Thoughts When Meeting A Hot Guy (ft. Brooklyn and Bailey)

(neighing) (gasp) – Hot guy, hot guy, hot guy What do I do? – Blessed morning

I'm here to assist you Politely say excuse me sir and carry on You're late for work – Not so fast Sup? Shamelessly hit on him

– She wants to get promoted – She wants to get kissed even more – She's not wrong (sigh) – Very well then Politely say hello, how do you do? – Hello, how do you do? She's not Mary Poppins

First, check him out to see if he's even worth it – It's not right to be superficial – Well then why do your eyelashes look so fake? – They're not fake, they're proportionate to my wings – Hey My name's Carl

(gasp) – Say your name is Lilly – Say you're a walker and ask to bite him – It is unholy to not say spoiler alert – If they haven't watched it yet, it's their fault Carl dies

– How dare you? – Everyone sh, okay? You're stressing me out Just let me handle this Hi My name is Lilly Do you come here often? – Oh, I haven't decided yet

Um, that depends on if you come here often (gasp) – I peed a little Forgive me This is moving too fast You need to get to know him first

– Netflix and chill Netflix and chill – What if your values don't align? – You're not marrying the guy Just hook up with him – What would your mom say? – She right

No shame, shame – What are you doing here? – Don't act surprised, OK? We both know your childhood scarred you and I live here now – I know – Your mother is right Tell him you're not interested and thank you very much

– Yeah, this hot guy not going to like marriage, OK? – She's better at this than I am – Tell me about it Everyone shut up – Me? – No No, not you

Them So Carl, what do you do? – I'm a firefighter – Time to take his shirt off – We're in Starbucks – Mama wants a tall vanilla latte

Get it, girl – Here are 43 reasons why this is irresponsible Number one (blowing) – It's so hot – Touch his arm

Pull him in Whisper something naughty into his ear – I want you to tell me– – Stop How do you know he's a good person? – If you believe in equal pay – Huh? – Yes

Ask the hard hitting questions – Why can't you just let her have fun? – Is he a feminist? – Are you a feminist? – Yeah I'm a feminist – How much money does he make? – Would he make a good father? – What this have to do with me? – How many abs does he have? – Does he recycle? – Where do you put your cans? – In the trash (gasp) – See? – Yeah, right next to her love life

– Listen, I'm really late for work, but it was nice to meet you – You ruin everything – Hey, can I get a caramel frappuccino please? – [Woman] Whipped cream? – I wouldn't– – Shut up – Shut up Lots

Hey I hope you enjoyed this video with my two little sisters – Brooklyn – And Bailey – They are amazing

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One love Superwoman That is a wrap And zoop (laughter)

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