Types of Girls in Relationships

– (singing) Where in the world is Super Woman today, ay? Boston! What up everyone! It's your girl, Super Woman, and I've been waiting to do this video for so long because I feel like so many people can relate to it, girls and guys alike, because you either dated this type of girl or you're friends with this type of girl So without further adieu, let's go through types of girls in relationships

Did I just sudden did I just suddenly lose my voice? What happened? Number one, the plot twister Now this is the girl that somehow, someway, always involves her significant other into a conversation even if the conversation had nothing to do with them

Like, you're sitting there, trying to talk about your problems, like, yea man, I don't know, I'm just like struggling at work Yea, I mean, I get it Jack? He has a job, too Things are getting so rough Yea, I hear you

Jack's beard gets a little rough And I have so many bills to pay Mhm, mhm, Jack has an Uncle Bill And it's just getting really hard Yea, last night Jack got

I swear to God, if you say another word about Jack, I'm gonna change my name to iceberg and kill Jack Like, straight up, this is the type of girl you do not want to call using your lifeline if you're on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, because I can assure you that Jack did not invent the microchip In fact, who invented the microchip? (typing) Who invented the microchip? Jack Kilby?! Number two, ungrateful Amy

Now, this is the girl who complains about her boyfriend all the time, even though, to be honest, her boyfriend is pretty freaking awesome She's super high maintenance and super ungrateful and she doesn't realize what a catch her man is Oh my God, he is like so dumb, he totally went out with one of his friends just because it's his friends' birthday, even though he knew there was a Say Yes to the Dress marathon He knew how important that was to me! Oh my God, get this He bought me diamond earrings and they're like, so small

You can't even see them, like, I'll never shine bright like a diamond Okay, honestly, Rihanna would be so disappointed And I'm just sitting here like, damn! You must be really sexy, because otherwise I do not see how he would ever deal with your BS And don't look at me like I'm judgmental

You think the same thing You meet a girl who's an absolute jerk to her boyfriend and you're probably just like, uh huh, huh, okay, yea, you must be real flexible Like, what?! He bought you less expensive earrings so you're mad? Do you wanna know what my boyfriend bought me? Yea, he bought me Air Jordans without the Jordans You know why? Because he doesn't exist! You're mad at him because you gotta watch TV without him for one day? Girl, I have spent the last six days watching the Magic Mike XXX trailer with a candle lit Shut the F up Because I'm gonna be real right now, your boyfriend is amazing and treats you like a queen The problem is you're a girl, and I just hope he realizes how dumb you are, leaves you, and comes over to my house so he can date a woman

(whispering) Polysporin, here you go Apply it twice daily Number three, the obsessed mess Now, in my opinion, this is by far the most annoying type of girl in a relationship This is the girl who revolves her entire world around her boyfriend and doesn't know how to function as a human being anymore

Watching a movie? She's texting him While driving? She's Facetiming him She disappears at a party? For sure, she's in some random corner on the phone with him Like, hi, he's your boyfriend, and according to my science class, he's not the sun So I don't know why the F you's orbiting around him

Honestly, don't you have things to do? People to meet? Goals to achieve? Food to eat? Also, more importantly, how the hell do you have a phone bill that allows for all of this? I swear to God, you know, I'll order one pizza and my phone bill is like 200 bucks And you up in here like, sleeping on the phone with each other for hours What the F? Like girl, straight up, you're acting basic You're acting so basic You're like the Times New Roman of girls in relationships

Number four, naive Nancy Now, this is the girl that's just painful to watch in relationships, because it is very obvious that her boyfriend is a douchebag, probably cheating on her, and very manipulative Manip-manipul-maniuplt-manipultive maniputalive? Manupulative-mani oh my God, what?! He's a jerk! But now matter how many times you tell her this, she refuses to listen Honestly, her life is like a race in Mario Kart

Okay, she's there, she's at the line, she's driving She's like, yes, I'm doing so great! She thinks she's doing amazing, but the sign keeps popping up that says, "You're going the wrong way! Turn around!" Does she turn around? No, she keeps driving, she's like, oh my God, I'm totally lapping you guys She's just running into walls and does nothing to change it Does she steer another direction? No, she sees the wall and she's like doof! Doof! Doof! Dur dur! Doof! Like, girl, change directions! Okay, if Zayn Malik could do it, so could you Come on, sister! Number five, the single girlfriend

Now this is the girl who denies ever being in a relationship She'll never call him boyfriend She claims they're not really an item and they're not exclusive And why would she ever get jealous? And when "Single Lady" turns on in the club, she is turning the f up And you know what she always says

She's always claiming, oh, you know, we aren't even that serious and we're probably gonna break up Like, girl, you've been saying this for five years Five years you've been together, okay? Oh, it's gonna happen, no it's gonna happen No, you just say it! It's one of those things you says and is never gonna happen It's like the relationship version of winter is coming

Because you've been telling me winter is coming for five seasons, but I still can't mother effing make a snowman Okay? Elsa is standing here just disappointed! And that's all for this video If I forgot a type of girl in relationships, comment below and let me know! You can also check on my last video right there It's called Types of Dreams If you can't click the annotation cause you're on a phone, I'll put the link in the description as well

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It should work on your phone as well It'll take you to my tour website Other than that, click subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday And I hope you had a great day! Muah! Love you! One love Superwoman That is a rap! Awh, I wanted to scratch my nose the whole video

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