Things People Say to YouTubers

– Wait, do I know you from somewhere? – Oh my God, I'm such a big fan Wait, what was your name again? – You just look so familiar

– Lilly – Yes, Lilly I watch all of your videos, I love them – Aren't you Lilly Singh? Oh Do you like BTS? – So, what exactly do you do? – YouTube

– So, you work for YouTube then? – No – Let's take a selfie – Aren't you that girl who does that thing on the thing? – Yeah – You make money off YouTube on the internet? – Yeah, lots – Really? – Can we make a video for my friend? – Wait, your book isn't free? What a sellout

– Can you kiss my cheek? – Wait, what's your favorite BTS song? – Ooh, can I get one for SnapChat? – I cannot believe she's making people pay for her merch What a sellout – Back-to-back? – So, where do I find your profile page? – Channel – I miss the old you – I just wanna confirm that you like BTS

– Can we do one where I touch your bum? – Can you give me a shout-out? – Oh, so you make videos like those two brothers, right? – You know, actually, can I move to the outside? I think it's better, like, over, yeah – Have you heard of those two brothers? – PewDiePie is so much better – Can you say happy birthday to Ashley, come on – Jenna Marbles is way funnier – Can you wish Amanda good luck on her exams? – Can you please follow me? – So, how did you hear about my videos? – Thanks

Really, thank you Actually, it was blurry – Stop trying to be Shane Dawson – You should totally make a video about BTS – You know what, you should really try making a video about your parents

– You should do more videos with Humble – You should make a video about the stupid things that people say to YouTubers – Hm, good idea Ayo, thank you so much for watching this video I am so sick, so shout-outs to my team for helping me and doing most of the dialogue

Give it a thumbs up for that, check out my last video over there, second vlog channel, make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday, and I have a cute puppy Love you, baby One love, Super Woman, that is a wrap, and zoop, I'm sick

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