What Teens Brag About Vs. Parents

– Look at this eggplant I grew it myself in the the garden

– Oh my god, look at this text Paul sent me It has an eggplant emoji – Look at my new shoes That's right, they're all padded So soft, feel this padding

Good for lower back, huh? Lumbares – Check out my EZ's Yeah, they're a size too small and the back of my foot is kinda bleeding, but yo they're fire right? – My daughter's studying with her friends She gets straight A's – Yo, I told my mom we were gonna study and she totally believed me

I'm gonna take this straight – I drank five bottles of water today You know, I am very hydrated (cheering) – Your daddy was my one and only The only man I ever had relation with

– Girl, I hit it with Kevin, I hit it with Brian, I hit it with Nick I'm two away from my love life being a Backstreets Boys HBO special, you know what I mean? ♫I get down, I get down, I move it all around ♫I get down, I get down, I move it all around – I get up and do poo poo right away Very smooth, no difficulty

– Yo, it's been two hours and ten shots later and I still haven't taken a piss and broken the seal (woots) – I got this shirt on sale, clearance, because it has small hole in it – Hey, this shirt cost two hundred dollars Yeah, Kylie Jenner totally breathed on it – I just learned how to do a Facebook

I'm getting very good at technology – I deactivated Facebook, because I'm responsible, and mysterious and hipster – I just learned how to send a text message And I even used a happy face – I totally ignored Kevin's text today

– I'm happy to announce, that I'm pregnant – Guess who's not pregnant! (cheering) – Chug, chug, chug, chug! – Chug, chug, chug, chug! – Look at this video of my grandson, he just learned how to roll over – Yo, check out this video Jessica sexted me, – [Guy] Meh – Oh, no, wait until she rolls over (guy laughing) – That's what I thought! – When I was younger I worked three jobs to pay the bills

– Dude, I haven't gone to work all week (laughs) I texted in and said I was sick I've been watching the bachelor all day – Hello everybody, I am Manjeet Singh You like this video? Give one one ping, right there

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