Three Girls, One Elevator (ft. Zendaya & Winnie Harlow)

(soft music) (beeping) (soft music) (exhales) (soft elevator music) – God, I wish my clothes fit like that, her curves look like a dollar sign came to life, man Oh God, my spanx are writhing up

– How is her hair such goals? She's actually Rapunzel – Those pumps are fire, I wish I could walk in heels like her, she came in here looking like Naomi Campbell walk, Naomi Campbell walk, my ankles would snap – Oh come on, man, her eyebrows are the literal definition of fleek, and I bet those are her real lashes too Oh, her eyeballs are so protected (exhales) – Oh this sucks, I'm in an elevator with two Malibu Barbies

(bell dinging) – Are you guys going down? – [All] Down, yeah, yeah – Ah, sorry, I'm going up – I mean he was cute but, those donuts though – I know, for a glazed doughnut, we can take a little ride up for a second – I mean, leave the glazed doughnuts with us, you can take the stairs

(laughing) – BT dubs girl, this outfit is everything – Oh thanks! And your lashes, I mean they're popping, for real – Oh thanks – I mean, that's true and all, but I'm still thinking about those doughnuts – Oh my God, priorities on fleek

(laughing) – Let's go find those doughnuts – Why didn't we just start talking when we got into the elevator? We could have been best friends like five minutes ago Speaking of which, girl, imma have to borrow those shoes, and an ankle brace

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