When You’re Antisocial

(cellphone ringing) (ominous music) – Hello? – [Caller] Hello, Lilly – Who is this? – [Caller] You know who this is

– What do you want? – [Caller] Don't you remember? We're suppose to go out tonight, silly (screaming) (ominous music) – Any plans tonight? – Yeah I can't wait to spend Friday night on my couch with a bottle of wine (ominous music) (laptop notification) (ominious music) – Yeah no sorry I can't make it tonight – I'm throwing a birthday party

– No – It's downtown – No – At 6pm – Stop

– There's limited parking – Oh please stop – Dress code in effect (car honking) – Yo, come on (phone ringing) (ominous music) – I don't wanna talk a shower

I don't wanna get dressed I don't wanna do my makeup I am not wearing heels – Won't you come to my wedding? Won't you come to my wedding? – No – Won't you come to my wedding? – No stop I don't want to

Stop (screaming) (heavy breathing) (gun shots) (screaming) – You can plan the bachelorette – Stop stop okay I can't come, I'm sick – [Caller] Oh okay (Lilly sighs) I'll bring you some soup

– No! (ominous music) – Don't forget to RSVP (ominous music) – Oh hello there I hope you enjoyed this very accurate video If so give it a thumbs up, tag your antisocial friends, because all of them can relate lets be real Last video over there, second vlog channel there Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday and then you don't have to leave the house

One love, Superwoman That is a wrap and zoop

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