Types of Friends (Part 3)

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It's been a minute and a 1/2 since I've made a types of people video and you're always requesting more of this one so, welcome to types of friends part three Which means there's a part one and a part two Link's in the description And the gold medal for that promo though goes to hello, friends unlike abs, I have some Let's discuss Number one, the Insta BFF So you're at a party right and you meet some people that don't seem like they're completely psychotic, so you're like, all right, let me hang out with you, let me drink a beer with you, let me eat some (mumbles) with you, maybe even exchange some digits

You're having a great time and you're like, this is amazing, I made some new friends and you know what? Maybe this could be the start of something great You know, with a little bit of time and effort and birthday Instagram posts All the things that normal friendships are made out of This could be the start of a great relationship So then you're like great, let's hug goodbye and hopefully, I'll see you soon

You hug and then the persons all like, okay, love you bye And you're just like, ex-squeeze me? You love me? How do you love based on what? You don't know anything about me You know who loves me? My mom, I think My dad, sometimes My boyfriend, I don't have one

But you? I've had hiccups for longer than you've been my friend You just met me My friend request is still pending in your inbox We haven't even experienced one Game of Throne season together It took Monica and Rachel so many seasons to navigate friendship okay? And you go and drop the L bomb right after the opening credits? Straight up, it's taken me longer to catch pidges okay? Then it's taken me to capture your love

BRB, I need to go text Calvin Harris the word shallow, why? Oh because he asked ♫ How deep is your love ♫ ♫ Like the ocean no? ♫ ♫ And devotion no? ♫ I don't know the other words (laughs) These people are the insta BFFs okay? The same people who will text you after chillin' with you once being like, hey boo, I miss you and I'm like, you miss me? How do you miss me? You don't even know what it feels like to be with me It's stupid that you know what you should be missing? Wizards of Waverly Place okay? Fresh Prince, Saved by the Bell These are things to be missed Obviously I don't say that though okay and I reply saying, "Oh my God, I miss you to xo

" Because what the F, I'm play And if it's a hot guy, I'm all like, "Ah that's so sweet, let's hang soon" And if it's my ex, I'm all like, new phone, who this (giggles) Number two, the Only If Friend So you're out chillin' with a group of friends right? You're having a dandy time

There's like seven of you Maybe you're at a group dinner Maybe you're at a Pokemon hunt Things I thought I'd never say Everybody's getting along

You're making memories Look at you being a well developed social person Then you go home and go to sleep, reminisce on all your great memories and the next day, friend number three from the group friendship circleism calls you and is all like, "Hey, do you want "to go to a movie" And I'm just like, what the F? I don't know you like that Here's the thing right? We all have that one friend that like we love, I care about you, I love spending time with you but like, not alone

In a group setting I could chill with you all day every day okay? But alone? Just you and I? Together? I feel like that's awkward That could get weird And to be honest, I'm not completely convinced you're not a serial killer And also, I don't know if I like you if no one else is around Because I swear, I have a feeling that you're really annoying and just everyone else's characteristic just kind of creates this camel effect where you just kind of blend in with everyone else

I'm just like, oh, maybe just the situation is annoyed but maybe it was you all along Tim, Tim, maybe you was annoying all along and I just didn't know and I don't want to take all that away You know what I mean? And it's just you standing there Tim I just (laughs) You think I'm drunk but I'm not

(laughs) I just feel like with some people, our friendship is dependent on other people being there Like a minimum of two If we go to the movies, a minimum of two Can't be one because what if one person goes to the washroom and then low and behold, here we are again, together for 90 seconds and you are a serial killer and then you kill me and then I'm bleeding out and in my last breath I text my mom like, mom, I'm going to miss you and my mom's all like, new phone, who this? Number three, the Instigator It's Monday night

You have so much work to do Tomorrow morning, you have an 8 AM meeting You have no time to slack off okay? So you open your laptop and you get to work and then all of a sudden, you get a text message and your friends are like, "Yo, let's go out" And you're like, "Guy, I cannot go out" "I have so much to do

" And your friend somehow convinces you with their magical wizard powers to go out for 60 minutes, just 60 minutes of harmless fun Okay, that's not a long time So you agree because like 60 minutes, that's like two episodes of the Simpsons or like one episode of Dose of Lucy So you say fine but you're not drinking and you're not staying out late Obviously because you're responsible okay? Remember yesterday when you flossed? You're basically an academic

But then somehow, seven hour later and you're stuck between a fence and a garden gnome wreaking like Vodka and Skittles No not me, I'm talking about a friend That's what this friend does They instigate bad choices okay? They convince you to go out, they convince you to drink, they make sure everyone's having a good time, they call you up on like a Tuesday or a Wednesday and F up your whole week They want you to eat pizza and other oily foods and they also chill with my ex all the time and that's why he always drunk texting me stupid crap like he misses me

And you know what? This is the best type of friend Yo, Frig, remember last week? Damn, my liver still hates me Number four, the Cray Cray Can I just be completely honest right now? Like no script Like this is not a joke

I'm being absolutely serious right now Some of my friends are psychotic Because sometimes my friends will call me and they'll genuinely tell me their problems and tell me what they're thinking and I'll just be sitting there like, holy crap, you're an insane person Like I am baffled that you have even integrated into society at any level to be honest You're co-dependent, you're awkward, you make terrible choices but I still love you

I have friends who call me and will complain about their boyfriend for like 40 whole minutes and at the end of it all, I'll be like, "Yeah um, this sounds like your fault you lunatic" Or I'll have friends that will call me and like complain and complain about the office and I'll just be like, "Yeah but don't you think it's kind of weird "that you're there everyday "even though you don't work there?" We all have those friends that are absolutely crazy and we know it We're not denying it We're just like, "Listen, you, you deranged person, "I accept you and I love you as my person" And that ladies and gentleman was the story of me and all of my friends because you know I swear, people at the office, they be pissin' me off

Number five, Mystery Friend Though this one time someone came up to me and they asked me what my really, really, really, close friend does for a living and I was like, "Yo, I have no idea" "I think she's a teacher" But then I'm like, "She might be a lawyer" I mean don't get me wrong, she's my friend and we're really close, I just don't know anything about her

Apparently, she's had a boyfriend for six years too I just thought she was really close with her brother It's not even my fault though She doesn't use Twitter so she doesn't have a Twitter bio and let's be real, people that don't have Twitter bios are like sketchy so, yeah Anyways, I don't have any more jokes so I'm gonna go, go Canada, boobs

Yo, hope you enjoyed that video If you did, please give it a thumbs up Comment below letting me know are their any types of friends that I've still not mentioned in all three of these videos comment below let me know Maybe I'll make a fourth one, who knows You can check out my last video right over there, it's called Voices

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It's like, "Hey, you remember that time "when we made the 360 video?" And you're going to be like, "No I didn't watch it and subscribe "to her channel" And they're going to wheel away because you're not the cool grandma I'm like, "Okay well FU Meredith" I don't want that to happen to you You know what I mean? Other than that yo, if you haven't pre-ordered my book yet, How To Be A Boss, then go ahead and pre-order it now

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I actually do love you One, love, Super Woman That is a wrap and zoom Everyday I'm hittin' puberty, every day Everyday I'm hittin' puberty

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