When Your Girl Gets The Number

(horse galloping and neighing) – 'Sup? (upbeat music) What happened to you? – What do you mean? – Girl, you got that glow Tell me what happened

– Me? – You either took a good dump, found out your ex got dumped or found out someone new to hump Spill it – Well, let's just say, my ex is still with that chick And girl, you know I'm constipated – Who is he? Tell me everything

– There I was, just minding my business – Like a drama freaking queen – And the universe was like, you deserve this – Amen – This man comes up to me

He says, "Hello" (screaming) He says, "He's seen me around" (screaming) And that, "We should hang" (screaming) – Okay, so you got a number? – I didn't just get a number, girl, I got 10 of them (screaming) I got a three

– She got a three – I got a six – You got a six – I got a nine (grunting) You got the number

Come here My girl got the number! ♪ Hey, I just met you ♪ ♪ And this is crazy ♪ ♪ But here's my number ♪ ♪ So call me maybe ♪ – I don't think I'm gonna be able to come in to work today I'm sorry, it's my girl She got the number Oh, you know what? In fact, I'm gonna need the whole week off

Yeah, no, trust me, this a big deal, okay? It's been a dry spell Attention shoppers, I'd like to interrupt your shopping spurge to let you know my girl got the number That's right – Okay, that's enough – My girl got the number, she got the number! ♪ And here's my number ♪ ♪ So call me maybe ♪ – Oh my God, he texted me! – What he say? – Hey

(screaming) ♪ I missed you so bad ♪ ♪ I missed you so bad ♪ ♪ I missed you so so bad ♪ (music cuts off abruptly) – Before I start this eulogy, I just wanna take a moment to say that my best friend is here with me today And she got the number She got the number, y'all! (sad music) And I think that's what grandma would've wanted Yo, you respond to the guy yet? – I'm working on it – I like hey with three y's

Makes you sound fun – Thanks (upbeat music) – So y'all set a date yet or (guy whistles) Yo, what the F? You not see my girl is in a committed relationship? – No, we're good, we're good – No, hold my poodle Hold my poodle What you whistling on my girl like some sort of referee? Or do you not see she's textually active or something? Come over here, I'll bust you up! I'll bust you up! (mumbling conversation) – It's not a big deal – Okay, listen

Hey, it's my friend's special day ♪ She got the number today ♪ ♪ She got the number today ♪ ♪ We hope this new number ♪ ♪ Takes your thirst away ♪ – You know what? Cheers to your new life With number – Thank you – That's my girl

Good morning How's day two of having the number? – Argh, he spelled "you're" wrong – Argh, whatever You're too good for him anyways What a do baby boo? If you like this video, give it a big thumbs up

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And there, where you, what are you waiting? One love, superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop I need milk

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