When Your Mom is Obsessed with Cleaning

– This is very, much so, based on a true story (unicorn neigh and galloping) (twinkle) What up everyone! It's your girl, Superwoman

And I am sick so I actually can't hear myself and how loud I'm being Hello! And I think I speak on behalf of millions and millions of people when I say that my mother is obsessed with cleaning Like it's legit an addiction – Hello, my name is Paramjeet – Welcome, share a little bit about why you're here

– Uh, okay My family think I have problem with cleaning too much But I don't think so I just think they (vacuums) Thank you (vacuums) – See, my mom doesn't just clean and then call it a day Nah, she cleans then does everything in her power to ensure things remain that way – Good

Anymore dishes? No Good Still good? Good – Like my mom will check the dishes in the sink as if there are a child that will mess up the place when she's not looking What do you think is happening when you're out of the room? It's like the plates and glasses are gonna recreate Beauty and the Beast

Just, be our Be our guest? Be my guest? What is it? You know what I'm talking about I don't think– Like she believes someone is going to break into the house and steal nothing but they will dirty the dishes

And not only does she continuously check on the dishes, she proactively cleans them – Are you finished with glass? I wash it – No, not yet – Okay, you let me know when you done so I can wash it – Will do

(slurps) – Mom, I'm not done – Let me do Let me do – Mo– – So dirty So dirty, let me clean

– Like my mom has already somehow washed the dishes that I'm going to use next Friday It's wizardry And here's the thing, my mom thinks I'm crazy for not acting the way she acts Like I'm a clean person, don't get me wrong But, my life doesn't revolve around doing chores

No, my life revolves around eating like a normal person My mom on the other hand, no, she thinks she's normal And it's not just like my mom casually cleans, no, no, no, okay There's levels to this ish Levels, levels

Here's the tier breakdown Tier one, we have guests – Oy, sweetie, auntie coming over, okay? Make sure you clean your room and do broom

– Tier two, seasonal cleaning – New year's coming, we need to do deep cleaning, okay? Make sure you do dusting, organize cupboard, go through closet, find clothes you want to do donation – And then, tier three, the most horrid of them all, there's a wedding in the family – Okay, your sister getting married We need to wash every wall, polish doorknob, clean inside of garbage, climb ladder, dust light bulb, then clean ladder

Let's go – Is this just an Indian thing? Comment below and let me know Because when my sister got married, I swear, my mom went crazy – She out here acting like if there was dust on the floorboards, my sister would get divorced You know Indian people and their superstitions

She's just like, "If the window's dirty, her first son going to have a tail" And the whole thing is a downward spiral because even though my mom tells me to clean, when I try, it's never good enough – Let me do – No, it's cool I'm doing it

– No – No what? I'm doing it – You didn't do – I am literally wiping it – You not doing right

– Okay, I'm not wiping the counter right? There's literally no way to do this wrong – Look Let me show you, look See? Like a desk, like a desk – That is exactly what I was doing

– No, you doing wrong – I swear– – Look, see how clean? Like a desk You'll learn – Why do you ask me to do it if you don't want me to do it? And quite possibly, the most annoying type of cleaning my mom does is when guests leave the house Because, for some reason, she feels the need to erase all traces that there were ever people in the house

And this is an urgent matter that, for some reason, cannot wait – Okay, bye auntie – See you next time – I'm so tired I'm going to bed

– Okay Lilly, go wash the towel Manjeet, change the bedsheets Scarbro, wash dishes – When your dog is an actor Give this video a thumbs up just for that

Good boy (smack) Good boy, bubba Okay, hold up, hold up Before I go to the end, I have a cute idea I feel like a lot of you can relate to this and a lot of your moms will be like, "I'm not like this

" So I actually wanna see your mom's reacting to this video I want you to watch this video with your mom, record their reaction, and then send me the video Use the hashtag, #TEAMSUPERMOMS Send me on Twitter, or on Instagram I'm gonna check the hashtag, and I wanna see your moms reacting to this video

Cause I guarantee, they going to be like, "No, I am not like this" But auntie, you are Okay, now go to the end guys (twinkle) Hello! Thank you so much for watching this video If you enjoyed it, please give me a big thumbs up

My throat hurts so much My last video is right over there Second, vlog channel's right there You know the drill Make sure you subscribe because I make videos every Monday and Thursday

One, love, Superwoman That is a wrap And zoop I love you just chillin' here

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