When Parents Use Technology

– Where in the world is Superwoman today-ay? Trinidad and Tobago! Okay just kidding, I'm actually in LA

, but I was in Trinidad and Tobago a few days ago, I just didn't get a chance to shoot anything But I've been waiting so long to say that, so just allow it (horse trots and neighs) What up everyone, it's your girl, Superwoman! And it has been forever and a half since I've uploaded a new video Basically, what happened was, I forgot all of my video files on my laptop, at home, in Toronto So I'm sitting up in Trinidad and Tobago thinking, "Damn, I need these files to release my videos"

So I came up with a genius idea to ask my parents to send me these files ♫ I am so smart, S-M-R-T ♫ But that didn't go so well Observe ♫ You know when that hotline bling ♫ That can only mean one thing ♫ Ever since I left the village, you ♫ You know exactly what you asked for ♫ Looking for something I never seen before ♫ You used to call me on my mobile ♫ – Why am I posing like this? ♫ Uh, you know, you ♫ Huh? – Why you trying to make me pose like this? – Because it's how they do in Drake music video – I feel like I'm doing poo-poo in India toilet

– Like a swagger (phone ringing) Ah, you see? Hotline blinging (phone ringing) That's when you're doing right (phone ringing) – Hello? – Hello? Mom, I need your help – Mommy not home

– Mom, please – What do you want? – Can you send me files from my laptop? – Huh? – Huh what'd she say? She got a smile from a bad cop? – What? – Huh? – How many miles from Bangkok? – Huh? (sighs) What, can you shut up? She need file from laptop – Okay, I see Why she no say like this – Dumb head

– Okay, open my laptop – Okay, it's saying password – Okay, yeah, it's zero, nine, two, six, one, nine, eight, eight (tapping on keys) – Wait, wait Whose phone number this is? This a boy's phone number? – It's my birthday

– Wait, when is her birthday? – Huh? I don't know – Huh, okay – Okay, now listen carefully At the bottom of the screen, you'll see small little icons – Okay

– Find the one that looks like a movie scene, like what a director would use It's very colorful, it's called Final Cut – Uhh, okay Ahh, iTunes? – No, no, it's called Final Cut – Ahh, okay

Google, Google Chrome? – No, it's called Final Cut! – Ahh, okay, okay Huh, find it, find it Ahh, Facetime, right? – Final Cut! – Okay, okay, okay, yeah, I see this one Okay, Final Cut, Final Cut, okay It's like movie clapping director, one, two

– Yes, yes, good Click that – One click or double click? – It doesn't matter (tapping keyboard) – Okay, I click twice – Okay, great, listen, a project is going to open

I need you to export that, and send me that file – What? What she mean export, huh? I'm not paying any bloody shipping fee, okay? – Please ignore everything Dad is saying right now – Mmhm, don't worry, okay? I've been ignoring for 30 years – Okay, go to file It's at the top, left hand corner of the screen

– File – Now go to share, and save that file as, How Girls React – Okay uh, H-O- – Yes – W-G-R, no, sorry – No, yes

– Uh, I-R-L, girl Uh, re R-E-A capital? No

C-T, okay, ahh, okay – Okay Now click save – Okay, click once or double click? – It doesn't matter – Okay, okay

It's saving – Okay now, click the photoshop icon It's going to be at the bottom of the screen It should have a PS – Huh? I'm not doing any shopping online, okay? – Huh, huh

That's right, that's right You know how many people bloody crap? – Just click it! – First they steal credit card, okay? Then they steal passport, and then they put another bloody U2 album on my iPhone? No – Okay you know what, forget it, forget it You know what, just open a new window on Google Chrome – I'm on it, don't worry

– Google Chrome, remember, the one you saw before? – Huh, Final Cut? – No, the other colorful one – Ahh, okay, okay, okay iTunes – No, Google Chrome! – Ahh, okay, okay, I click this one It say Google

– Okay, good, yes Now, in the address bar, type "gmailcom" – Okay, okay G- E- E- M- A- L- E

– Okay, no No, the letter G, M-A-I-L, dot com – Wait, wait, Lilly? You using gangster mail? – Huh, what? Tell her she's grounded – Okay, listen My inbox should already be open

– Lilly, there's one email here saying if you don't send ten people, you going to die – You see? You see? I bloody knew she part of gangster group – Mom, focus Focus I need you to click compose

– Okay, one click or two click? – It doesn't matter! – Huh – Okay, you'll see a paperclip icon on the bottom Click that, and now attach the file you just saved – Okay, paperclip – Oh, no, no, no, no, you do staple, not paper clip, okay? Paper clip will fall off

I don't want gangsters shoot us, because paper out of order, okay You know they shoot people these kind of things? – Right Okay, now find that file on the desktop – Huh? First she bloody say save on computer, now she's saying on top of desk? Let me go check – Okay, I see it – And now click attach

– One click or two? – It Doesn't Matter – Okay I am doing two

– Okay great Now put my email address where it says, send to It's [email protected] – L-I-L-L-Y- S-I-N-G-H-A-T – Wait what? Mom, Mom, no, no It's lillysingh, at sign, gmail dot com

– Oh I sorry, okay, okay L-I-L-L-Y- S-I-N-G-H- A-T-S-I-G-N – No, Mom, Mom The, at, symbol – Oh, okay okay, number 2 shifter – Yes! – Okay wait wait wait

You want to add closed caption? – What? – It says CC here – Oh, God, no Just click send – One click or? – Once, once, just click it once – I don't see any file on desk – Okay, now find the apple – Where? – Top left of the screen – No, we don't have any more apple

– And click logout – Shut down? – No, no Just click logout – About this Mac? – Log Out

– Hold, hold, hold, I never saved the Google Chrome – That's okay – Okay, dont blame me forgetting it okay? – It's fine – Okay, Done Wait, hold, Lilly, wait I want you stop using this gangster mail, okay? I am worried

– Okay, Mom I'll use Hotmail – Huh? She's saying she going to use a hot male? – What I tell you about talking to boys, huh? (echoing door slam) – It's true though, you know All hot males do only exist online Just kidding! They're just taken

Or gay Or both Or, just like my inability to change up track pants, and, therefore, don't like people Whatever The point is I am back to regular uploads, and I really, really appreciate your patience, during my technical struggles

(high-pitch whirring) Comment below and let me know if you've ever experienced anything similar to this video with your parents, because this is, genuinely, based on a true story If you liked this video, give it a big thumbs up You can check out my last video right there It's a collaboration with the one, and only, Selena Gomez So make sure you check that out

My vlogs are right there We have less than 5k subs away from hitting one million subscribers So go subscribe to that channel Um, all the links for all that, is in the description, just in case the antifeatures don't work on your phone Other than that, you can click subscribe, because I make videos every Monday and Thursday, and I would love for you to be here One Love Superwoman

That is a wrap and zoop!

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