We Just Made The Biggest Hit On YouTube (ft. Alicia Keys)

(bells ringing) (wind howling) (laid back music) – Hey, I'm Alicia Keys I'm an artist, musician, producer, and my music is all about connection, strength, empower

♪ Now wait a minute ♪ ♪ Babe you know when I got you ♪ ♪ Do you know when I got you coming down ♪ – So Alicia's brought me on board to help with her YouTube strategy in 2019, and we got a big day planned Okay, you guys, Alicia's almost here And when she gets here, no messing around – I'm nervous, but I'm pretty confident we're gonna pull this off – Lilly! – [Lilly] Hey, AK! – What's up? – [Lilly] What's up, what's up? Nice to see you

– You're in New York, in my hometown – I know, I'm in New York Here we are – My studio! – That's What's Up – But what are we doing? – Well, I'm gonna tell you what we're doing right now

I feel like the YouTube audience is really particular And I feel like I know what works So I just need you all to trust me You wanna do it? Are you down? – Let's do it – Should we do it? – Yeah, let's do it

– Let's do it – I have no idea what Lilly's thinking, but I trust her – I want the vocals to be real soft Nothing hard, nothing harsh And turn the mic way up

– You got it, boss (Alicia vocalizing) – That voice This is gonna be dope This is just the first step I'm thinking full album

– Lilly, I don't, what are you asking me to do? – Cool, cool, I wanna clarify Millions of people are gonna hear this, you know, your voice, your message, the story we're trying to tell – Yeah, I love that – Young girls are gonna listen to this and be like, "Wow, that's dope "She's dope

"I relate" – Right – And you're not just a musician You're not just a vocalist You're like a spiritual guide

You feel me? I wanna be guided, so guide Let's try one Let's try one – Okay, alright This is definitely my most ambitious project, and I have a really good feeling about it

– Alright, AK, you ready? – I'm ready Let's do it – Alright, let's do it It's gonna be so strenuous on her vocals But I mean, if any vocalist can do this, it's Alicia Alright, shh

Are you guys ready? Biggest hit on YouTube in 2019, baby girl Let's do this From the top (suspenseful music) (Alicia slurping) – Mmm These noodles are on fire

These noodles are what dreams are made of There's nothing they can't do (Alicia slurping) (group applauds) – That's it We got it Yo, I hope you enjoyed this video with my sister

– Alicia Keys – She's super dope Make sure you check out her new YouTube channel down below in the description Last collab right over there Second Vlog channel there

Make sure you subscribe because I got a bunch of other collabs One love, Superwoman That is a wrap and zoop And I am Superwoman – But not– – But what you mean? – This is the best collab, you know what I'm saying? So I don't know what you 're talking about that there's other people

– True

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