When Your Waiter Can’t Take a Hint (ft. Chris Harrison)

(bells jingling) – Why can't we just have a nice dinner? – 'Cause you literally just called me by your ex's name – It was an accident

I saw flowers on the table and I thought, boom, Rose It doesn't mean that I love Rose Okay, do you know who else you could've thought of when you saw a flower? – Daisy? I never dated Daisy – Me, Lily, I am also a flower! – Good evening Welcome to Terizoney

It's my pleasure to be serving you tonight Is this your first time with us? – Yes – No – Who have you been here with? – I thought it was withnever mind, no I've never been here before

– Well it's great to have you both back with us Family owned since 1972 Can I start you two off with a drink? – Water – Same – I cannot believe

– Still or sparkling? – It doesn't matter – Lemon or lime? – I don't care – Ice or no ice? – Honestly, whatever you want

– Gotcha, be right back – Look, can we just try something new tonight? Okay? We're here – Okay, okay, fine, you know what, I like trying new things with you – Wait, does that mean that we can finally try – No – You just said you like trying new things – Okay, I'm talking about having a civil dinner okay, not – Behind – Come on Rose, it will be fun – Wait, what did you call me? – Allow me to tell you about our specials tonight First off, we have a honey glazed salmon, grilled over acorns, we brought in from our local forest

– Yeah, I'll take that – Now the acorns give it this great smokey, earthy, almost rustic taste – That one, that's good – And the honey, oh, the honey, it really cuts through that smokiness Gives it this sweet, sweet balance

It's fantastic – I will take that one – Same – We also have the – The first one's fine – Perfect You're gonna love it Now, are we celebrating anything tonight? Anniversary perhaps? – Food, just bring the food

– Great, I'll be right back – Just tell me, are you seeing other people? – Did you guys want cheese on your garlic bread? – Sure – Super – Hello, answer me – May I interest you in the wine list? A rosé perhaps? – (Sighs) You're nuts

– Oh, did I hear someone has a nut allergy? – No! – Fantastic – You're clearly lying – Dinner is served This is heated – Same

– You're toast – Yes he is – That's cold – You can say that again – Jack? What are you doing here? – Oh my god

– Wait, wait, who is she? – Me? I'm Poppy Who are you? – Pop What is it with you and flowers? – Look I can explain

– Refills – I thought you said you were at your Aunt's funeral – Oh my god, you are disgusting – How we doing over here? – Fine! – Fine! – Okie dokey – I'm out of here

I can't believeit's just sick! – (sighs) – I can't believe I have to go back on Tinder – Can I interest you in any dessert tonight? – No

– But, we have a beautiful lavender chocolate cake – Lavender? Yeah I'll take that – Yeah, and let me tell you about this lavender (boom) – I hope you enjoyed this collaboration with, – Chris Harrison – Make sure you check out the most dramatic season of the bachelor, January 7th

Link is in the description And Who Wants to be a Millionaire, every damn day Last collaboration over there Behind the scenes there Make sure you subscribe because they've got more collaborations coming

One love, soup woman That is a wrap and zoop! Can you find me a boyfriend? – Yes

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