What Happens When Shane Dawson Uploads

(tinkling) (galloping) (swoosh) (suspenseful music) (drums beating) (shoes clicking) (plop) (heart beat) (alarms) – It's happening again – You guys, you guys (banging on doors) Hey, take cover

He uploaded again! (footsteps) (people yelling) – It's already door at a million views! – [Woman] Quick, lock the door! (crashing) (door shaking) – 2,000 comments – 10,000 comments – Don't let him get in (sirens) (crashing) (screaming) (electrifying music) (cars honking) – Guys, you have to get back to work – [Crowd] But it's an eight part series (boom) – Yo, hope you enjoyed that video I just really wanted to make a video about how innovative and game changing Shane has been recently

Kudos to him Yo, killin' the game Last video over there Second vlog channel there And make sure you subscribe to this channel

It's not Shane's, I'm sorry One love superwoman That is a wrap, ends

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