Types of People During the Holidays

– Say hello to the new video wall (sleigh bells and horse trots) – What up everyone, it's your girl superwoman, and Christmas is just a few days away, which means magic is in the air, everyone is feeling joyous, and also fighting over parking

The holiday season always gives birth to crazy people and I'm sure you know them all Number one, The Grinch Oh my god, what an original title Lilly, good job! What, man, leave me alone I couldn't think of another name for someone who ruins special occasions Lame

Fine Number one, Kanye West J-K, J-K, The Grinch! The Grinch is good (gleeful hum) Now, this it the person that just straight up refuses to get in the holiday spirit And it's not like they don't celebrate Christmas, which is totally acceptable depending on what your beliefs are, but they always say they don't do Christmas

You know, honestly, I hate when people say they don't do things What the F does that even mean? You know what the problem is? People got too many damn options Cause, honestly, mark my damn words, okay? When you single and lonely like me, not only will you do Christmas, okay, but you gonna do santa You gonna do the elves Goddamn, I'm gonna make a parody to Demi Lovato and just be like, ♫ We're cool for the winter ♫ and do Mrs

Claus The point is, I'm lonely Wait, that wasn't the point What was the point? The point is, according to The Grinch, there is nothing special about the holidays So you throw an ugly christmas sweater party, and what does this person do? Show up wearing a suit and tie

Just like, brah, you look more square than the older version of Instagram, stop You are in a room full of people who are intentionally wearing ugly clothes, yet you still look like the biggest idiot Now you probably wanna keep this person away from your kids – Honey, what do you think of my new sweater? – I love it darling, you're my little christmas tree, baby – Oh! (giggles) – Mommy, mommy! I asked Santa for a unicorn

– [Mom] Oh! – That's my little boy – Oh, thats so cute, thats so sweet Chris, except for the fact that Santa is a lie, just like the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, your parents' marriage, equality, and the justice system (record scratch) Ain't no man comin down your chimney, and if you hear somebody that ain't your daddy, you should call the cops Because you're probably getting robbed, or your momma having an affair, or that lady from "The Grudge" finally found your ass on Google Maps That's right, that man that you saw at the mall is a nasty, old, divorced, hairy ass man in a suit, and you sat on his lap like a little ho

So, if you want a unicorn, here's some asparagus and some tape (rustling of tape) – Merry Christmas God bless (jaunty music) – Number two, Christmas Crackheads Christmas

Chris I feel like I've said Christmas too many times, it's not a word anymore Chris, christmas Christ miss? Christ God damn it! Now, these are the parents who are probably experiencing the first few Christmases with their young kids, and they're going to go out of their way to ensure their little baby experiences every little bit of the Christmas holiday magic as possible

And it's so annoying – Come on over, young man How have you been? Have you been a good boy this year? – Look over here! – Come on baby Right here, right here! – [Dad] Come on Chrissy – [Dad] Right here

– Come on – [Dad] Look at your momma – [Mom] Come on! – [Dad] Look at her – If you do it you don't have to take a shower tonight – Come on, be a big boy! It's Santa! (clanking) Chris! Over here! Look at your dad! Are you being naughty? I'm gonna, you know, I'm gonna call Santa's workshop right

Should I just? – [Mom] He's calling – [Dad] I'm gonna call Santa's Workshop right now – [Mom] You should call – [Dad] Santa? Is that you? Chris is being, he's being naughty – [Mom] Just a little bit

Come on, here we go (whispers) – [Dad] Oh, he's so cute – [Mom] Oh, he's so cute – We just love you so much! Oh, who's Santa's little helper? – Oh my god, other people are waiting to take pictures What are you guys doing? – Hey, this is my baby's Christmas! Step back

Don't ruin it Come on baby – Oh, who's Santa's little baby? – It's like those people that try to take selfies with their dog, but their dog just won't like cooperate, and now you have a whole bunch of like blurry pictures Except for the fact that, like, your dog is probably better than a child Of course I'll baby sit! Number three, The Nutcracker

AKA the holiday police Now, these are the people that are not only serious about Christmas, but they're very serious about all the rules and regulations associated with Christmas And I know you know one of these people, okay They throw these themed parties that have very specific dress codes, where, like, you would never own anything that satisfies their dress code, so now you gotta like buy sometihing new and it's really annoying I personally don't have any friends like that

Just kidding! Chase My friend Chase Chase, this is about you, I'm talking about you – [Casey] What are you doing? – Oh, hey, how's it going? – Uh, I said red sweater – Yeah, you like it? – No, no, no, this is poppy red, I said ladybug red

This is poppy red, this is ladybug red I sent you the swatch – They won't let you open any Christmas gifts early They won't let you cheat in any Christmas games, and I'm sitting over here like, brah, you ain't gonna let me cheat making this gingerbread house? You know how much egg nog I had over here? Don't let the glass fool you just cause it's not see through I'm crunk as ever, kay? This ain't gonna be a house, this gonna be a gingerbread teepee if you don't let me cheat right now

I love teepees! And heaven forbid you F anything up Yeah, it's game over ♫Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul ♫ WIth a corn cob pipe and a button nose ♫ and two eyes made out of gold♫ (group cheers) – Coal, coal Eyes made out of coal, not gold – Yeah , coal, gold, maybe they're gold

– Where are the kids getting gold from these days? Are they miners? Is Frosty from Dubai? Coal – I mean, okay, maybe one eye could be made of gold and the other one could be made of coal – No, then so, what, he can only see out of one eye? His name is Frosty, not Fetty Wap You guys are ruining Christmas ♫ With a jolly, happy soul ♫ With a corn cob pipe and a button nose ♫ And two eyes made out of gold ♫ – Number four, Will Power Willy

(laughs) Willy Let's get one thing clear, okay? You're supposed to eat junk food during the holidays You're supposed to gain weight You're supposed to be fat I mean, look at Santa

Santa's fat, okay, and I feel like it's only the right thing to do to follow his footsteps on Christmas, since it's his birthday There's eight reindeer for a reason It's because Santa's fat If Santa wasn't fat, we would need less reindeer, and to be honest, then we can get rid of some of the pansy reindeers we don't need, like freaking, like F-ing Prancer Why is Prancer the, I hate Prancer

What kind of reindeer is Pra, I see Prancer as like the Uber X of reindeers You know what, I just can't I don't mean to hate, I just, let's just get rid of Prancer Okay, because I just can't take this life seriously with Prancer there Back to my point Be fat during Christmas

So, what did you do today? – Oh, just an hour of pilates How about you? – I ate cake – Cookies anyone? – Yes I'll just take another one, thanks – Oh, no thank you, I can't

– What do you mean, "you can't"? – I'm on a strict diet, I have a photo shoot coming up – But it's Christmas – Fitness doesn't go on holiday – Just have a cookie – No, no thank you Lilly

– Cassie, have a cookie – No, I'm not going to have a cookie – Don't do this, Cassie, have a cookie – I'm not having a cookie! – Just have a cookie! – What is wrong with you? I don't want a cookie, don't make me eat a cookie! – We're in Christmas! Stop ruining Christmas , have a damn cookie! Oh, what, oh, you're better than me now because you won't, just because my body's 80% water and 20% muffins, you're better than me? You know what, fine, you know, I'll have the cookies! Number five, the Turtle Doves AKA, the mother f-ing cheese balls Should I order cheese balls? I'm sick and I'm hungry, don't judge me

Also, I would do this on any other day, let's be real Can we be super real for a second? Come on, shhh, come on Is it just me, or do people seem so much more in love during the holidays? On Monday Oh my god, like he is so annoying On Tuesday

I mean, like, he's okay, I guess On Wednesday No, but like, I still don't like him I just can't stand the way he walks On Christmas

I'm getting married! Like, girl, you supposed to stuff the stockings on Christmas, okay, not take them off – So, what is everyone doing for the holidays? – Tinder – Baking paleo cookies – Knocking out some of those home renovations – I don't do holidays

– Spending all the time I can with my favorite little elf – Oh, baby! All I want for Christmas is you – Really? – Yeah Oh! What is that? – What, what is it? – Oh! – Aww, stop it, you! (coos) Oh, Joey, you're the wreath on my door of hope – Oh, you're my little egg nog

– Ooh, I can't wait to unwrap your gift tonight, huh? – Ooh, I'll be Santa if you'll be my little helper – Oh, stop! Ooh, baby, eskimo kiss, come on Mmm, my little snuggle button, I love you so much (baby talk) Come here First you didnt even like the boy, and now it's Christmas and all of a sudden you drinking champagne with papi? What up, sweater reference! ♫ Ever since I left the city, you ♫ Mmm hmm, It seems like Rudolph's nose is not the only thing getting turned on this holiday season Does that even make sense? I don't even, is that even a sexy thing? I feel like if I just say things in that tone, it just makes them sexy, but I'm not really sure

Like, just like, oh, I'll jingle bell your rock, or like, or like, mmm, I'll deck your halls Im sorry, I dont know Is this sexy? I feel like this is just turning into a thing about, like, home decor – Yo, I hope you enjoyed that video with – Chris – Sam – Cassie – Joey – Casey – Trey – And me! If you don't know who these people are, you've gotta check them out All their channels are in the description, so go show them some love

if you like this video give it a big thumbs up Make sure you comm below You can check out my last video right there, you can check out my vlogs right there, And yo, make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday Y'all wanna try my outro? – Yes

^ – [Cassie] Okay – Let's do it – One love Superwoman That is a wrap, And zoop! Did you fail? Did you all fail? Killing it!

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