Types of People at Weddings

– First comedy video of 2018 Give it a thumbs up after you watch it just in case it's trash

(unicorn galloping) What up everyone? It's your girl Superwoman And it's a new year which means a lot of people are on that new year, new me vibe, you know? Making crazy decisions likegoing to the gym, changing their hair, and the most terrifying, deciding to get married I personally thought marriage was one of those trends that we were gonna leave in 2017 with like fidget spinners and irresponsible vlogging, but apparently not It's here to stay Friends, friends everywhere getting engaged, and if you think it's not happening to you, you're wrong okay? Just check the international marriage database

Ring pictures, same-day edits, captions about marrying your loyal best friend, and I'm just like you're marrying your dog? Prepare yourself for the weddings of 2018 by expecting the following types of people Number one: painful public speakers Now these are the friends and family members of the couple but have no public speaking abilities or experience, but they up there making the speech anyways just as if I just hit puberty damn damn I just hit puberty God damn finally at the tender age of 21 Okay wait, now before you think I'm evil, okay, I'm all for people's friends and family expressing their love and pride and all that stuff for the couple

That's fine, but I feel like if your friend is gonna make a speech at your wedding, you should at least prep them For example, require them to write it down (people chatting) (microphone feedback) – Hello everybody Uh, Pat, buddy, huh? Uh Okay, I'm I'm Pat's friend

Hello Hi Pat, you know, Pat's the what can I say about Pat? Pat's the type of guy who everybody knows the type of guy that Pat is Maybe you don't know, but his friend I'm Pat's friend

Hello Everybody, we all know the type of guy that Pat is because Pat's the type of guy you just on his wedding, you wanna say uh, yeah He's like the type of guy where everybody knows You know what type of guy Pat is I love you buddy Cheers Like hoe, this is not an essay okay? You do not need to hit the word count I leave that wedding not knowing a single thing about Pat

Also, there should be guidelines about the types of stories they're allowed to tell – Yo, what's good? Yo let me tell you a funny story about my boy junkie Yo the day he met pretty, right? They just finished their date or whatever And he's like yo I wanna roll one, right? Like, you know, get high and stuff? Junkie loves drugs That's my boy

There's a devil sitting there, you know, smoking a thing and a sweeter thing walks by Junkie goes and gets them digits That's my boy right there You're my boy You know what I'm saying? So pretty I tell you you're mad lucky still fam because this guy, he's fire

He gets all the gals all the time Even today, I saw mad gals on his thing You know what I'm saying? Yo, anytime I ever wanted anything, Junkie stole it for me That's what's up All the bridesmaids, holla at your boy, you know? What's good, fam? D-Town represent

My boy Alright, Singh – Are you dumb? Are you dumb? No, are you dumb? Why are you trying to make their wedding day the same day their grandma had a heart attack? Are you dumb? Not to mention that a speech should be like two minutes max Some people are up there forever, and they don't even realize it I'm just like, bruh, the couple's already divorced

Sit down Number two: the drunk unk I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure if this is like a universal thing or just something that I know because I'm Punjabi Like comment below and let me know Every wedding has that one drunk uncle who is sweating profusely that takes over the entire event

And sweating is mandatory, okay? If he ain't sweating, it's not the drunk unk His back needs to look like this Like his shirt should look like the world map, oksy? Because if it doesn't, then that's not the drunk unk It's probably like his understudy or something Drunk unk is for sure gonna grab the microphone in the middle of dancing

(upbeat music) – Hold up, hold up Stop the music, stop the music Please, please Let me do it Let me do it

Please Hello everybody I want to say many happy return to happy couple Johnny And Pablo You know I want to say Johnny remember that happy wife equal happy life Maybe I'm wrong for doing like this I'm sorry

But in my heart, I feel kid are future Thank you Johnny I am so happy today I am going to give everybody 50% off sofa, okay? And one for Mitchell Come talk to me Okay Play Justin Bieber – Drunk unk is for sure gonna get pissed off when the DJ tries to end the night

– What are you doing, man? No, just one more One more No shut up, okay? Shut up One more Justin Bieber One more Justin Bieber

– And drunk unk gonna be all up on the dance floor dancing with sexual undertones but not realizing it (upbeat music) Is it just me or are all uncles like homosexual when they're drunk? And from their sexual movements when they're drunk, you're like yo I got a lot of questions about how my cousin was conceived because clearly the man has no rhythm So like, did my aunt have to learn how to offbeat to get pregnant because I- Is my cousin adopted? Number three: the evasive camera guy Quite possibly the most annoying person at a wedding is the invasive camera guy that takes his job way too seriously In the way 100% of the time

Blocking your view from the action 100% of the time Yeah you'll have your wedding video in three months 100% lying Just while you're dancing (upbeat music) while you're eating

– There she is Alright, here we go – Thank you Okay, thank you so- Thank you Thank you so much

– There it is – During the kiss – You may now kiss the bride (camera clicking) – Take it easy, okay? Do you realize that the moment portrait mode starts working in low light you won't have a job? Number four: water works So stupid

Here's my question Have movies like Moana, Coco, Inside Out not prepared you for the harsh realities of the world? Why are there still so many people crying during weddings? Like okay, maybe I understand the parents and the siblings and the close family et cetera But they'll be randos Okay I'm talking straight up wedding set extras that got invited through like effing Cajiji and Craigslist and crap, okay They're just bawling their eyes out

And also like what exactly are you crying about? They are happily getting married You out here acting like Mufasa just died again Like what? (loud crying) – There, there It's gonna be okay – They grow up so fast

– How do you know the couple? – Oh, I don't I'm just part of the catering – There we go Keep crying – Number five: bitter bridesmaids

Now it's important to remember that the wedding is not just about the bride, okay? It's about the bridesmaids and the one job they're there to do Support the bride? Don't be a moron, this isn't Twilight The bridesmaids are there to prove that they are closest to the bride Closer than any of the other bridesmaids That's right

It's actually there wedding, okay? It's about them Because every bridesmaid believes in her heart that yeah all the rest of y'all hoes are here for aesthetic but me, I'm the one true bridesmaid that is closest to the bride For sure they'll be some sort of competition in the speeches like yeah well you know me and the bride, you remember that time we made out once? The next girl just be like yeah, well you know me and the bride, we've known each other since grade two Shh You hear that? All that passive aggressiveness

As a result of this, you would think that the bride is dying of like some sort of terminal illness the way all the bridesmaids are at her beck and call – Are you hungry? Have you eaten? What can I get you? – You look so beautiful Okay, don't worry about anything I love you – Are you thirsty? Let me get you water

– Tell me what you need – Are you itchy? Tell me where Just tell me where – Straight up bridesmaids are the only people who post more pictures about the wedding than the actual couple Like when the hell did y'all have your own photo shoot? Just like yo, the bride is crying with her family

We've got five minutes Who got the best phone? How do I know this you ask? Please Because I've been that basic hoe bridesmaid Real talk though Don't be offended by this video if you are engaged, if you're married, or whatever else cause leave getting offended behind in 2017, okay? This is all good vibes

And if you're genuinely happy about getting married then I am happy for you and I wish you nothing but the best I hope your wedding hashtag flourishes I've actually been considering marrying my own bae, too I know it's crazy but I've been considering it You know what? First video, I'm gonna show you a picture

First time I'm gonna show you a picture We are so adorable Aren't we so cute? Look at us Me and the bae Yo yo, not so fast

Hold on Wait, not so fast Before I go to the end card I gotta tell you if you like my sweater, my girl love sweater, what's stronger together on the sleeves, as well as a whole bunch of other merch, you can get it at lillysinghcom It's available right now and it's super soft and it's lit

If you don't believe me, ask Twitter because if it's on the Internet it's true Okay bye – Talking about my boy Humble, yo Still this guy Like 10 years ago I'ma call myself Humble the Poet cause that's not a long hashtag or username

– Everybody knows His friends know, but maybe you don't know Sorry He was so absent, let me tell you one time Bringing up a Monopoly deal

I done him He got canceled fam (laughter) I've seen just so many morons do this Sorry Sorry fans

If you've done this you're so talented Drexel, Scarborough It's an East Side thing, eh? Humble the Poet signing out I only got two minutes to fill your cranium and three minutes to fill whatever Hey

Happy New Year If you enjoyed this video please subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday You want a little sneak peak what my next video's gonna be? Hold up One love Superwoman That is a wrap

And zoop – Manjeet Singh Sector 17 – Hello Happy new you

– New year, new me

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