What Really Happens In A Women’s Washroom (ft. Inanna Sarkis, Hannah Stocking, & Lele Pons)

– Stop, wait, no, it's not an old video, it's a new video, I'm just in my old room (sparkling) What up everyone, it's your girl Super Woman

And right off the bat, you might as well just send this video to all your girlfriends 'cause I'm about to tell you your life story Today, I'm taking you to an alternate dimension A woman's public washroom More specifically, a woman's public washroom in a club, featuring drunk girls, cue intro (pop music) (retching) Pervert

Now boys, you might be sitting there wondering what the eff could possibly happen differently in a woman's public washroom and the answer is everything Social protocol is different, communication is different Science is different, the way we compare our penises is different Wait what? My bad Science is the same

(maniac laughter) All of the following things happen in a woman's public washroom every single time 100% getting deep First of all, you know when first day of school you're like, too shy to go up to anyone and say hi and like, make new friends, yeah The woman's public washroom is like the exact opposite of that 90% of communication that happens is compliments to complete strangers – God, those shoes, look gorgeous

– Your hair is so amazing – Can I just say, you're so beautiful? Isn't she so pretty? – Your body is bangin' – Oh my god – You're so pretty – And nothing is off limits when it comes to the washroom

So count on girls to get super specific and personal Straight up based on a true story Girls just come, let's just be real Drunk girls, they all lesbians Don't, it's true

– Oh my god, your boobs Your boobs Look at her boobs – Oh my god Can I touch them? – Yes

– Please Wow – Oh my god Your butt is such a good butt – My god, I'm so jealous

Wait, the shape of your face is like, perfect – Guys, I have a Spongebob face – [Everyone] No! – Do not sit here and tell me that you and your drunk girlfriends have not touched each other's boobs You lyin'! The nicest thing a drunk girl has ever said to me in a washroom, and I quote, Oh my god, oh my god Lily, your eyelids are the perfect size And you know what? She was right, that's right, subscribe for these eyelids

(maniac laughter) The world would be a significantly better place if everyone treated each other like drunk girls treat each other in a women's washroom Because this is where true friendship lives – I'm so lucky to have you in my life – You're gonna make me cry – No, no

Shh I love you – I love you – You're like my best friend – I'm always gonna be here for you

(sobs) – [Woman] Yo, we gotta go (sniffles) – Listen, it was so nice meeting you – Same You know what, I'll see you soon, man Okay? – Okay

– I'll see you again Come back soon I'll be here – Shout out to all the best friends I've made in washrooms over the years I may not have known your name, okay, but you're my sister

You know, when it comes to the washroom there are no social boundaries, okay? Everyone in the washroom could participate And the capacity of a woman's washroom, infinite You could fit 100 drunk girls into anything, straight up So everything that goes down is a group activity – Hurry up, I love this song

– Hey You look alive (screaming) – Hey, the moon walk Get there (cheering) – That's cute, you thought the party was outside the washroom? Nah, the party is inside the women's washroom

'Cause this shit just lit there Yo, except for that one girl, alright That one girl, that's always crying on the floor Straight up, I don't know how she gets there, but without fail, she's always there I feel that she just came with the club

(maniac laughter) Here's the thing, all the other girls in the washroom, they don't really know exactly why this girl is crying, but that's not gonna stop them from assuming and giving her all the advice (crying) – Hey, excuse me (crying) Don't you dare cry for a man, you hear me? – Who's the jerk? Is he outside? Let's go talk to him He's making this girl cry, my sister What was your name? – Lily

– Making Lily cry – She just said Larry, your name's Lily Okay, look, you're beautiful He's not worth it, whoever this guy is not (wails) – What if her boyfriend's some hunk, or something? – You're right, he could totally be worth it

– Cry it out, let it out – In the napkin – Oh my god, is Jason Dean here? Oh Hi – This is Lily

Lily – Because that's what sisterhood is about, okay? It's about being there for the girl you just met through thick and thin (crying) Every public washroom has at least one girl who has stopped babysitting her drunk friend who has somehow turned into a toddler And everyone that walks in knows to pay respects to the babysitter – Hey, are you okay? I'm right outside the door, I'm right here

(gags) – I'm okay, don't be mad – Do you want me to come in? – No, I'm fine (gags) It's coming out Don't be mad – Okay, good girl, let it all out, baby

Yeah, she's fine Thank you You good? (crying) – Excuse me, is your friend okay? – She's fine Thank you, yeah Hurry up

Do you need help with your zipper? – No I broke it – You're wearing my dress – Does anyone know I'm sick? – No you're good, no one's in here, you're fine She's good

– Are you mad at me? – I'm not mad at you – Honestly, don't you love when that happens? It's my favorite thing So funny, when you're standing there like the babysitter, and your best friend is drunk, and all these other girls walk up to you also drunk, sweet, but drunk And they're just, okay, what Let me know if your friend needs anything, okay? And I'm just like, oh what you gonna do? You can't even stand, okay? You're wearing your phone case as a shoe right now, get it together

Okay, but let me know if your friend needs any help Oh, are there boogies in my nose? Nope! Subscribe Yeah, the women's washroom is such a beautiful and scary place Scary because of all those selfies we take while drunk, even though we think we look really hot – Sexy

Kissy Hold your hair Silly Yeah! Hug! Wait, wait We look so hot

– Send me that (screams) – And then you wake up the next morning like, oh my god! All the ogres (electro music) What do we do to convince ourselves in those moments that with our sweaty hair and smudged makeup we look good Like I'm just looking at this picture, like girl, there is Sephora all over your face Not just like, all of Sephora

Like Sephora here, Sephora, just Sephora everywhere And yo, you know what else? You know what I did? I had to record this video twice 'cause the first time was out of focus so I'm just gonna be petty and desperate and thirsty and say, give it a thumbs up Okay, great, look at just cool rafeeki So beautiful, and it helps send girls to school

GirlLovecom is where you can get one More information in the description Do the end card, go (maniac laugh) (crying) (laughter) (gagging) – I have a Spongebob face

– [Everyone] No! – Maybe you do (laughter) (sparkle) – Hey, I hope you enjoyed that video with – Lele Pons – Inanna – Hannah Stocking – And they're all so wonderful

They have their own Youtube channels Check them out, they're in the description below You wanna see more videos like this, click over there! My second vlog channel is right over there Make sure you subscribe 'cause I make videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Super Woman, that is a rap

And zup!

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