What Christmas Was Actually Like (ft. My Family)

– All natural What up everyone? It's your girl Superwoman

And like usual Christmas was exactly what I expected it to be It was filled with beautiful moments, great humor, family, and just utter and complete joy It started with my very functional family and I sitting in front of the fireplace and watching our favorite Christmas movies in complete bliss (Oh Christmas Tree plays) Why can't we just turn on the real fireplace? – Why waste gas? We can save money – Okay fine, listen, what do you guys want to watch? – Arthur's perfect Christmas – No! We do that every year, let's do something different

What about Arthur Christmas? – No, Arthur's Perfect Christmas It's tradition – Arthur Christmas! – Hello? No fighting, okay? – Lilly, Tina, it's not the same movie? My God – No, Arthur's Perfect Christmas is with a puppy and bunny – A puppy? – He's not a puppy, he's an aardvark

(mocking) – What? – And Arthur Christmas is a beautiful story about Santa's son, real life adult stuff, little kid – Hey, how about Jingle All the Way – Home Alone, baby – Arthur Christmas – Shh! We're watching Jingle All the Way

– Arthur's Perfect Christmas – Home Alone, man! – I wish I was home alone – Then you can jingle all the way back to LA (dramatic music) (sipping Coke) – And then we baked fresh cookies, exactly like in the commercials, you know

When the rise perfectly and are golden brown (timer beeping) Bring the hose! Bring the hose! – You had one job – What are you doing? – Open the window – Stop yelling, okay? They're just well done My sister and I got my parents the perfect gift

Yeah, as a unit, a unit of sisterhood – [Both] Merry Christmas – How nice From Tina – What? No, from both of us

It should say Lilly and Tina – But only Tina paid for it – Lilly paid attention, isn't that enough? – That's why she's our favorite – And in return, on Christmas day, my parents gave us the best gifts ever – Okay guys, start here, whatever you want for Christmas

– Wait, but Christmas is today – But everything goes on sale tomorrow – Yeah, it was absolute perfection And I wouldn't trade it for the world Holiday cheers, from my family to yours

– [All] Cheers! (alarm buzzing) – Lilly, did you make cookies again? – Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap! What up everyone, it's your girl superwoman Shout outs to my family for being in this video If you liked it, give it a thumbs up, comment below, shout outs to Coca Cola for making this video happen If you want to check out my last video, it's right over there My BTS and second vlog channel's right over there

You should subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love – Superwoman – No, superwoman That is a wrap, and zoop

Coke tastes so good in a glass bottle

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