Types Of Fan Accounts

– Ohh! Did you hear the fandom screaming? (horse galloping) (chimes tinkling) What up everyone? It's ya girl, Superwoman And the other day I was thinking of video ideas and the craziest thing happened

I was sitting there thinking and a light bulb just went off and I was like, yo! Types of fan accounts, why has no one suggested this? And I was like, that is such a good idea Yo, I'm a genius Also JK Number one, the persistent AKA, every fan who has asked me to make a types of fan accounts video over the past couple years, here, here, as you can see, all around here

Ya happy?! You best be happy, now click an ad I'm kidding, I'm kidding, buy merch Wait, what? I'm just kidding, yo, I'm sorry I took so long, just enjoy the video Number two, the lawyer Now this fan right here is ride or die

At any given moment, they are prepared to have my back in the fullest sense, and throw any other mother F'er under the bus Even if I'm completely wrong Love being an independent woman (sigh) Oh crap, I should delete– – You do not need to delete anything – Nah, I spelled it wrong

– You did not – Nah I did, my bad – You listen to me, okay, you only do good My fave is innocent! – I'm guilty – Your honor, listen to me okay, it was autocorrect

– No, dude, it was me, it was my fault And who are you talking to? – (shushing) Listen to me, I'm on your side, I'm gonna get you out of this, okay Clearly, Lilly's account was hacked – What? (speaks foreign language) Straight up, I love this fan, you a real one, but also lowkey I never want any of my fans to feel like they have to defend me, even if they think I'm wrong, just because they think that's what they gotta do I'm all for people being able to criticize me as long as they're not rude, you know? Say what you mean, don't say it mean

You can still be a fan of someone without agreeing with every single thing they do AKA, if I'm ever acting wack, yo, put me in check I'm out here tryna grow When I'm online and I see other fandoms defending someone who is so blatantly being hurtful I'm like, that's not cute That behavior needs a manicure

When your girl is woke Number three, the bodyguard AKA, the fan who's not ready to just sass a hater, but they're ready to end this hater's existence on this planet Oh, a hater got somethin' to say? Finish him What up t-shirt reference? Ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha

Flawless reference (laughs) (upbeat music) "I can't believe people think this idiot is funny" (scoffs) – What did they say to you? – It's cool, don't worry – Don't you dare speak to her like that – I'm pretty sure they're just trying to get attention

– I will find you and destroy you if you ever speak to her like that again! – Chill, I mean there's lots of positive comments too – Oh I swear to god, I'm gonna lock you in a basement, and then I'm gonna put a ransom on your head, and even when I get the money, I'm gonna use the money to buy nine cats and then I'm gonna dip your testicles in Catnip and I'm gonna leave you there to die! – Wow – 'Kay, love you Lilly! – AKA, hello Team Super Instagram Real talk, sometimes I don't even take these comments offensively, but then when my fans is like, "What did you say?! "Oh, this is a war!" And I'm like, oh word, it's like that? And it's so hilarious to see a bodyguard fan speak to a hater and then speak to me, because there is such a difference Straight up, it's like watching the purple and yellow Minion

Yo, ignore the haters, because every time you respond to a hater, you're probably introducing someone new to that negative energy that otherwise wouldn't have seen it, so yo, just ignore 'em Look at me, I'm bloody life coach Lilly Robbins Tony Robbins, that's his name, right? Tony Robb– yo, Google Yo, I'm lazy, I'm pretty sure it's Tony Robbins

Ha! Number four, the pissed publicist By far, one of my favorite types of fan accounts And yo, Team Super Twitter, I'm lookin' at you Someone either tweets me, or to be honest, maybe they don't even tag me, but somehow you find it, and they might not know who I am, and y'all just ain't havin' it – (sigh) So, do you watch Lilly Singh? – Oh, I'm sorry, I don't know who that is

– What? – I've never heard of her – Oh, okay, you don't know Lilly Singh 14 million subscribers, New York Times best selling author? She must be so sad without you – Hey, I just– – Founder of #GirlLove, two Teen Choice awards, has billboards in Times Square – Wow

– Two world tours, has her own lipstick, but you've never heard of her, no? Okay – Well she seems cool – Oh my god, I knew we could be friends (cups clink) – Okay – To Lilly

– AKA, after every WWE event Y'all just read this tweet like, mhm, okay yeah Kelly, could you cancel my three o'clock? I need to educate a fool Best PR team ever Because you know what the funny thing is? Anytime I meet someone and they're like, "Oh I'm so sorry, I actually don't know what you do

" I'm like, ah man, it's completely cool But y'all, y'all are just like, "Ooooh! "So, oh, I didn't realize "we were playing a game of Guess Who, okay! "Well here, let me give you a hint, "my character has over 2 billion views "Does that help you?" Number five, sassy sweethearts AKA, every single one of you Here's the thing, all of my fans are very incredible

You're so supportive, you got my back, I love you to death But also at any given moment, y'all will proceed to roast the F outta me Yo, I love my last video, it's so funny – Almost as funny as your love life Love you! – Okay, but check out my new video

– Hm, I'll check out your new video when you have more than two glasses of water Love you! – I don't really feel like wearing makeup today – Here's a link to download Facetune, love you! – I'm feeling a little down today – Just a friendly reminder that in 30 days it's your birthday and you're gonna get older 'Kay, love you! – And to be honest, I really appreciate it! 'Cause that's how my mom treats me

Very sweet, very supportive, but is not tryna make me have a big head Just like, listen here Lolly Songh, we gon' keep you grounded I couldn't be cocky even if I wanted to be, because the second I start acting cocky, I can already hear a Team Super member being like, "Oh, so you tryna be cocky without even gettin' any co–" Number six, the creepy stalker fan Can we be real? Some of y'all mean well, but it's a lil' weird Ugh, I don't feel good

– Are you sick, do you want me to come over? – Uh, no thank you – I mean, this is your address, right? I'm only two hours away – Wait, how did you– – And don't worry, I know no street parking after 8pm I got a ticket last time – What do you mean last time?! I've had fans come to my house, call my house, go to my parents house, knock on my hotel room, and I'm just like, yo, I know you have good intentions, but that doesn't make it any less scary

Wait until I have a meet and greet in your city, come on! Number seven, haters Wait, this is six Pff! Number seven, haters! Y'know, maybe that's why they hate Oh, what's that? Don't be confused, okay, because haters are the most loyal fans They're always on top of my ish, the first to comment on my videos

– I stopped watching your videos because you're so lame (crunching) I retweet all your videos to show everyone how stupid you are (munching) I'm spamming your comments right now so you can see how mad I am! – Hm – I watched your last video ten times, and every time I tried to thumbs it down I have your notifications on so I can be the first to hate! – [Guy] Hey, views and engagement have increased this month

– Hm, yo, thank you – You're so ugly (wheeze) – Honestly, I appreciate how long you've been committed to engaging with my content And I know that one day, you're gonna wake up, you're gonna feel good about yourself, you're gonna find happiness, and you're gonna leave a positive comment under one of my videos And I'm waiting for the day because, boo, I believe in you

And there you have it, types of fans You know what type of fan you should be? The one that clicks nothing, honestly who cares Just have a good day I wanna say shout outs to all of you for watching my videos, being here, supporting me, I'm so proud of you In my life, you're one of the things I'm most proud of

I love you all so, so much Even though I know when you scream it out and say it at meet and greets, I'm like, thank you, but I'm saying Team Super, as a collective, I really do love you, thank you for being here Okay, now go to the end card, get out of here, don't make me emotional! (bang) (twinkle) No, now I am gonna plug a bunch of stuff! So if you don't wanna hear it, then leave If you like this video, give it a thumbs up My last video's over there, check it out, yo

Second vlog channel, everyday vlogs, what you talkin' 'bout, check it out Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop!

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