What’s a Bawse?

– Hello, Unicorn Island How can I help you? (hip hop music) – So, you want to learn how to be a Bawse

– What's a Bawse? _ Quick question Walk with me A Bawse is someone who stands tall and exudes confidence Someone who's charming and make people feel good about themselves God, you're handsome

Congrats Whew Someone who gets hurt efficiently and learns from their mistakes – Hey, that recent investment you made isn't doing so well We just lost a lot of money

– Huh, okay Well, let's set a meeting to discuss where we went wrong Oh, and make sure there's a pie chart There's always gotta be a pie chart A Bawse is someone who finds solutions to problems

(banging) Not one, not twice, but over, and over, and over again – You hang up I don't want to hang up No, you hang up (slamming) – Problem solved

(phones ringing) Someone who hustles relentlessly – I need you to sign here, here, and here – Can I confirm your 3 o'clock meeting? – What time did you want to do asset accrual on the Live today? – Done, yes, and 4 pm And I'll take those

Someone who understands the importance of gratitude and knows when to pause (whooshing) Yum – [Woman] Coming through – Someone who genuinely loves and accepts themselves – Hey Lilly, I have a flower delivery for you from Lilly

– Aw, how sweet – Send her one back A Bawse is someone who their priorities in order because you know never know when FOMO can hit – Skip your meeting and work out with me – I mean, yeah I could

No, no, no I have a meeting and I confirmed it Now, I know what you're thinking This all looks and sounds great The buzz words, the expensive camera, the hair and makeup, but how do you actually be all of these things? Well, that's where I come in It's time to learn how to be a Bawse

(hip hop music)

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