When Brown People Throw Surprise Parties

-I recently had a Birthday party that my parents planned for me, but this video is not about them -Cool, did we get it? Yo it's totally about them! * Unicorn Neighing* *Fwoosh* -What up everyone, It's your girl Superwoman! And don't let the title fool you, okay, it doesn't matter if you're brown or not, -I guarantee you'll be able to relate to this video because it's less of a brown thing and more of a universal parents thing, right

-I feel like some things, regardless of what color your skin is, what religion you are, and how old you are some things all parents do For example, -For sure, no matter what your parents are hypocrites -I'm sure at least once your parents have asked you: "'Uh, you teach me how to do the Facebook"' – Maybe in a different accent and I'm pretty sure when you taught your parents how to use Facebook -They kept asking one click or two click and it doesn't matter what you said they would keep double-clicking everything

-You see I know your parents -It's sci-ance! -The first thing parents do when planning a surprise party is unnecessarily go out of their way to lie about something and explain things, that to be honest – you probably wouldn't even question in the first place! -Paramjeet: Lilly, I need you to be home on 28th -Lilly: Cool -Paramjeet: Because uh, painter is coming -Lilly: K

-Paramjeet: We painting ceiling in the kitchen -Lilly: Why? -Paramjeet: Oh my god, so many questions Huh? We painting ceiling because looks so much uh paint, uh

chipping because of very fat raccoons on roof, ruining everything -Lilly: Wait! You've seen them? -Paramjeet: Oh yeah! I've seen 30 pound big raccoon on roof other day when I was coming inside bringing in uh grocery That day milk was on sale I remember this day because I wake up and oh my head hurting because I sleep on pillow like this I need to get medicine from grocery store That's why I'm telling you

Okay Anyways, be home on 28th, okay? Maybe dress nice, whatever I don't care -Here's the thing, right? -I truly believe in my heart in my "'dill'', that my parents think they're being slick like I can see it in my mom's face I remember when we were planning my dad's surprise party My mom had this smirk the whole time

-Lilly's Mom: *with accent* Like I am so smart -The plan was really simple: -I'm gonna fly from LA back to Toronto, surprise my dad for his birthday that was the plan My mom though: -Lilly's Mom: Okay Lilly this what you're going to do okay? I'm going to text you okay okay then you go to the call and I'm gonna say ''Oh Lilly, what you're doing?''

And you going to say ''Oh not travelling anywhere because I have lots and lots of meetings'' Shh! -She thought she was a genius and I was like STOP Stop Okay This plot more complicated than Game of Thrones

-One time, I fainted besides my dad while holding his hand and he didn't notice -I really think he's not gonna figure this out Oh shh we're so smart -And here's the thing about surprise parties, right? There's one thing that is critical for a surprise party to work What is that? Punctuality! -Here's the problem though brown people are goddamn late all the time -No matter what all brown people always like, right now September 11th

I was supposed to get my period September 5th -Okay, and you already know my lonely self ain't pregnant SO LATE Without fail, *laughs* at every single surprise party this has happened -Okay, everybody ready Paramjeet bringing Lilly here in two minute, get up

Okay? When she walk we have to say surprise! -Surprise! No no thats' not Lilly Oh, hello please come in Lilly coming just now Hello everybody, okay Hurry -Quicker little bit quick

Okay Hello Thank you Okay uncle, is this is surprise for Lilly

Shh Be quiet Happy birthday -Oh my god! It's a surprise *screams* -Oy oy, why you walking that way Lilly coming just now Don't walk that way

-I need to use the washroom -Lilly coming right now Surprise! She not here yet So I can use the washroom Everybody shut up okay? I'm going to use the washroom

*screams* -If you're gonna be late, just be really late brown people okay? Lean into your strengths -Also don't have kids except this kid Except this kid! *smooch* -I'm laughing because this is so true Like I feel like I'm not even making a video -This is a retelling of my life to be honest, but it doesn't even matter what happens at the surprise party because before the surprise party for sure, this is gonna happen because for some reason the pressure of a surprise stresses my family out so much So how long did the painter say it would take? Okay, fine we throwing you a surprise party, okay? -Lilly: What? Wait why did you tell me? Paramjeet: Just act surprised okay? All your friends inside, go! -Surprise! -When Lilly getting here? -Really? Really like even in this situation you had to have control like -I just can't even tell you how many times this has happened even Christmas morning

Okay I'll pick up my gift It's still wrapped -I'll pick it up and my mom would be like, ''Oh, yeah, you know something small just got you new pajama with a teddy bear on it'' Why did you wrap the gi-? -Why, why waste the wrapping paper? If you're just gonna tell me when I put my pinky on the gift -I can already hear my mom saying, you know when I was your age, I never bloody got surprise okay? -You don't get one either! -And then to make things even worse once I'm in the party

I can't even enjoy the benefits of it being my birthday because of this -Happy birthday, Lilly This is for you Thank y– no, no I said no gifts What do you mean? It's her birthday? Tha- No, that's okay

-No need She is like my daughter too No, no, really We are fine No, don't be silly

No, you silly Take it -No, no, we are good, we good She good me good we all good Thank you

No, please no, no, no, no, no, no Please -No, please Please Please Take it

please, no no, no take it Thank you -No! -That's okay take it And I'm just standing there like : *whispers* yes hi I would like the gift And we all know what the gifts are, okay?, from my aunties and uncles every single year

I get the same thing -It's either fifty one dollars or a hundred and one dollars okay one dollar for good luck, so why you taking all this money away from me? -That could be mine! I got bills to pay -I just don't understand why Indian people think it's rude to accept birthday gifts on your birthday like, mo- -What did you think was going to happen at this surprise birthday party? And without fail okay every single brown party doesn't matter if it's a birthday anniversary, retirement, -It doesn't matter

Okay, because without fail this is going to happen after Paramjeet: Yesterday was a nice party, huh? Yeah, very nice! -But you know here we go Paramjeet: Deepi didn't even say 'Hi' to me -She never say 'Hi' to me even last party nothing

Manjeet: You see how much Herpi drink, and then he wonder why he so *hand motions* Paramjeet: Hmm, Billo wore same suit as Preeti's wedding Well, we not good enough to see new suit, huh? Manjeet: Her daughter, she tell me she drinking water I know what its vodka Paramjeet: You see Raja came late and without his wife Lilly: Why do you guys care? Paramjeet: I don't care

No,no, no I don't- I don't even notice these things or doesn't matter to me So what? *Sips tea* -By the way Geeta look pregnant today Straight up my mom and dad could run circles around TMZ just like oh do you think of this is gossip? No

No Okay I show you gossip -You know what gossip? You see the way Bobby looking at Sonya he look at her the way I look at samosas -What up t-shirt reference aah you see that? It says it right there and it's a aunty It the references it's to is

-Okay, hold on! -Look right there See ''He looks at me the way I look at samosas'' see that I did it! -I did it everyone! I did- go to the end card Wait Did I say it, what up t-shirt reference? -Go to the end card * laughs* *Transition- whee* -Yo, if you're watching this and you laughed

-Fantastic, that's exactly why I make these videos Let me know by giving me a thumbs up -Check out my last funny video for that You might laugh there too Second vlog channel to see what I'm like everyday and not here and then make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday

One love Superwoman That is a wrap and zoop!

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