Types Of Guys Your BFF Dates (ft. Alex Wassabi & LaurDIY)

– If your friend sent you this video to watch, there's a reason (hoofbeats) (whoosh) What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman, and since the beginning of time y'all have been asking me to do the video "Types Of Guys In Relationships"

And every single time, I've ignored you Why? Because I can't write about things I don't know about, okay It's been since forever since I dated someone Like honestly, my most recent boyfriend? He bought me an iPod Shuffle for my birthday But my friends date people, thus, Types Of Guys Your BFF Dates

So grab your BFF, grab some popcorn, grab a booty 'cause it feels noice, and get ready to relate Number one, the Flaming Hot Cheeto Now this is the guy your BFF dates that is hot as hell, okay I'm talking mus-cles, chiseled jaw, boy band charm, but has the IQ of a Cheeto Beyond good looks, there's just nothing there

So, Alex, what do you do? – I chill Do my thing – Do your thing And, and what is your thing? – Pfffft Spend time with Lauren

– (sighs) Does that pay well? – Hmm? – It, it was a joke – Who's there? No wait, you say knock knock – You get me water? And here's the most shocking part, right Usually when you ask this dumb person, "Like yo, what do you do for a living?" You cannot even fathom their response, you're just like hoe, how? I mean your job Like, what is your job? – Oh, I'm a financial planner

– I'm sorry, what? – Pfffft Financial means money I help people decide what to do with their money Excuse me, I can't decide what to get, 'cause there's no pictures in this menu You know what? I'll just have the chicken par mesian

– Parmesan – Bless you – Then when you talk to your girl, just like "Yo girl, what, honestly what the eff is happening here?" She's gonna respond with some trash like– – I just love his personality – "I just love his personality!" Gah, you love his personality when he ain't wearin' a shirt, get real But you know, I can't even hate it, I'm just jealous

Girl, live your life Number two, the potential queen So you're meeting your best friend's boyfriend for the first time, and something just seems a likkle bit off So you go through the following thought process It's so nice to finally meet you

– Same Uh, by the way, your hair looks great – Thank you! Ah, a man who appreciates the little details – Hi there, could I get um, a Cosmo? – Same – See, that's nice

I love when a dude is secure enough to order a girly drink So, Alex, what kind of music are you into? – A little bit of everything, but loving Fifth Harmony – Oh That's really openminded But also what? – And also, Alex loves football

He's obsessed – Oh, okay There we go, that's like a stereotypical dude thing – Seahawks? Yasss – Wait

was that yes, or yas? – Yas – Spell it – Y

(suspenseful music) A, S Yas – Yas

– Girl, he gay My friend's just like, "He's not gay, okay, "he's just sweet and understanding and sensitive and "holy crap, he's gay

" – Number three, the waste man Now this is the dude your best friend dates, that you've probably already heard about through the grapevine, okay Or you probably even met him before when he was dating one of your other friends, or he's even accidentally hit on you once before Or he just has that goddamn smile where you wanna knock his teeth out because he's definitely a player So, how long have you two been dating? – One month, ah, three months

– Three months – Mm-hmm And where did you meet? – My ex's birthday party Yeah – They were having problems

– She had trust issues – Right (soft digital clicking sounds) – [Waitstaff] You guys ready to order? – Well hello, Jennifer What a unique name, is that Irish? – Jennifer is a unique name, really? – Oh, and that smile, wow – Jennifer Lawrence

Hudson Aniston – You have Insta? – Lopez, Jennifer Lopez No? No? Here's the thing about the player, right, he's also somehow a hypnotist, because your girl is just blind to everything that's happening Like homegirl stared at the eclipse without those special glasses, now you need to like, spell it out for her in braille

She'll say things like "He's just being social and polite, okay?" Yeah, yeah he's being polite with his penis, girl Wake up Number four, the catch All the annoying guys your best friend could date, this one is quite possibly the most annoying Why? Because he's wonderful

– And for our anniversary, he planned a surprise trip to Hawaii It was so romantic – Hawaii? – (sighs) She's too kind And enough about us Tell us about you, Lilly? – I've never been to Hawaii

(phone ringtone) Oh, aw, I'm so sorry, this is so rude It's Kevin – Oh, okay, yeah – Um, I have to take this, but I'll be back Excuse me, excuse me, hey buddy! – Kevin is the child that Alex sponsors

– What?! – Yeah, he saved his life – Really?! – And he just adopted a dog for him! – Heh – The dog only has three legs, but Alex believes in him – Hmm – He's also really good in bed

– What?! – I said this bread, it's really good bread (sighs) He's also really good in bed – Dammit! Like where did you find this perfect man, and how can I obtain one? No straight up, because, you know, just those rare moments where you're just like "This guy "is too good for my trash friend", okay I know that sounds mean, but let's be real Some of your friends are trash

I knew this one girl, she was a jerk She was such a jerk! She used to drive past the speaker and the first window at a drive through, okay And then just take whatever paid for meal was provided Just like "Oh, thank you, this is my order" Hoe, that's not your order

And I'm just like, how girls like that get sweet guys like this? You know, hold up, just sec Hello, Karma? Yeah, where you at? You want me to drop a pin? Number five, the quirk! So this dude seems pretty normal and nice, and you're like "Holy hell, did my girl actually find a decent human being, like congrats!" But then So then I said, "It takes one to know one" (loud, grating laugh) – You, you take one, and if you don't take it, you don't know it! (wheezing and cackling) Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, alright (sighs) Can we have the check? – They have some effin' weird tendency or quirk that your friend can't see but is driving you insane

– This was so much fun, we should definitely do it again – Mm-hmm! – Yeah, for sure, let us know your se-zual – My what? – Your se-zual – Your se-sual – Oh, my schedule

– Yeah, that's what I said, se-zual – No, that's what I said – But me too – You guys are saying the same thing – How are we saying the same thing? – Sezual

– It's sk-edge-ual – Sezual – Skedgeual – Sezual Schedule – That's what I said

– Anyways, you know what the best kind of guy your friend can date is? The one that has a single hot brother who has low self esteem, that I can come scoop up Sign me up, hoe Speaking of sign up, don't go anywhere! Yo, if you like this video, subscribe! Look, I even gave you a visual diagram and this bell, that you can hit the bell (dings) and it'll notify you when I upload a video, which is twice a week, so that's not that many bells in your life That's less than school, when you were, that's less bells than school, hey do it You should do, you should do it, also hold on

Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait! Super Sixties gonna start right now, which means that for the next sixty minutes I will be responding to your commments down below But since it's a collab, – We gon' be commentin' too! – For the next sixty minutes – Which means yo, if you want any of the three of us to respond, if you, if you care about that, comment below, there's a respond right now go go go go go! (thunk) (chime) (pop) Thank you so much for watching this video with! – LaurDIY! – And! – Alex Wassabi – We did videos on their channels too Alex's came out today, Lauren's gonna come out on Sunday

All the links are in the description Go show them some love! Similar videos to this one, right over there, Second vlog channel, right over there Make sure you subscribe, because I make videos every Monday and Thursday One love superwoman that is a wrap and zoop!

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