When The Internet Ships You

– What up everyone, it's your girl Super Woman and look who's here! – What up, what up guys? – I feel like it's been 84 years since I've seen you – And you missed me like crazy

(both screaming) – Ugh, not again – Where am I? – On a ship – Why? – Because we've been shipped Yeah, when strangers on the Internet ship people together, they end up here – Seriously? Who else is here? – You know, the usuals

– Oh hey, wife – Hey, babe Lileen still going strong I see, huh? – Oh you know it (Miranda screaming) – What is she doing here? – Hey, stop talking to my bae! – How are you both here, like how would that even work? (Dominic vomits) – Still here, huh? – Yeah, I've been seasick for a year – Dude, just jump off, man

– What, I've tried Watch (screams) (grunts) Stop thinking we're adorable (vomits) – Do you think me and Lilly are cuter together? – Back off! – Wait, wait I don't even know who that is – I was in the background of one of your Instagram pictures

Internet loved it (cries) I miss my family – What? Jesus, how much energy do you guys think I have? (Dad screams) Okay, eww Seriously guys? That's my dad – You very disgusting, okay? Get out of here! – You mean like– (screams) this? (cries and vomits) (screams) – Come on Ryan Gosling, please Ryan Gosling! – Sup? – What the f, guys? That's just me dressed as a guy – Ah, exactly

That makes no sense – How am I supposed to date myself? – Well first, you light a lot of candles – Hey, stop being porn! – I obviously making the most sense here (boat horn honks) (Kingsley screams) – You guys, I've already told you, I'm gay! Unless Lilly is a guy, this ain't happening! – Hey – This is ridiculous

Listen, can y'all stop? I am completely fine being single Finally, thank you! Are we wrapped yet? – Yep, it was a good shoot Funny script – Aww, thanks! What the hell! – Aww, Lilly and sound guy! I ship it – Hello everybody, thank you for watching video on YouTube

If you want to check on my friend Colleen, Miranda, Kingsley, Fousey, Dominic, downstairs I put downstairs over there, video over there, maybe some garbage there Please make sure to buy merchandise Lillysinghcom and make sure you do subscribe to my channel Bye!

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