What a Guy’s Tattoo Means

– Yo, someone shared this video with you? You're one of these guys, just saying, 'kay, enjoy! (horse hooves clopping) What up everyone, it's ya girl, Superwoman! You know what? I really don't like people who wear button up shirts and wear glasses because those types of people stereotype other people solely based on how they're dressed, and that's wrong Wait that's a good disclaimer, right? Yeah, I think so

(laughs) Yo, here's what guys' tattoos mean and stuff Number one: the barbed wire tattoo AKA the mother effing Times New Roman of tattoos I mention my body fat percentage in every conversation I find sleeves offensive

My Instagram is a lot of shirtless pics That's to make up for my personality I bottle up my feelings a lot People just don't get me This is protein powder

I'm a part time security guard My method of problem-solving is punching someone I walk with my shoulders back and my butt flexed Did I mention I only have 5% body fat? This guy is a meathead, straight up, and honestly, I wanna make out with him Probably, most likely, you know what? I do, I definitely do

Number two: the tiger slash lion tattoo (growls) AKA every brown guy in the entire galaxy I am so sorry for making this video about you (speaking in foreign language) Yo, I want people to know I'm an alpha male Yo, it's my job to take care of my family Yo, I can't date a woman who makes more than me

No, like, I'm kind of okay with the patriarchy Yo, that movie, Rocky, is sick! I'm like the king of the jungle I like God and tigers I came out of the womb knowing how to fix cars, right? Yo, pass me that hammer? Number, it looks like I'm naked, am I? Click, click, click I'm kidding, I'm kidding! But am I? Number three: the rose tattoo

The dude that has a rose tattoo is so confusing because sometimes I think he's hot and then other times I think he's gross But 100% of the time, my mom hates him Yeah, I'm in a band You should check out our mixtape You know, I'd love to hang out but I'm too busy sleeping in a tent tonight outside the Supreme store waiting for their next drop

I don't believe in social media No, posing for pictures is not really my jam When I fall off my skateboard, I pretend it doesn't hurt I have piercings my mother doesn't approve of By the way, my band has a mixtape you should check it out

(guitar strums) Number four The skull tattoo You know, I'm really into the idea of having a Nightmare Before Christmas cosplay permanently on your skin I'm serious! It's great movie! (coughing) (rock music) Yeah, I have a motorcycle that makes a lot of noise and omits a lot of fumes (coughing) Yeah, I smoke like a pack of cigarettes a day

Whatever type of music you listen to I think is trash When people ask me for advice, I tell them we're all gonna die anyways My favorite show is Long Island Medium Because that's real life My brother, you wanna meet my pet snake? I've had the same leather jacket for years

Of course I'll buy you beer if you're underage, Bud No lungs were harmed in the making of that skit Don't demonetize me! Five: small nature tattoo AKA every guy in LA

, especially Silver Lake I only eat organic foods When I'm at a party, I drink IPA Yeah, I'll take another cold brew My Instagram is exclusively black and white photos

I wear glasses for fashion, not vision I only wear designer socks and I make sure my chinos are short enough to show them off I always get my clothes tailored I think it's very important to support local businesses Catch me sipping the La Croix in the local bar, you know less is more, namaste

(laughs) Number six: face tattoos First of all, I am shook at how much this is a thing People don't even just have one or two small tattoos on their face anymore that ish look like the back of a cereal box Yo, I don't think about the future I live in the now, you know what I'm saying? Some people they tell me I'm impulsive Yeah, I rap and my name is Lil Somethin'

Yeah, I be using slang that most people don't understand, you know what I'm saying My Boy Butay-bo-bo-de-bomin-jeezy-keezy on the teezy choo choo ka choo choo Yo, I think my parents are mad at me still Yo, you don't know what it was like growing up in my hood Yo, my job pays me in cash

Yo I mostly communicate through DM's know what I'm saying? (laughs) Yo, just kidding, no disrespect to any rappers Please put me on your mixtape Your Lil Lily, what's good fam (imitates record scratching) Number seven: tribal tattoos I really like when I look through a kaleidoscope and it looks like your tattoo

I'm a big fan of The Rock I mean, I've been told I'm easily influenced I just really wanted a tattoo Ohana means family Of course I wear socks with my sandals

I call everyone Bro, Bro I'm fine just blending into a crowd Everything is like, whatever, Bro Number eight: lower back tattoo I mean, Bro

I told ya, right, I don't have a lower back tattoo I just don't like to take my shirt off I have low alcohol tolerance My friends they pick on me a lot If I ever get invited to the beach it's a hard pass I only get intimate with the lights off

Netflix asks if I'm still watching, regularly And there you have it 100% scientific analysis of guys tattoos Just kidding! No, no offense to anyone if you got some tattoos I'm sure they are dope Your individuality, your uniqueness, all that stuff is dope

(ululates) It could be worse also You could have one of like friggin oh,those heart ones, you know what I'm talking about like the small ones that are a stencil, like look at me, I'm so cute (laughs) So done! Yo, dude you should totally make sure you kick the thumbs up button there Rock on! And right there's the last video, dude, bro! And over there's my log chan item Somehow British, all of the sudden I'm, identity crisis! Make sure you click subscribe because I'm making new videos here every Monday and Thursday

Rock on, dude One love, Superwoman! That is a wrap Zoop! (laughs)

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