Types of People Who Watch YouTube

– That awkward moment when I'm making a video about you (galloping) (chimes twinkling) (whooshing) What up everyone it's your girl Superwoman

And disclaimer, disclaimer! This video may or may not be me making fun of you, and me, in fact everyone who watches YouTube videos Maybe you're one of these types of people Maybe you're not Maybe you are but you're in denial Either way the important thing to remember is don't unsubscribe

(heavenly music) Let's get straight to it Number one The Stans Now for those of you who may not be familiar with internet language, a stan is basically a synonym for a very passionate intense fan Like a windmill

Now these are the types of people that don't just watch YouTube, no, no, they live and breathe YouTube And they don't just like creators, no They want to be physically abused by creators for a reason I simply cannot comprehend (whooshing) What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman – Cut me with that jawline and strangle me with that hair

– Pre-order my book at LillySinghBookcom – Take my money and slap me with your book Give me paper cuts with those pages Break that book spine over my skull

– I'm going on tour – Hit me with that airplane Shove that turbulence down my throat Suffocate me with your boarding pass Cut my legs off on that stage! – Yeah, apparently it's like a huge compliment to want someone to rip your guts out

Yo, Freddy Krueger is on the next season of The Bachelor Welcome to 2017 Also, I'd just like to say that these are my fans and my fans speak like this and I don't care if they sound crazy, I love them I love Team Super so much In fact, you know what? Team Super, slap me with your tweets, okay? And shove your memes down my esophagus

Number two Internet Warriors Now these are the people that have one sole purpose in life And that is to disrupt everything They don't go to YouTube for the videos, no, no, no

They go to YouTube for the comment section, okay, because they turn that ish into a war zone Just straight up cussin' off people for no reason You see, other people go to therapy for their self esteem issues but not the internet warrior, no They go under my videos and they're like, "Okay so "everything about my life sucks "I know, I'll make myself feel better by typing the word "slut a lot

" And you can spot this person from a mile away because they don't know how to spell and they don't know how to use grammar I mean that sounds a lot like me Okay, there's two kinds of people Either they're the internet warrior or it's me leaving a comment Whatever, yo

Go to the skit What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman – Hm (sniffs) Go back to your country you Paki And eff everyone who watches her videos you dumb idiot! What's this? "Why do you watch her videos?" Don't tell me what to do you hoe! Okay, I effed your mom last night

"Just leave" Just die because you're ugly and I effed your sister you piece of diarrhea! (keys tapping) This is Sparta! (rock music) Yes, yes Give me more attention! Hey, where you going? Pay attention to me Pay attention to me, stupid! You idiot! Hoe! Don't forget to click my ads internet warriors Thanks for giving me a view

You know, I bought this house with your help (laughs) Number three Dinosaurs (roars) Now these are my favorite types of viewers because they come from a period of time with such innocence You know, before people were smashed and passed

These are the parents and grandparents that are just now discovering the internet and YouTube They're scared Confused And 100% don't think I have a job (innocent music) – Now where do I put the cassette tape? Hey, sugar pie, they're makin' videos on the computer now

– What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman – Is this The Price Is Right? Bob Barker's got some long hair now Aw, would you look at that, they're letting colored people make movies now That's good You know, I saw on Facebook the other day, people are also starting to post photographs on the internet

What a time to be alive When I was younger we had this thing called Blockbuster I used to get them late fees but never pay them I was a rebel When are they gonna play Plinko? – Number four

Playlist pervs Now these are the people that convert everything I say into something that makes them feel sexy and turned on I could literally be wearing a turtleneck and snow pants and this playlist perv is gonna be watching me rubbing his nipples pretending I'm Elsa Just like, let it go Let it go

For them YouTube is just free porn with a lot of personality and none of the viruses What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman – Hey It's your girl Superwoman in my bed ♫ So what up t-shirt reference T-shirt reference on your boobies

Yeah I'd like to see you with only that snapback on – Lilly, I don't like this conversation, okay? – Let me feed your mom my chicken curry – Oops – Yeah, take that blonde wig and just (sniffs) sniff it with my huge nose Oh, yeah

– Yes! Take that other loved ones! – Yeah You wear that beard just for me I mean I like boobs Yeah – And welcome to the Girl Love series

– You empower girls while I empower this – Number five The Butt Hurt

Ow Now these are the types of people that go to YouTube videos and just seek out ways to get offended Like some effed up version of Blue's Clues Just like (cheerful music) Hey, kids

Do you see a way we could get offended? You do? Where? (gasps) Look at the wall It doesn't have every color, therefore I must be racist It's like they willingly watch content and then go out of their way to express their disapproval Like, why you here, are you lost? How do you spot this person? Easy They'll be down below in the comments super butt hurt because I called them butt hurt

What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman – Wow Everyone? Okay, what if I don't wanna be defined as a someone? What if I wanna be neutral? – Get ready to relate to Types of Teachers at School – Not everyone can afford education, okay, this is so non-inclusive Did she just say don't have a cow? That's animal cruelty

(gags) I'm gonna be sick I know this is comedy but I'm offended by all of these jokes What a waste of food! Saying eff is still swearing and I am so offended She didn't even talk about what's happening in my specific community She only talked about mental health, empowering girls, and encouraging me to love myself

She's such a selfish sellout I feel personally attacked by this sketch about complete strangers – I mean of course there's also a gang of funny, smart, supportive, intelligent people who watch YouTube but none of that would've been funny so let's just ignore that But yo, hold on I have to tell you something so important It's crucial

Especially you playlist pervs, you're gonna wanna listen to this In just four days, one, two, three, four, I am starting my worldwide tour across the planet for How to Be a Bawse Tickets are on sale right now, LillySinghBookcom/tour If you live in North America or the UK your ticket includes a book and a meet and greet

If you're in a more international territory go to the website, find out the details 'cause there's VIP meet and greet tickets and all that jazz The venues are much smaller than my last tour There's less tickets in general LillySinghBookcom/tour is where you can go because I am leaving for tour

I'm literally going almost everywhere Most place, not everywhere, most places, whatever Don't be offended (slams) (chimes twinkling) (pops) Hey I hope you liked that video If you did, yo, for real give it a thumbs up

For real because I have to wear this stupid god damn mic to get the sound right Hopefully, I don't know, could be effed up If you liked it give it a thumbs up Comment below, check out my last video, check out the bloopers Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday

One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop

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