♪ Happy birthday to me! ♪ (galloping) (chimes tinkling) (whooshing) – What up everyone, it's ya girl Superwoman and yes it is my birthday! Happy birthday to me And if you've been following me for more than a year, AKA you were here for my last birthday, you know that I have a tradition on my birthday and that is to help girls around the world gain access to education

How? Let me tell you Y'all know I have my social good campaign, GirlLove You also know I love me some WE charity We combine forces every year for my birthday to release a new campaign And this year is hella dope

Before I tell you what the products are, let me tell you where the proceeds go For my last two birthdays, all the proceeds went towards helping girls in Kenya gain access to education That's still gonna happen But! This year proceeds will also go to girls in Ecuador and in India So you'll be helping girls in three countries gain access to education

School uniforms, school fees, administration fees, paying for teachers, transport to get to school All the things! I have been to all three countries and seen first hand the struggle a lot of kids have just to get to school Okay so cut to the chase, how do we help? For my birthday all I want is for you to support this campaign in one of two ways One! If ya got some extra money, buy the products The past two years I've had Rafiki bracelets

That is the same this year I have these brand new Rafiki bracelets They come in a pair for the first time ever Why? GirlLove is all about sharing the love The idea is to give one to a girl

Look at that super cute packaging! It even tears in the middle It's meant to share! The second product, and this is new because I've never had a product like this in my previous two birthday campaigns It is a pair of necklaces Tada! If you wanna be self conceited you can wear them both like me If not, the idea is also to take one and share it and spread some girl love

Imma come close so you can see Its actually the GirlLove logo divided into the heart and there you get it and then there but you get it? You get it, its pretty awesome Boom! Also splits in the middle We make it easy for you Second way you can help

Let's say you really strapped for cash and like I really can't afford to buy these products No one's mad at you But you can help me by spreading the word Share this video, let everybody know that these products are available from today up until international day of the girl at girllovecom

Every product helps, every share helps, everything matters This is a girl getting to go to school What could be more important than that? Because these are also areas where typically boys get to go to school but the girls don't and you know equality is the way to go If you live in Toronto, you can also go to the WE store in the Eaton center If you attend a WE day, you can also buy them there

You can gift your friends online You do all of the things! All of the things are available And if that wasn't convincing enough, cute cute montage of all the wonderful girls I met during my trips! (bright music) (excited vocalizations) For my birthday, this is honestly all I want I have been very blessed in life to have more than I need I don't need anything

I have everything I need but there's people in the world that do not And they have significantly less that you and I So for my birthday, all I want is to be able to help them all What better legacy could you leave than letting someone get education? Cause yo, the future is now Oh my god the shirt is so clean, go me

Girllovecom if you're able to I would appreciate it so much Other than that, I hope you have a fantastic day Please share this video Sending you lots of love

One love Superwoman that is a wrap and zoop It's so cute (squeak)

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