What People Do After Exams

– Wassup? Why do I keep making school-themed videos even though I'm actually 27 years old? Because shut up! (fairy dust sparkling) (unicorn galloping and neighing) Waddup everyone, it's ya girl Superwoman! And it's lovely exam season for all of you youthful ones and for all of you old ones that are trying to pass the 12th grade for like four times And yo, no judging man, okay? Shout out to all the people who are celebrating their 22nd birthday at prom

Now I made videos in the past about all the stresses that come with exam season, you know, while you're setting for them, while you're writing them But I personally think the best part of an exam is what you do after And if you're anything like me, this is what you do after you write an exam Number one: Gather Intel So you just finished writing your exam and you feel like you've been probed by aliens, okay, like straight up you're walking funny 'cause that exam just ripped you a new one

(Lily grimacing) But then you think wait, am I just stupid? Like am I a dumb person? Did everyone else feel the same way about the exam? So you go around to all your friends and you gather intel But you don't want to seem like you're dumb Psh, you know, so you gotta play it cool Hey yo, so, how was the exam? – It was okay – Okay, like what? Like, was it easy? – Mm, not bad

– Okay, but on a scale of like tic-tac-toe to like Flappy Bird like how hard did you think it was? – It was decent – Decent how? Like "turtleneck" decent or like "skirt slightly above the knee" decent? – "Turtleneck" decent? – So like Drake? Like "Hotline Bling" decent? – I think I did well – How well? Like deep well? Like "Samara" well? Like "you're gonna die in seven days" type well or? – I think I did well – Yeah, eh? – Yeah, what about you? – Yeah, yeah same Same

Also, aren't you like 25? Why are you in a video about school? – Well, because shut up! – Which leads me to number two Number two: Prepare your parents So you gotta prepare your parents for the possibility of you failing this exam, right? Yeah, no, oh my God, Mom, everyone was saying how hard it was, so I'm pretty sure like everyone else failed Not just me And it's funny how we believe that if we fail or do something bad, it's okay if other people also sucked

It's so interesting how kids get so annoyed when their parents compare them to other kids, but we do the exact same thing when it's convenient for us Ugh, Mom! Everyone else failed! Mom! Everyone else is going to the party! Mom! All the other kids have a cell phone! – [Voiceover] Really? Why can't you dress nice like all the other kids, huh?! – Why do you compare me to other kids?! I hate it when you do that! I'll run away! Hello! I'm a waste yute And you're a waste yute and you're a waste yute! Number three: Fact check You run out of that exam and you throw open your textbook so you can check your answers and make sure you knew what the eff you was talkin' about This textbook right here is about to disclose your fate

(furiously flipping pages) What?! Wait, it's BEDMAS? (sighs in disbelief) Since when?! Thought it was BEDMOS! Trevor! Isn't it BEDMOS?! – My name isn't Trevor, it's Phil! – Dammit, Trevor! Look at this! It's brackets, exponents, divide, multiply, addition, subtract, since when?! I thought it was brackets, exponents, divide, multiply, ovulate, subtract! – I think ovulate is from sex ed – What?! What, yo, it wasn't me yo The textbook is wrong, okay? Number four: Calculate So you're coming to the realization that maybe you didn't do so well on this exam, right? So what do you do? You bust out your calculator and figure out what mark you need on that test to pass the class We've all done it

And straight up, everyone sucks at math until you figure out this magical number Okay, I coulda just failed a math exam But when I get home and I need to figure out this number, I'm gonna be carrying so many ones you would think I was in a strip club Okay, so, according to my calculations, all we need to do is carry the three, solve for 'x', okay? Flip the parabola, use trig to discover the 'q' angle and then (marker tapping on board) all I need is a 31% percent for me to pass this class – Oh my God, they just posted the grades

– What did I get? – Uhm, 30% (board thuds on ground) – Hello, clown college? But real talk, all of you who are going through exam season, I wish the best for you, but also, you should ignore everything I'm saying because me wishing the best for you is not gonna help you do well You working hard is gonna help you do well And for those of you around the world who aren't going through exam season and you just watch this video anyways, you, I appreciate you and for you, please enjoy this weird dance (funky music) (fairy dust sparkling) Yo, hope you enjoyed that video and all the sweat on my face and the upper lip sweat I'm looking in the thing right now, I'm just like, damn! Looks like Titanic sank on my upper mother-effin' lip

But I hope you enjoyed that video If you did, give it a big thumbs up, comment below letting me know are you going through exam season or are you just like yo, I don't know what the 'eff you talking about You can check my last video right over there It is called "Types of Poop" Very adult, mature things

My second vlog channel is right over there So check that out! And you should subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday And lastly, on Twitter and Instagram, I do think you should follow "SpreadGirlLove" As you know "GirlLove" is my social campaign and some interesting things are gonna be happening there so follow, follow, follow One love Super– One love Superwoman! That is a wrap and zoop! Literally have one job, I can't do it

Since when, I thought it was BEDMOS! Trevor! Isn't it BEDMOS? – My name isn't Trevor, it's Phil! (both hysterically laughing)

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