Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a very special guest, it’s my friend Lilly! Lilly: Hi! It’s me! Ro: Oh my gosh, I love this girl you guys! I got so many requests to bake with Lilly, Ro: I’m gonna be putting her links down below And, you guys gotta go check out her Ro: movie, A Trip to Unicorn Island, it is amazing! Lilly: Thanks girl! Ro: I like it, it’s like a really good insight into your life and into that tour Ro: and all that you do and I loved it! I went to her premiere, dressed as a unicorn! Lilly: True story, it happened! Ro: So today, we are gonna be making, Unicorn Cookies! Lilly: What up sweater reference! Ro: And, they’re little, like unicorn heads! Ro: They’re gonna look kinda like the emoji

Lilly: Best emoji ever! Ro: Or kinda like her shirt Lilly: Kinda like my face Ro: Yeah, that’s what’s up! Both: Let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, will be: 3 cups of all purpose flour, Ro: 1-1/2 cups of sugar, 2 sticks of salted butter at room temperature, Ro: 1/2 a teaspoon of almond extract, 1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract Lilly: 3/4 of a cup of almond meal, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1/8 of teaspoon Lilly: of salt, 1/2 a teaspoon of nutmeg… Lilly: I guess these are eggs? I’m like, 2 potatoes! Lilly: And, 2 eggs Lilly: And lastly, we’re gonna be using these cookie cutters that are unicorn shaped, Lilly: we found them online, we’ll put the links below, and when I say we, I mean her

Ro: Now let’s put it all together! Lilly: Let’s do… Oh is that a thing? Ro: Oh yeah that’s the second dance move Lilly: This is a thing? Lilly: Oh my god… Ro: Are you ready? Lilly: I should have stretched for this! Ro: So you… Yeah, let’s do our stretches! Lilly: OK, mmmm! Ro: Now let’s put it alllllll together! Ro: I like that! Lilly: I’m trying really hard to impress you! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna whisk together some dry Ro: ingredients, into this bowl right here Lilly, I’m gonna have you, whisk! Lilly: Do I get to be the whisker? Ro: I’m gonna have you pour in the flour Lilly: I feel really important! Ro: And then this is the almond meal Lilly: Mmmm! Ro: Baking powder, boom! Salty-salty! Ro: Do you like nutmeg? Lilly: After that, no… Ro: Once it’s mixed we’re just gonna set it off to the side

Ro: You guys, Lilly bakes! Lilly: I used to bake, it was like my second or third Lilly: video was a Harry Potter, cake that I baked because I used to make those Lilly: fancy-ish cakes I wasn’t super good at it, but I used to do it! Ro: I feel like we should just be having a holiday party, we should just be Ro: making some cookies Lilly: Yeah! Ro: And then I’ll eat ‘em all! Lilly: Mmmhmmm Lilly: Now that our dry ingredients are over there, we are gonna cream together Lilly: our butter and sugar I think you should be the mixer this time

Ro: Yeah Lilly: DJ, be a DJ! Ro: Yeah! Lilly: Should I put this in first? Ro: Yes, yes, yes, go-go-go! Lilly: Ahhhh! Oh my god, it’s so satisfying! Lilly: I don’t know what it is, it’s so satisfying! Ro: Sometimes I think it’s like therapeutic Lilly: Yeah! Lilly: This is what happiness is made out of! Ro: Now we are gonna add our eggs, vanilla and almond extracts! Ro: You’re gonna add one, I’m gonna add one Lilly: OK, Same time? Ro: Hit, crack it, just try to twist it Lilly: One handed? Oh! This is…

OK… Ro: It’s OK if you get a shell in Ro: there because… I do it all the time! Lilly: OK, good, good! Both: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Crack, and a twist! Lilly: This is the greatest accomplishment of my entire life! Lilly: What do I do with the shell? Ro: Oh here, I’ll take it, I’ll take it! Lilly: I’m like, the rest of the video, subscribe to… Ro: Now we can rinse hands! Lilly: OK Ro: Because they’re kinda gross Lilly, Ro: We can go over here Lilly: I love this sink by the way! Lilly: So we got our eggs in there, it looks beautiful Ro: Mmmhmmm! Lilly: And now Ro’s gonna mix it up Do the thing Ro! Ro: I’m gonna mix it up! I’m a mix it up! Ro: Will you spin the bowl around? And like, spin it? Lilly: Oh my god I would love to! Ro: OK, here we go, here we go

Lilly: We’re basically a band Ro: Yes! We’re a band! Lilly: Did you like Spice Girls growing up? Ro: I did! Lilly: What, who was your favorite… Which Spice Girl were you? Lilly: I shouldn't ask you who your favorite was, because nobody had a favorite one, we were them! Ro: I was all of them! Lilly: Really? Ro: Sometimes you feel Sporty Lilly: Mmmhmmm Ro: Sometimes I feel a little Posh Lilly: So Spice Girls just represents your mood swings

Ro: Pretty much! Ro: Now we’re gonna add the almond and vanilla extract Lilly: Ewaaahhhh! Lilly: Alright, so our butter mixture is done, it’s beautiful, now we’re gonna Lilly: add our dry mixture slowly, while Ro mixes it Lilly: Ahhhh! Ro: OK, slow! Both: Slow, slower, slower! Ro: Like it’s lightly snowing outside Ro: How bout make it blizzard? Lilly: Really? Ro: Just go for it! Lilly: Just go for it? Lilly: Are you sure? Are you ready? Ro: Yeah! Lilly: Are you ready for this!? Ro: Yeah! Lilly: I don’t think you can handle it, can you handle it? Ro: I’m ready, I’m ready! Lilly: Here we go! Bap-bap-bap-bap! Both: Make it rain! Make it rain! Lilly: Make it rain! Lilly: Alright, now that we got our dough, we’re gonna cut it in 1/2 Ro: Mmmhmmm

Lilly: Individually wrap it in saran wrap, and put it in the fridge for an hour Lilly: Alright, so we took 1 of our disks out of the fridge, 1 of them is still Lilly: in there Ro: Mmmhmmm Lilly: Ro, what do we do? Ro: We are gonna roll out our dough, now that it’s chilled Lilly: Mmmhmmm

Ro: And the first thing we have to do is unwrap it And this is where we get Ro: to do a little baking flair! Lilly: OK… Ro: You know how bartenders do flair? Lilly: OK, yes, yes, yes! Ro: And they’re like juggling stuff, and pouring stuff blindfolded? Lilly: Mmmhmm, mmmhmmm, mmmmhmmm! Ro: I was like, we need that for baking! Lilly: Yeah! Ro: You hold it here Lilly, and then you just flip it up! Lilly: But will it not go flying? Ro: Yeah! Ro: You pull it up and it will go flip-flip-flip-flip-flip, boom! Lilly: Really? Lilly: 1, 2, 3… Ro: Eh! Ro: OK, now I’m going to lightly sprinkle the surface with a little bit of flour Ro: So that it doesn’t stick

Ro: Then you’re just gonna work it out, there you go! Lilly: Work! Both: Work-work-work-work-work! Lilly: Something-something work-work-work-work-work! Lilly: What am I doing? I’m breaking it! Ro: No looks fine… Lilly: I’m sure you have to do that to people all the time, ‘Oh no, don’t worry about Lilly: it, it’s supposed to look horrible, I promise!’ Ro: We rolled this out, it’s about 1/4 of an inch thick Lilly: And now we’re gonna use our cookie cutters and cut it out! Ro: Mmmmhmmm! Ro: Press it down, give it a little juggle if you want Lilly: OK, jiggle, shimmy-shimmy! Ro: Ba-doop! Lilly: Oh my god, they’re so cute! Ro: And now you’re gonna pick ‘em up, flip ‘em over, and put them onto a baking Ro: sheet, I got a baking sheet here, lined with a piece of parchment paper Lilly: They’re so pretty! Ro: I love ‘em! Lilly: I LOVE THEM! Ro: I LOVE ‘EM! Lilly: Now we’re gonna pop these in the freezer for 15 minutes Ro: Mmmhmmm

Lilly: Because we don’t want the shape to change while they’re baking Ro: And then we’re also gonna heat our oven to 350 degrees, and bake these Ro: for about 12-13 minutes Lilly: We know stuff! Ro: We know how to make some cookies! Lilly: We know stuff! Lilly: Alright, so our cookies are out of the oven, they’ve cooled, and now what do we do? Ro: Now we are going to decorate! Lilly: Huuuhhhh! Ro: This is my favorite part you guys! Ro: Frosting Unicorn! Ro: So the first thing that we’re gonna do is, draw an outline all the way around Ro: our cookie Now we are going to flood them, this is the fun part! Lilly: That was a technical term! Lilly: I love it, the best kind of flood! Lilly: I don’t remember the last time I concentrated this hard on anything! Lilly: And I just did a word tour… Ro: And it doesn’t need to look perfect because you’re gonna take Ro: a toothpick and smooth it out! Lilly: Alright, so we finished flooding our cookies and we allowed them to crust Lilly: over and now… Ro: Now we are gonna add some more details! Ro: Over here in a little plastic baggie we have some more royal icing, but I Ro: dyed it purple, and this time we’ve got a number 2 tip at the end for a little Ro: bit more control We’re gonna pipe the outline details, in purple, first! Ro: Oh this is doing good! We’re doing good! Lilly: I don’t know, depends what your definition of good is! Ro: It’s that! That’s adorable! Yes! Lilly: My Unicorn is a little chubby, but I still love him for who he is! Lilly: Unicorns come in all shapes and sizes! Ro: Yeah they do! Lilly: Some of them are Rhinos, and that is OK! Lilly: OK, so my Unicorn is like having a bad hair day, it takes after me! Ro: Mine too! Lilly: Alright, now we’ve got a lighter color of royal icing and we’re gonna fill in Lilly: our Unicorn’s mane! Ro: The hair! Lilly: Leggo! Ro: I thought about dying my hair this color

Lilly: This color? This purple? Ro: Mmmmhmmm Lilly: That would look really cool actually! Ro: I just like hair stuff I think Lilly: You know, I’ve never dyed my hair in my life Ro: Have you always had long hair? Lilly: Always, yeah! Ro: Well I guess I bleached it blonde for a charity thing Lilly: Oh girl! Ro: Because I have dark hair, the roots grow back so quick, and it… Lilly: Yeah, a lot of maintenance

Lilly: My hair’s always a disaster, like it will… Ro: And then I tried bangs for awhile… Ro: And I cut ‘em so short, Lilly I had to wear a headband! Lilly: One time I tried combing my hair in the shower Ro: Oh no! Lilly: I had to cut the comb out of my hair because… Ro: Put my hair in deep conditioner, and put it up in a shower cap and I walk around Ro: my house like that for a few hours Lilly: All the guys who don’t care about this watching this are Lilly: like, ‘SHOW THE COOKIES! WE WANT THE COOKIES!’ Lilly: Alright, so now we’re done filling in the manes and we’re gonna use this Lilly: beautiful light pink to make the ears Ro: And, I’ve got black and white Ro: royal icing for the eyeballs and nose! Lilly: Mmmhmm! Lilly: We’re giving the Unicorn senses! Ro: I love it! Lilly: Oh my gosh, this is the closest I’m getting to childbirth right here Ro: She can smell now, she can see now, she’s growing up so fast! Lilly: I know! Lilly: Alright, so we’re almost done, but first we gotta do the magical Lilly: Unicorn Horn! Ro: Yep, we saved the best for last, you guys! Lilly: Mmmhmm! Lilly: Mmmhmm, mmmhmmm! Ro: We’ve got a bunch of colors here, because it’s gonna Ro: be a rainbow horn

We have Pink, purple, blue, green, a lighter green, Ro: and yellow, and we tried to make it look like the emoji that you see, the Ro: Unicorn emoji! Lilly: It’s so pretty! Ro: How are you so fast Lilly? Lilly: I, I, you know what, I don’t know… Lilly: I’m very focused on a task when I do it And that can be a bad thing because Lilly: sometimes when I’m texting people, about something specific, if they Lilly: don’t respond, specifically what I’m asking about, I will totally ignore them Ro: You’re not messing around, you don’t got time for people talking nonsense! Lilly: You tell ‘em Ro! Ro: Yeah Lilly: You should do my voicemail Ro: Leave the messages short and to the point, because she’s busy and she’s a boss Ro: lady and she’s got stuff to do and things to create, don’t be leaving no nonsense! Lilly: You hear that Mom and Dad? Ro: Beep! Both: Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaa! Lilly: These are our Unicorn Emoji Cookies, I love them! Ro: I love them too, they're so cute! Ro: You guys they look just like the emoji

And a big thank you to you for suggesting Ro: something Unicorn related, and, baking with Lilly! Are you kidding!?!? Lilly: I had so much fun! Thanks for having me Ro! Lilly: Mwah-mwah-mwah-mwah-mwah! Ro: I love this girl! This is so much fun! Lilly: Yah! Ro: I’m gonna put her links down below, and, go check out her movie, Ro: ‘A Trip to Unicorn Island’ Lilly: Oh thanks, and make sure you subscribe to Ro! Lilly: Hi, hello, the button’s right there! Ro: I, uh, you’re probably already subscribed to Lilly, but come on! Ro: You should do it, like again! Ro: I’ll be posting lots of pictures of these yummy cookies on Facebook, Tumblr, Ro: Instagram and Tumb… Wait… Instagram… Did I say Instagram, Tumblr… Lilly: Facebook… Ro: Face… Lilly: Twitter? Ro: Face… Yeah! Ro: And if you guys make these cookies, please take a picture and send it to me! Ro: I love seeing your baking creations, and, you should send it to the both of us Lilly: Yeah I want to see them too! They should use the hashtag, #UnicornNummies Ro: Yeah Thanks again for watching you guys, if you have any other ideas Ro: for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave me a comment down below Ro: and I will do my best to make it happen! Ro: OK, thanks, bye-bye! Lilly: So… Can we eat these now? Ro: Mmmmhmmm! Lilly: OK, I’m gonna be so gentle and elegant because I respect this too much… Ro: I think that was the best bite I’ve ever seen! Ro: I’m gonna eat the magical Unicorn Horn! Lilly: They taste like magic! Lilly: I have a lot of cookie in my mouth right now

Ro: Oh gosh, I took a big bite! Lilly: I think my heart is stopping!

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