What Really Happens On A Movie Set

– Dis video about to have more characters than your recent tweet (horse neighs, hoofs clicking) What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman! When I was younger, I used to be so intrigued by movie sets, actors, and pee-pees

And now that I'm older, I've had the chance to be on a lot of movie sets, actors, and pee-pees What? I wish What? Huh? Moving on And when my friends ask me how movie sets are, I tell them they're awesome, but there are a few things about set life that are absolutely ridiculous So, if you've never been on a movie set, here's what goes down

Number one: over-communication Now there's a lot of reasons to communicate everything that happens on a set, you know For efficiency, for safety, to sound cool, et cetera But sometimes it's a little overkill, not to mention it's not English (straw slurping) Yeah, you know what? Let me get fill

Copy Audition it Striking Striking! Copy Spraying

Copy Martini's up! Copy that Last looks Stepping in! Standing by Camera speeds

Sounds speeds Yup Second sticks! Copy that Second sticks! Copy [Offscreen] Copy

Copy, copy that Copy you Copy, copy, copy (straw slurping) This is not an exaggeration, literally And that language gets engraved into your mind, okay? I be out there flirting with boys just like: Stepping in

Hey, so I was wondering, did you want to like want to go for, I don't know, craft services together sometime, maybe? – Maybe Saturday? – Copy that You know, I finish last looks at around eight, so why don't you pick me up around magic hour? – Uh, kay – Copy that, that's a wrap on flirting (whispering) Excited in my loins! Exiting Frame That's right! My flirting is like a movie

You mean like the bloopers? Get the f outta here! Number two: job descriptions On a set, every person has a very specific job that they take super seriously Which, basically means: yo, back the f up and respect my craft! No one does anyone else's job, no matter how minor it is – [Voice Offscreen] Okay, pictures up! Uh, no, wait, no We got a little, uh, hair on her cheek

I could just Hair, can we get hair? Oh yeah, there is a hair on the cheek So, can you just? Hair is flying in! (dramatic music) (quietly) Okay

Uh, no, we got a little bit of her tag in the shot Can we get a wardrobe? Number three: hurry up and wait! Anyone who has ever been on a set is very familiar with this term It basically means that you're gonna arrive to set so early, they're going to tell you to get ready ASAP, then once you're ready, you're going to wait anywhere from two to five hours to shoot your scene [Voice Offscreen] Thanks so much, Lilly I'll come to get you when we're ready

Okay, sounds good, thank you! (clock ticking) [Voice Offscreen] We're all set for your scene! (cane loudly clinking) It's my time to shine! Straight up the younger and older version of Rose from Titanic was played by the same actress, okay? They just had to move lights in between Everything moves so slow and takes forever And that's wrap! (clapping) (sighs) 14 hours? Not bad Uh, can we get a playback on what we shot today? (mysterious music) Man, that's good Wow

Wow (clapping) It's beautiful (louder clapping) Number four: blocking Now the first time I went on a set and someone was like: "hey, we're gonna go through the blocking," I was like 'what the f is someone gonna punch me?' But then I learned that blocking is rehearsing the movements of the scene So like: you're gonna stand there, then you're gonna walk here, then you're gonna look there, then you're gonna hit that mark-all that

But here's the thing about blocking, right? Sometimes you're expected to not move like a human being Uh, can I see the picture up? We got a little bit of a glare Tilt it down More More, little bit more

No, no, too much Split the difference Up, to the left Little, little more Little more to the left, oh no right

Right, right Tilt down Perfect! Perfect, right there Hit that exact same spot For sure

Now I'm on set feeling like a bad boyfriend because I can't hit the right spot and the director's out here faking it to not me me feel bad (sucks teeth) Okay, and action! I mean, oh yes! That was the one, oh so good! Yes! (quietly) Can we just fix it in post? Fix it in post (louder) Oh, right in the middle, that's the spot! When you have to dress up like a male character just so you can hear those words of satisfaction I swear to god zoomed-in Lilly I'm going to hit you Mhm, bet you won't hit it right

Number five: creepy sound guys 90% of the time I've been on a set, there's been a male sound technician Which, by the way, why? Here's the thing about sound techs, right? Essentially, it's a complete stranger approaching you, putting his hand up and down your shirt, taping things to your boobs, sticking things in your bra with minimal, to no words exchanged Just like: My name's Chuck, can I put this down your shirt? (tedious music) And 100% of the time, this mic pack is freezing Not once in my entire life has it not been

Now, this might be a little cold (fabric tearing) Yeah, we've got two, uh, nipple rips in the front of her shirt Can we get wardrobeand a hot chocolate? I swear to god, sound people will always find a way to mic you, no matter what I could be wearing a onsie, okay, no bra I could be nude! And they'll just be like: 'yeah, okay, we're just going to put the wire through your belly button, you know out your left ear and just staple the mic pack to your-' They'll find a way! Straight up, I was changing once and then someone walked in and they were like: 'yo, nice thong!' And I was like: 'um, that's just the mic wire' Yeah, the sound was crap that video

Well hello there! If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up! Comment below and let me know who was your favorite character that I played in this video My last video is right over there, bloopers to this video right over there on my second channel Make sure you subscribe cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman That is a wrap and zoop!

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