When Your Friend Is Blinded By Love

– So sad but so true What up everyone it's your girl Superwoman

Any of you ever had a conversation with your friend that sounded like this? I can't believe it's already my two year anniversary Honestly, Marcus is the best – Didn't he cheat on you? – Oh my God, let it go, okay? Everyone deserves a second chance – Didn't he cheat on you twice? – People make mistakes It's fine

– Wait, isn't that Marcus over there? – [Woman] Hey, how have you been? – Oh my God! Stop judging him, okay? Hi baby See you later Like how you have perfect vision but you still so blind? See, in a situation like this you gotta learn that you may love your friend, okay You may want to protect your friend You may want to knock some sense into your friend

But sometimes the only way someone can learn is the hard way So you just out here listening to your friend be the most whack Oh, he just posted this from work He's so photogenic That's my man

So the other day, he came home smelling like perfume and I was like, aw, that's so considerate I love perfume That's my man (giggling) – Oh, sorry, it's work – Always making money moves

That's my man He called me Kim last night in bed Isn't that so sweet? He thinks I'm pretty enough to be a Kardashian That's my man – Happy Valentines day baby

– Aw – I got you a gift – Thank you You spelled my name wrong, silly You know it's Lilly with two Ls

Close though That's my man I love you babe – [Marcus] Bye – Say you love me too

– [Marcus] Speak soon – He always playing hard to get Keeping me on my toes That's my man (deep sigh) – Lilly, let me go get you another drink

– Okay He's so considerate – That's really nice – I like can't explain it We're just so on the same page, you know? – That's lovely

– And I know people think I'm crazy but they just don't know him like I know him – Um (sighs) – Yup, that's my man (deep breath) You'll get it one day Like, girlllllllllllllllllllll

Yo, it's sad but it's funny but also kind of true Be there for your friends Sometimes they're stupid Love is blind If you like this video give it a thumbs up

Last video over there, second blog channel right over there Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love Superwoman That is a wrap and zoop, that's my man

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