When She Crashes Your Guys Night (ft. Casey Neistat)

(festive holiday music) – Yo, thanks so much for chillin' with me in New York, this guy is sick Make sure you check out his channel

Until next time, bye! Thanks so much man – Yeah! – How long are you in town for? – Oh, just until tonight, actually, my flight's at midnight I was hoping maybe we could hang until then – Argh, love to, I have like a, I have a thing – Like a solo thing? – Uh, it's like a, it's more like a guy's thing

– Oh my God, that's perfect, I'm down – Like a guy's thing, like just the guys kind of thing – Casey, come on, I can totally be one of the boys, OOTB all day – It just might, I don't, I don't know – Trust me, you won't even notice

C'mon please, where am I gonna go? – Sure (screaming excitedly) – Guys' night, guys' night, guys' night! Guys' night, guys' night, guys' night, guys' night! – [Casey] What's up guys? – Hey, what's up? – Oh, what up dude? – Yeah, hey, Casey– – This is my friend Lily, she's from out of town, she's here for one night She doesn't have any other friends – Hey – Cool, it's just boys' night

– Guys, please, don't let me intrude though Carry on with whatever manly activities and discussions you had planned – Blending right in – Dude, I've been using this new razor and it's killing me My face feels like it's on fire right now

– You've gotta moisturize, bro – Dude, shut up, you can't even grow a beard – Yeah, but what brand were you using? – I'm getting bumps and it's like itchy – You know, I totally relate, happens to my bikini line all the time – Your what? – My bikini line, the line that runs along my bikini underwear? – But I'm talking about my face

– Yeah no, I was just saying that your face, it reminds me of my vag area when I do that because sometimes if I don't have time to wax and I'm on vacation I gotta use a razor and then, it gets itchy, like that's why I was saying your face, it's kinda like my bikini line – So, uh, you guys download the new COD? – Is that like Call of Duty? – COD – Yeah, some punk kid was talking trash about me last night while playing COD – Don't be mad, bro Also, I slept with your mom

(popping) – Call of Duty, right? – COD – Personally, I'm more into Smash – Oh, yeah, that's awesome – Dude, yeah, yeah – Who's your fav, who's your character, Link? – Captain Falcon? – Bowser? – Fox? – Kirby

– Dude, I bet she spams down B – I love that smash downwards rock move (blasting) (scratching) – Go to a doctor, Kev – Nah, I hate the doctor Every time I go in there, no matter what it is, they cup my balls

– Dude, the other day, I got stabbed in the arm The doctor still cupped my balls – Oh my God, it's so annoying when they do that – You got stabbed, how? – Some chick, dude – And then, they ask you to sneeze and stuff

– Okay, this is kinda weird but Sarah got mad at me last night because she saw me wake up with a, ya know? – She got mad about that, dude, that's biology – Yeah, like bad breath, right? – She thinks it's 'cause I'm dreaming of other girls – Dude, tell her you're dreaming about her boobs, girls dig that – Apparently, I say Rihanna's name in my sleep – Oh okay no, I get it, so you wake up with hard nips, same

– Hard, no, Lily, not, not nipples – Oh, oh, oh yeah, no, copy that I mean even still, she shouldn't get mad – Right? – Yeah, I mean, because it's kinda like waking up with your period, am I right? It's like unexpected and out of control and sometimes it comes like two days early and you wake up suddenly and you're like: what is this wetness? Right, except unlike you, for us it's like blood, and uterus lining, but for you I think it's something else, but like, it's still really stressful and you wake up and you're like: oh my God, I'm gonna have so much gas, I'm so bloated And you look over and you're like: oh my God, my boyfriend is right beside me

Right, what if some blood got on him? Even worse, what if blood got on the mattress? How the hell are you supposed to clean a mattress? Am I right, so, no it's totally the same, I get it Alright, I should probably get, my flight's gonna board pretty soon, so it was so nice hanging with all of you, have fun calling duty and what not, guys' night! – It's COD – Alright, see ya guys – Peace out, yeah – Yeah see ya, great meeting you

– Nice – I am so sorry – I had to hold myself back the entire time – I know You can act normal now

– So, who wants to watch the Notebook? – Oh, down! – Honestly, I think I'm ready to settle down, guys – Honestly, you should My daughters are my best friends – Yo, I hope you enjoyed this collab with – Casey – Yeah, he's scared of me

Make sure you check out his channel Obviously, you know who he is, it's down below in the description My last collab is over there Behind the scenes is over there Make sure you subscribe to my channel

I got more collaborations coming One love superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop! Nailed it Nailed it

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