When You Don’t Know The Name of A Song

– Straight up, you, your grandma, and you're grandma's first fling about to relate to this video (neighing) What up, everyone? It's your girl Superwoman, and one of the biggest first world problems I face on almost a weekly basis is not knowing the name of a song that I really like

I hear a song, I love it, but I have no clue who sings it, and I will literally go to Hell and back to figure it out Now, the story of this exact song in this video is true, though What up, t-shirt reference? So, I was with my friends in Mexico, and we heard this song Transition Transition

Why aren't we transitioning? Okay, what about in a Chipotle? Got it Rewind So, I was alone, driving in Los Angeles, and I heard this song What song is this? (honking) My bad! It's like love, that first listen That's it, this song is officially your new jam

You're gonna spread that ish on bread every morning and eat it for breakfast, okay? Except for, what the eff was it called? No prob, Bob, technology, brah You're a Millennial, okay? Shazaam that ish (humming) "We didn't quite catch that, "therefore the artist is probably Future?" Whatever, though Who needs the actual song when you're a musician? Okay, because from this point forward, you'll start making up the words to the song you think you know ♫ Yo, ko, I am in a taxi, go slow, ho-ho, ♫ I'm in a taxi ♫ Go low, mami, mami, ♫ Go low, Soho, go low, banana, taxi

And even though you know the words you're saying are wrong, does that prevent you from screaming them at the top of your lungs in public? Hell nah, you commit (singing incomprehensibly) And I know what you're thinking, okay? How was she able to karaoke if she didn't know the name of the song? But that would've ruined my joke, and this is my channel, so As I was saying Now, you're so desperate to find this song that you start Googling the lyrics that you think you know Chi, chi, taxi, and I want a taxi

Ugh, hire a taxi in Chicago? No – [Man Off Camera] Mm, Chicago has the best pizza – Really? Should I found out about the taxis then? At this point you start asking around So, what do you do? You start humming the song to your friends Obviously, duh, 'cause you're a pro beat-boxer

Here's what you think you sound like Yo, what's that song that goes ♫ Boom boom pop boom boom buhboom pop ♫ Boom boom pop boom boom buhboom pop (clicks tongue rapidly) (humming) What is it? But, 100% of the time, this is what you actually sound like Hey, what's that song that goes like: ♫ Dun dun dun dununun duh duh (singing incomprehensibly) What's it called? – Wait, wait, wait, do you mean like: ♫ Dun dun dun dun dun dunun dun dun? – No, no, no, no, it goes like ♫ Dun dun dunun dun dun dun dun (sings incomprehensibly) – Wait, you don't mean this song, do you? (song plays) – Yes, this song! (sings along incomprehensibly) I sound exactly like that, how did you not get that the first time I said it? – Yeah, I don't know – But when you find that song, your life completely changes You're basically Justin Bieber and ♫ Now you've got purpose You play that ish on repeat

(song plays) That is until, eventually Oh my God ew I'm so sick of this damn song (song turns off) (new song plays) What's this? (sings along) Ay, okay! Oh, I like this

(honking) My bad, sorry! Yo, did you like that video? If you did, give it a big thumbs up Link to my last video right over there, bloopers for this video right over there, make sure you pre order my book, the box is right there, true though, other than that make sure your subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop!

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