Types Of Best Friends In Rom-Coms

– Hi, how are you? Let's be weird internet friends What up everyone, it's your girl, superwoman and I won't lie, I love me a good rom com

Because I'm constantly in two types of moods Number one, I have a crush on someone, so I watch a rom com so I can feel all giddy and romantic and catch feelings way too fast Or mood number two, I'm lonely and sad, so I watch a rom com to make myself sadder for some reason ♪ Kiki, do you love me ♪ And I feel like there's a really important aspect of rom coms that is often overlooked, right? Like eff the main couple, ain't everything about you, OK? It's about the amusing best friend Oh damn, that segway

Hit the transition! Yeah, there's no way you can mess this up Types of best friends in horror movies Dammit! I mean rom coms, rom coms! Romantic comedies Number one, the doormat best friend Now, it's already hard enough for me to watch this romantic movie where this dude is being so nice to this girl, and they're both perfect, and I'm already feeling bad about my life, but on top of that, you're gonna present me with this best friend that goes four extra miles for her friend, who's just unrealistically supportive? Don't do that to me

Because the doormat best friend is that character that makes herself the doormat, that's why she's just like, "Hi, hello, I'm here to serve you!" Straight up after the exchange you're like, "am I supposed to give you five stars or something?" She goes to ridiculous lengths– Like my hair To help her friend find love – So, I was looking out the bus window and I saw him leaving out the coffee shop where we first locked eyes two days ago AKA, three minutes into the movie – Did you get off the bus? – No, something about not being able to stop in the middle of an intersection or something

– Ugh, so stupid I mean, if you want, I can stand outside the coffee shop every day this week to find out what his schedule is – What? – Yeah? – Um, or you could just help me find him on Instagram – Don't be silly, no It opens at 7:00, right? – I don't know

– Well, totally And it's only, like, two hours away Plus, I'm not doing anything this week, it's only my birthday (inhales) and graduation – Oh – But who can relate? Not me This one time I was stranded, so I called my best friend, I'm like "Yo, can you drive the three minutes "to come pick me up?" She sent me her Lyft code (chuckles) And then there was another time I slept over at her house, so I brushed my teeth and she freakin' sent me a Venmo request for 30 cents for the toothpaste And then this one time, my best friend slept with my boyfriend

But this hoe in this movie? All like, "Hey yeah, no, I'm having open-heart surgery right now, but let me know if you need a wingwoman, I'll be there!" Stop it! Number two, the invincible party girl! A really common best friend in rom coms is that sexy, wild, no effs given, loose cannon party friend And she's the one that stays out all night puts all types of toxins in her body, has all these flings, but is, somehow, still amazing, happy, healthy, well-adjusted with good posture? Come on Mmm What's up? You want a shot? – It's 8:00 AM – True OK, you want an almond and a shot? – Are you just getting home? – Yeah, met this cute guy last night – Oh, cool You wanna hang out tonight? – Can't, got a date

– OK, what about tomorrow? – Sorry, one second, I got a Dude calling me, hello? Yo! Who? When did we meet? What were you wearing? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, OK Wassup? Uh-huh

Yeah, tomorrow sounds great Cool Alright, I'll see you then, Tom Sorry, Tod My bad

Hank, I'll see you then Bye – Oh, I wish men called me – Oh yeah, well what's going on with what's his face? The male actor from this film – Still ignoring me

– Really? OK, well don't worry, OK? The first act's almost over You'll get laid in the second This is how you know this movie is fiction, because, who the hell goes out for a night of partying and feels good the next day? No, normal people are hung over, dehydrated, they have pasty skin, their saliva is like– (weird throat noise) (coughing) Too far, Lilly, too far Normal people throw up the Gatorade they're forcing themselves to drink, OK? And normal people, when their makeup is all smeared, it don't look sexy, OK? It look like a freakin' Kylie lip kiss, smack them across the face Not to mention, this hoe ain't even have one cold sore after all of these one-night stands

Why? Because her purpose is to contrast the main character, like, "Look how fun and crazy I am! "You're such a square "I take 18 shots, you get crunked off rum keg Psh, so unrealistic! Also low-key, I want a beer so bad Number three, the motivator Oh no, the main character is a mess, she lacks confidence, she's stuck in a dead-end job, she wears spanks, she wears sweatpants, her name's Lilly

Shut up, zoomed-in Lilly Ra, ra, ra, what a tragedy, here comes the motivator! Spirit fingers, spirit hands, if you get that reference we can be friends, if you get it, comment below (breathes) That was a long sentence Rise and shine, today's the big day! – Oh crap, you're right – Listen, I wanna make sure you're still available to pick my wedding cake for the shower tonight

I know you're the maid of honor, but I just wanna triple-confirm – Yeah, of course, of course Is there anything else you need me to bring? – Ooh, what about that guy you've been talking about in every scene, huh? The more, the merrier Plus, this plot kind of has him dragging on – Is it too soon? Don't you think he'll be put off by that? – Don't you dare over-think, OK? Go with your gut, you are worth it! Align your chakras, give me a power pose

You are the lead actress of this movie – Yes – I made you some breakfast, come on This is the best friend who is on top of it, OK? She's just on point, so organized, makes to-do lists, does things on said to-do list Hydrates, eight glasses of water, bomb career, stable relationship, just killin' the game

And here's my main question, OK? In this movie plot, why the hell doesn't the main character just stop chasing the stupid guy and date her best friend? I'm just sayin'– Listen, gay or not, OK? At some point, someone's organizational skills has to make them eligible above all else That's why Lilly's dating Siri Shut up, OK? It's not true, I just wanted to know how her day was going OK, you do realize that's just you talking to yourself And what is this? Number four, backstabber! This is pretty self-explanatory, I don't really feel like I need to explain backstabber, OK? The best friend who stabs you in your front

Damn This is the best friend that has zero regard for their actions Oh my God, I just DM'd this guy, he's so hot I think I'm gonna date him for the summer Drake gave us a lot of really good summer Instagram captions, so, I need a boyfriend

– Oh my God, I'm so happy for you Maybe once I finally ask out the guy I've been talking about since the opening scene, we can have a double date! – Sorry, one sec, I wasn't listening, I was sending him a bikini picture I have a saved album, so, you know – Risque! What's his name? – Oh, him? Jake Riley – What? But that's the actor I wanted to date

– Oh! Oh well What? We needed to create a conflict in the plot somehow And is it just me, can we be real now for a second? I actually don't know anyone like this in real life, to this extent that they show in rom coms I've had a friend that did some whack, I was like "You canceled" But never like how they show in rom coms

I feel like they just want the world to believe that girls are so busy trying to steal each other's men I feel like all the girls I know in my life, they're busy doing things, just like "Yo, Ashley, did you try to steal my man?" "Naw man, I'm at work" True! Number five, the boy friend AKA the friend who is also a boy, that's been there the whole time, sitting there in the friendzone, but now that's like the last act, you know? You're like, a little gel and a razor, and you actually kind of decent Ugh, I can't believe the hot male lead turned out to be such a jerk

– You deserve so much better – No, now I'm never gonna find someone, there's only 15 minutes left in the movie – Well, you will You need to find someone who has been here all along Someone who's not as hot as the lead, but, still endearing and adorable once you give him a chance

– My GodYou're right It's been so obvious these past 94 minutes

I'm suddenly so attracted to you – I'm so happy to be your rebound – And I appreciate it Thank you And, honestly, I wish just once, someone would make a movie with the realistic ending, where the guy's just like, you know what? No, OK? You don't get to just decide, because it's the end of the movie, that all of a sudden you're attracted

No, I'm dating the third lead now, that actress that has paid attention to me since the opening credits, yeah, we're together, you don't get everything you want, pretty main girl actress, OK? No, eff you, I'll see you in the sequel Because that would be real life Having said all that, rom coms, romantic comedies are so great, I feel like they relate most of my life, my life is a romantic comedy Mine is the romantic part You're mean! Wait, stop! Before you go to the end, don't you think about going anywhere, hold on, wait, look at me still

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