What Girls Mean When They Hug You

– Where in the world is Superwoman today? In Trinidad and Tobago! (neighing) What up, everyone? It's your girl Superwoman I have hugged a lot of people

In fact, over the past four months, I've hugged over 10,000 people, which means you should hit the thumbs up right away because of the accuracy and authenticity of, yo, the teleprompter froze Scroll up, scroll up Too far, too far, too far Thumbs up, no, no, keep going, keep going Accuracy, authenticity, okay, here we go

Authenticity of this video (laughing) Straight up, every once in a while, I have guys come up to me and ask me questions like, "How do I know if she likes me?" "Yo, is she mad at me?" "Why are girls so confusing?" And I'm just like, bruh, you gotta learn the language of women, because you're up here listening to words and she's delivering you braille You gotta feel it out, boo! Women don't only communicate through words No, no, they communicate through body language So one way to find out what a girl is thinking is to pay attention to the way she hugs people

So here are all the ways a girl can hug someone and what those hugs mean Number one, the cheek kiss Now, this hug means that the girl is probably classy as F, travels a lot, and regularly eats brunch She also loves to confuse people because they never know if it's one cheek or both cheeks, if it's a double or a single kiss, and she loves that She's like, "Mother F'ers, I wear the pants in this hug

"That's right, I sit on the Iron Throne of hugs "I am the lead Care Bear up in here" Now, if she does this hug and she's meeting you for the first time, chances are she's trying to make a really good impression For example, she might hug your mom like this if you two are dating, just like, hey, cheek kiss, future mother-in-law Hopefully this distracts you from the fact that you can see my thong when I sit

Now, if you're not meeting for the first time, and she gives you a cheek kiss when she hugs you, probably means she likes you more than most people, enough to risk getting your cheek herpes Number two, side hug with eye contact Now, this hug means you're cool, but she's not really emotionally invested into you There's probably a lot of people in the room that she has to say hi or bye to, and you're just another one on the assembly line You know, she can't really spending too much time in this engagement because it doesn't align with her priorities

Also, you're probably in the same category as, like, her uncle that she kinda knows, but she's not completely sure how you're related Number three, side hug with no eye contact Now, you see, this hug right here, this hug means that, before she entered this room, she had to mentally prepare to see you because you are trash and she wants no part of you in her life It means I'm mad at you I don't like you

Okay, I would rather hug a grenade than hug you This hug is a complete obligation Yeah, I'm just hugging you because people are looking and I don't wanna seem rude or mean You know, I wanna appear to be the bigger person And when I leave this establishment, I'm gonna think about how stupid you and your hugs are

Yeah, your hugs are the dumbest, okay? Your hugs tripped over a cordless phone Your hugs went straight to DVD Get the F out of here Number four, two arms with squeeze This hug means I genuinely like you, and care for you, and you know, when you're not here, I might think about you spontaneously

I hope you don't die, because you're a quality human being In fact, you know what, you ever ask me to hang out, I might actually pull through and not cancel last minute or pretend I'm sick Number five, two arms with neck grip This hug means we've made out in my mind at least four times This is my way of getting my body as close to your body as possible without us being Siamese twins

And through this hug, I just wanna remind you that I have boobs Here they are And I might even arc my back a little bit, just so you can see how flexible I am Number six, hug with head cradle You are like my child, and I will destroy anything or anyone that tries to hurt you

I don't care how old you are I don't care if you're a full-fledged adult, okay, you are my fetus, and I will protect your neck, and your spine, and cradle you in my bosom Number seven, arm latch She's probably in some sort of social setting, and your arm is her safety blanket, and protection, and escape from being social She's just like, "No, don't make me go out there "and talk to all these other people, no!" It also means I'm codependent, probably to an unhealthy extent, but I'm okay with that

Number eight, two arms with starfish dance thing This hug means you are my best friend, and you are my mother F'ing ride or die, and I missed you like hell because everybody sucks compared to you I don't care how long this hug is I don't care who's watching this hug This hug is our moment

This hug means you've seen me at my worst, okay You knew me when I was ugly You told me when I smelled Girl, you let me know when I was a ho, and therefore we are spiritually connected always Number nine, hug with lift

This hug means somebody's about to get laid, straight up, because we probably haven't seen each other for a minute, and I missed you, and I'm gonna put my legs up in the air and defy gravity just to give you a sneak peek of what's to come later tonight Number 10, the dap and hug This hug means that we understand the similar struggle that other people just don't get There's an unspoken respect between the two of us, and we have a deep connection We're probably from the same city, the same team, the same motherland, speak the same language

This hug means that if we ever drink together and we cheers, I will make sure my glass physically touches your glass, because I have that type of respect for you Number 11, the wrestle hug Friendzone! This is basically the friendship bracelet of hugs, so baby boo, if you got one of these hugs from the girl you like, you should know the only way your fingers are gonna be going through her hair is when you're braiding her hair during a goddamn sleepover while watching Clueless Boy, move on Number 12, head resting on shoulder hug

This hug means, yo, everything is dumb except for you, and I need you to hold me as I give up on life This hug means my post ain't getting likes I cheated on my diet I got a degree in something I hate Honestly, my Uber can never find me

My new shoes keep peeling the skin from the back of my ankles, and I just cannot So please support me through this trash life And there you have it Now you know what it means when a girl hugs you, and now, Team Super, this is your cue to go back and check all those meet and greet pictures, and overanalyze them, and send me all the receipts like I know you will, ya nasties! I love you And don't forget, do hugs, not drugs

Yo, I'm hoping you like this video, straight up, because I am sweating everywhere, but I still wanted to make one It's so hot! Check out my last video right over there, vlogs right over there Trinidad, my show is tomorrow on the 30th Tickets are still available, link in the description, and subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman

That is a wrap, and zoom!

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