When Your BFF Is Obsessed With Her Boyfriend (ft. RCL Beauty)

– If everybody else in the room just exchanged eye contact, this video is about you sis (neigh) What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman and we all have that one girlfriend who is obsessed with her boyfriend

Or girlfriend I mean hey, it's 2017, okay Love wins Although to be honest, the year shouldn't really validate that point because love should have always won Just saying

And hold up, hold up, I get it, okay Love, feelings, romance, all those things You live your life, I ain't mad But I feel like I speak on behalf of humanity when I say that it is annoying as hell when everyone else feels like they are also dating your boyfriend Straight up some people these days are so obsessed with their significant others and I'm just like yo, the rest of us people, we the people, we did not sign up for this trash

We the people, we need you to be a couple that consists of two, or three, depends how freaky you want to get Two or three people over there, okay? Don't always be so over here in my face, on my bloody lap, in my timeline Okay, you know your girl is trippin' when she starts doing any of the following Number one And make sure you Uber it, cause we're gonna get stupid drunk

– I'm so excited Can I bring Tyler? – Tyler, like your boyfriend Tyler? – Yeah – To my bachelorette party – Mm hm – To my all girls Taylor Swift Bad Blood bachelorette party

– Yeah – Don't make me She asks to bring him everywhere, even though it's clearly not appropriate Duh Like is common sense not common? The invite will say bring a plus one if you can bring your boyfriend

If it doesn't say bring a plus one, don't ask This ain't some sort of math equation where you can just carry a one, hoe Okay, no There are social rules You know, I would have loved that

Oh, but shoot I don't have enough uh, seats in my house, so – It's okay I can just sit on his lap I do that all the time anyways

– Oh, shoot But you know what it is? Oh remember the thing I didn't order enough food, so for that many people, so no he can't come – No worries We can grab food on the way

– You know actually what it is is that it's my mother F-ing bachelorette party So you can't bring your boyfriend Are you dumb? Are you dumb? Are you dumb? Like honestly, catch a hint Okay, honestly who's in charge of props? Was it you? Was it you? You had one job So hey, get the F out of here

The point is no, you can't bring your stupid boyfriend – You're right I'm sorry I won't – Thank you

But it's gonna be fun (glass clink) – Happy bachelorette – Girl, straight up if you bring your boyfriend to my bachelorette party, he best be the stripper I hired Number two She tells him everything

Now I get it, okay When you're in a relationship you want to share things with you significant other, you know all the things that affect you two like how was your day, what did you eat, did you find whole corn in your boob again All the crap other people don't care about Knock yourself out But I am not down with you being my friend and then sharing information about me with your boyfriend that doesn't even affect him

Like when the hell did this turn into a group thread? So, do you want to get out of here or what are you thinking? – Hey, sorry Sorry to interrupt Rachel was telling me about your situation and this will help Hang in there – What? Who was that crazy guy and what was he talking about, right? – Talking about the UTI

That wasn't clear – Got it – Rachel, she was telling me and so I- – Yes So are you still down? Girl, don't you dare Okay, you know exactly how this works

This works one way You tell me everything about your boyfriend, but not vice versa, okay? He doesn't need to know nothing about me, this ain't no democracy Yeah, that's right You listening to me boys? Boy watching right now, you girlfriend if she's friends with me, I know everything about you Everything

I could draw a picture of your penis right now, okay To scale, just saying (laughter) I'm kidding Mom, if you're watching this I'm kidding It wouldn't be to scale, all girls lie

Duh Number three Face all the time You know, I don't know who's more lame, the girl who's always FaceTimeing her boyfriend even though she's around other people, or her boyfriend who thinks it's okay to be FaceTimeing her even though she's around other people Both of y'all need to be seasoned, packaged up, and just labeled as whack sauce, just like 15 cents

Here you go You bloody perfect for each other – My god I'm so scared babe Hold me

No No, don't do it Don't go into the room Babe, you would never go into the room without me right? You would always make sure the room with me? Oh my god, I can't believe he's gonna do it I'd be so sad if you died like the guy in the movie that's about to happen

(cups rattling) Aw, babe I miss you so much No, I'm not busy What do you think I should order, babe? – Okay, honestly Rachel Can you just put your phone away for one night? – Sorry, you're right

Bye, babe – Bye I had so much fun FaceTimeing you just then – Can I get just like a jug of vodka? A whole jug No, but real talk

How many of you have been at a party and seen a girl in the corner FaceTimeing her boyfriend? Just like there are real people around you right now, and to be honest you're being rude You're being antisocial Not to mention you're killing everyone's vibe, okay? So just hurry up, get drunk, and lose your phone like a normal person Number four The redirect

You know a girl's obsessed with her boyfriend when she somehow redirects every conversation to be about her boyfriend Like legitimately it's a talent I'm shook, I'm stunned at her ability to do so She should be on reality shows Just like okay, sweetie

So what's your talent today? Oh my god, that's so weird My boyfriend also calls me sweetie Every judge right off the bat bah, bah, bah Three X's Oh my god, that's so weird

You know who's not an ex? My current boyfriend Yeah, just give it time You clingy as F And then I just met all these wonderful girls in India and they have such heavy stories, you know – Wow, yeah

I know I totally get it Tyler's never been to India before, so I can relate – I'll take a Coke Zero – Aw, Tyler

– I'm sorry, what? – Oh, Tyler's 20 – Okay – So, Coke Zero – I don't get it – 20

Two, zero – Okay? – Tyler – Okay? – My boyfriend – What? – Seriously, Lilly? – I'm sorry My uncle just died, so

– Oh my god, I'm so sorry You know who else just died? – Who? – Not Tyler Isn't that great? – (whining) Okay, let me get this straight Okay, you want to interrupt my story to tell me your boyfriend has not been to India as if that's some sort of shocking point You know, yeah, majority of the American population has probably not been to India

I could go to LA outside right now in LA and ask ten people have you been to India, okay? Five of them are gonna be like oh I've never been to India, but I do love the Cleveland Indians, okay

Three of them are gonna be like which tribe? And two of them are gonna be like oh my god, I love Slumdog Millionaire Your boyfriend is not unique Duh Number five Cosplay

Possibly one of the most annoying things someone can do is pretend to like all of the things their significant other likes One time I had a friend, I swear to god, she tried to convince me that she suddenly likes rock music and I'm just like girl, one time we played Guitar Hero and you sharted Okay, get the F out of here (mumbling) Walk away I think my eyelash just like stabbed me somehow

That's because they're fake (laughter) Yeah, I'm just gonna fake talk to you for a second cause Rachel's being- – Sup, playa? – Hey, what's this? – What do you mean? It's my Raptors jersey that I always wear – Okay, you left the tag on Also, since when? – It's the playoffs tournament – Okay, so who's your favorite player? – The quarterback

– And what's his name? – Ronaldo, duh – And what's his number? – Oh, don't be silly We don't text – Oh, right This had nothing to do with the fact that Tyler likes basketball, right? – Ew, no

What, no I am so not that girl – Skittles are amazing – What? It was like this when I got here – Just be yourself

Unless you're on the first, second, or third date Let's be real All girls are not jealous, low maintenance, and kind on the first, second, third date But after that, be yourself To the end

Hey, thank you so much for watching this video with – Rachel – And – Tyler – Make sure you subscribe to Rachel's channel The link is down below in the description because we're releasing a video on your channel tomorrow and it's gonna be awesome And while you're at it, you might as well subscribe to my channel too I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop

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