when I'm standing completely still *buzzing sounds* What's that? the sound of me playing operation, but did that stop me? NooOOOo [♪] There Done Straight up, my eyeliner used to be a Steaming hot mess It would look like one of those mazes at the back of a cereal box and none of my friends would say Anything, okay They were just happy that one of us was doing it

Like girl, you put that disgusting eyeliner on your eyes [Acting out friends approval in high pitch voice] Yeah looks Great! No, You look so pretty! Oh my god you're wearing eyeliner? Aahhhhhh! Eventually I realized that my eyeliner had speed bumps in it, and after lots of practice I learned how to make it straight But then this struggle was, not only does your eyeliner have to be straight Apparently it has to be even, and I'm like: What da eff? Like why? Isn't one half your body supposed to be bigger than the other?? That's why one of my boobs is an a-cup and the other is a d-cup and it's really convenient cuz they can be used as a disclaimer for videos such as this There hmm this side's a a little thicker [♪] and now that side's too thick -_- [♪] Almost [♪] mmmm, a little more [♪] There [♪] Aye Aye Matey! Now eventually, I graduated to winged liner AKA Cat Eye Yeah that's right, apparently eye line can change your species that was a stretch, that was a dad joke, you can go ahead, you can unsubscribe unsubscribe you can I can't even say it you can unsubscribe *chuckles* I Swear to God nothing can boost your confidence like a good winged liner, like whatever happens it can solve any problem, like the other day

Yeah, sure my dog unlocked my phone with face ID, but whatever yo, my liner was dope okay And I'll admit sometimes, I get carried away Honestly, I think we can go bigger today Straight up, people coming up to me Just like: Oh hey, when did Cirque du Soleil come to town? And I'm just like: Hello, It's a fashion You know you have a problem when your winged liner blends into your hairline like sis, you need an intervention Lily, the other day my niece thought you were the demon from Sinister *Awkwardness* When I saw you today, I thought you were wearing sunglasses, but you aren't What about when you got to do your make up in low light? You know, I feel like you can manage with like almost everything except for blush because blush goes from 0 to 100 real quick Real effin quick You're either Edward from Twilight, or a drunk Caucasian Yo, dude, you get punched in the face? No

I just did my make him in the car Low light, you know? okay, same with you? nah I'm just drunk Here's the good news though mascara makes the biggest difference and can solve any problem like just the other day I was driving and I rear-ended the car in front of me But I was wearing mascara so at least I look good doing it Here's the thing though applying mascara is a very vulnerable time, okay Because so many things can go wrong at the top of that list is Almost done nononononono! *gradually getting louder* Achooooooo ♪ Sad Music ♪ Straight up, sneezing while doing mascara is proof that the devil exists Hope you liked that video if you did, give it a big thumbs up and huge shout outs to Smash Box for partnering with me on this video! You know I love you, 25 lucky winners will win a Superfan mascara giveaway all the informations in the description so check out the website last video, vlog channel, make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love Superwoman that is a wrap and zoop!

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