When Cheap People Go Christmas Shopping (ft. Tia Mowry)

– When people spell your name right Mm, that's that ish I like

(galloping) (bells twinkling) (whooshing) What up everyone it's your girl Superwoman And you know who hates Christmas? January Because December done finished all my money and now poor January is cuddling up trying to keep warm, trying to warm up a can of soup on a candle January is stealing wifi from the neighbors January is is taking a shower with wet wipes

January is broke And that's why I like to be a cheap person during the holidays And also just in life in general But sometimes during Christmas that can be hard – Hey, Lilly

Oh, my god Mom would totally love this – Mm yeah but girl, how much do you think it is? – What like, 50 $60? – Kay, no That's like at least 80 – That is way too expensive That's too much! – Really? – Excuse me dude in that, what is that, green shirt? How much is this purse? – 1499

– Wow! (giggles) $15? – No, 1499 Dollars (record scratching) – I'm sorry, what now? – $1,499 – Hm – I see

– Okay, so it's like, that's like pretty close to what we thought then – Oh, yeah, yeah Totally makes sense – Yeah, of course – I mean, look at it

It the tassels – The quality – And stuff – I just need to speak to you for a second Pretend to think about it for 20 seconds

– [Tia] Mmm – [Lilly] 1499 – Hmm, oh – Keep thinkin' about it – Okay

– Not yet, not yet – [Tia] What to do – Okay and now – Thank you very much We'll be right back

– She'll go to a atm – Oh, yeah – Okay Hold it? – Oh, we'll hold it – Oh, you're the best

– Like your shirt (laughter) You ever hear the price of something and you just implode inside but you try to remain casual like, mhm Mm, yeah, okay, mhm Me every day Sometimes to find the best deals I'll do online shopping and that's great because it also helps me avoid the chaos of the mall

And to be honest it helps me save a lot of money Yo I found the Lego set cousin Nicky wants online for 1999 Lego

I'm so good My budget was 25 Wait, what's this? – Oh, $20 shipping – Oh hell naw – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait

It says free shipping for purchases over $50 (cracking) (typing) – Okay, done – What you get, girl? – I got the Lego, a box of forks, three granola bars, a pack of markers, and a loofah (laughter) Boom – Oh

Total $49 and 50 cents – And a apple – Boom! – I'm so financially responsible – Yah! – When it comes to Christmas shopping I like to get creative when it comes to saving money I consider it an art form

If you pay $10 for something and I pay $8 for it, do you know what that means? That means I'm smarter than you (Christmas music) Oh, hello, man Yes, I would like to purchase one electronic device Can you please recommend one? – Definitely This is the new camera

Super 2018 It's not even 2017 yet – Yeah, aye? You know, let me just call my sister It's a gift for our mom, you know – Oh yeah

– Where's the damn Lego? (phone buzzing) – Sister – Sista – That was cute Okay, so they have a G-nine two here for, was it, 799 Yeah

What you think? – Opening Craigslist and Ebay right now – Yeah, that's what I was thinking too This one is, what, brand new in the box? – 2018, it's like a pre-pre-release – Brand new in the box, so – Got it

Looking for an unused one – Uhhuh Uhhuh Yeah, I just wanna make sure it's the right one for Mom Actually, you know what, you mind if I take a picture of it real quick? – Oh, sure

– My sister, yeah, yeah, here, just one second here (camera clicking) Okay, yeah Tell me what you think – Okay (typing) Haha yes! I found the same model! – Really

Oh, sorry, we're debating if we want one or two Yeah, my sister's a child actor, so money ain't a thang You know – Oh my gosh, we have two in stock right now – Oh, they have two in stock right now

– I found one for $500, brand spanking new and the guy doesn't seem that sketchy – Mm, I completely agree You know, sorry I think we're looking for something just a little more advanced Thanks anyways

– Oh – Buy it, buy it, buy it ("Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa) – Oh, alright, alright, alright – You know what I have a lot of? Exes? No, standards But in addition to those standards you know what I have a lot of? I have a lot of reasons as to why I need to return this product to your store

I literally don't nail a single audition but ask me to return something at a store and I will become mother effin' Jennifer Lawrence Mmm, this wasn't the right one It wasn't the right color Yeah, it's just not compatible with my TV I broke up with him so I don't need this anymore

And during Christmas I do the same damn thing Would you expect me to actually buy these Christmas decorations for the long term? Hell naw – Hey, what's up? So we'd like to purchase all of these items – Okay – But here's, right? We're not sure if our mom already bought some of this stuff, so what's your return policy? – Unopened with the tags until December 22nd

– December 22nd okay, okay, got it, of course, yeah – Yo The party's been moved from the 23rd to the 21st Bring your own booze – Except these cups are final sale

– And cups – That'll be 6240 – Ohh – It'll be 62

40, okay Here's my student discount card Wanna just? – You're a student? – Mhm – Mm – Mhm

(laughter) – Puberty hit her hard (chuckles) (fun music) – Oh, you forgot your tag on your hat Here, let me get that for you – Whoa, whoa, whoa back up sista Actin' like we won the lottery up in here

(Christmas music) – Hey The candy canes are for display purposes only Okay? What's up? (giggles) So we wanna return all of these unopened items Apparently our mom bought it all – You didn't open any of these? – No, sir

(upbeat music) – That was like that when we got it Here's the thing thought, right Even thought I'm so cheap I still end up spending so much money during the holidays Because there's one thing more powerful than my cheapness and that is propaganda The colors

The snowflakes Everything about Starbucks The carols It's like a virus that I can't fight – I'm not spending anymore money on gifts, girl, I am done

– Me too Let's get out of here ("Carol of the Bells") – Suddenly I feel joyous – Maybe I should get my son that puppy – Ooo, maybe I should get that cashier at my grocery store a gift

– What are these emotions? ♫ Spend more money ♫ Spend more money ♫ Use credit cards ♫ More credit cards ♫ Give them to me ♫ Get gift receipts ♫ Show all your love ♫ Under the tree ("Carol of the Bells") – But no All jokes aside I hope this video was a good reminder about what actually matters during the holidays And that's presents Lots and lots of presents

Because that's the only way to show people you care Merry Christmas (twinkling) (pops) What up everyone it's your girl, Superwoman and – Tia! – If you liked this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up If you wanna check out her new show called Tia Mowry at Home cooking show, dope, January 8th you might see me on it, links are in the description Make sure you go do that

Last collab is right over there, bloopers and BTS right over there Make sure you subscribe 'cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop ♫ Sista, sista (giggles)

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