The Truth About YouTubers In 2017

Already giving you reasons to hit that thumbs up though! What up, everyone, it's your girl Superwoman, and being a YouTuber is hard, here's why:Number One- video ideas Do you know how hard it is to think of so many video ideas so consistently? Especially when you have over a thousand videos and you overthink everything today's video idea Today's vid idea vid video Film today's today's fil- film project Is about Is in regards to – vid? Video-vid? vid Video -vid (snaps fingers) Mm Movie ( hardcore music plays as Lily types and suffers) WHY Let's do types of people in the shower ( Lily looks at person with with a look of great disgust and "Are you okay? mixed in) (Rhythmic eye-twitching) Why don't you do types of people grocery shopping? ( How stupid is this person?) Lily suffers She suffers! And honestly even if I try to follow trends to get views like a smart person, I just can't get myself to do it Hey you this is their diss track, and I am so relevant- nope Hey today, we're gonna make a galaxy fidget spinner-slime at – nope Shirt damn it

Okay tomorrow my boyfriend is gonna pick out a new outfit for me- no Number Two- Algorithms number two algorithms dear YouTube you change of mind Like a girl Changes clothes And when I say girl, I mean other girls Not me I thought girls would actually change their clothes regularly I'm a bad example same bra every day for life

No for real though I'm not gonna have a good job Where the rules of who sees your videos AKA How you get views okay? How you get paid change all the time ?And here's the kicker It's all one big secret! No one tells us, so we don't know We're just making crap up

This is live footage of every single youtuber at least once a year So team, my views have been pretty inconsistent recently Any ideas? Oh, the YouTube algorithm changed Blonde Haired Teammate: Yeah, videos nine minutes or longer are more favorable now Okay, so make my videos longer

Mustached Fellow: Oh wait No, never mind Just changed to 14 minutes Oh wait, wait It says the algorithm changed Mustached Fellow: Oh wait

No, never mind Just changed to 14 minutes Blond Haired Teammate: Oh wait, wait It says the algorithm changed Okay Blonde Haired Teammate: It only favours new creators now

Mustached Fellow: And essentially the best practice is enticing titles in all capitals Mhm ,mhm Oh,never mind It says they just did a survey, audiences now want a thing: take titles and thumbnails and tell people to hit the bell ! Why? Blond Haired Teammate: They get notified no they don't mmm Here's the latest update viewers might get notified if they hit the bell and Venus and Saturn are aligned also Let's talk about titles because the algorithm just changed and a lot of words are banned Well my next videos types of diets, so that's fine

Hey, you know I'm not sure about the word diet What's wrong with the diet diet? die T die It's basically death it's murder Are you serious right now? Okay? What about? What types of food consumption? Hmm, I don't like the qanun consumption You know it's just not a pro It is super negative

Yeah, also the algorithm Just changed and now we need to start pushing Playlists in to videos Yeah, it says here that for every playlist clicked on the playlist committee gives you bonus algorithm points Okay, what about video tags? Can we improve those? No those don't matter Oh never mind They just changed the algorithm now Tags are the only way people see your videos Yes, but only in the first 24 hours and only the first 10 tags also the algorithm Just changed now for minute videos are the best let's just trial and error all the ways we might be able to eat dinner today job security number 3 FTC aka what the eff I know FTC ok trade what is it? No that doesn't the federal? Trade committee ello Federal Trade Commission, that's how acronyms work with me ok something You might not even know exists But basically anytime a youtuber or actually anyone is a brand deal online you might notice that they usually say hashtag AB Yeah That's not because they want to is because they legally have to what do you mean all those people aren't genuinely that? Passionate about those Nature Valley granola bars Yeah, and let me just preface this which I completely Understand I think is very important for people to disclose when they're getting paid to advertise something consumers should be Protected I get it but when your creative person FTC regulations straight-up murder your Vision you could have a super adult video concept and be like yeah sure I will say this is an ad is that enough new Name new new new new new you'll need to put legal language in the first 10 seconds of the video verbally and in text an X amount of times every X amount of minutes whatever when it's a girl Advertisement, this is an ad hash tag of this company is my partner

This is a sponsored video spawn Hash tags bond hash tag partner Hash tag partnership tag relationship Hash like tinder to be clear I had received a large sum of money to communicate these specific talking points, which I will say very authentically hash tag Experiments, here's why I'm complaining ok because I think it's a little unfair to be honest There's many other traditional Celebrities that endorse things in different ways and they don't have to disclose it as much for example What's that song call again? Oh yes Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman these boys up to something or was it jump, man Hash tag egg jump man hashtag spawn jump man this a branded song Cayden number for adsense waves normal people season summer winter spring fall Youtuber seasons summer break Christmas holidays back-to-school youtubers get paid to ads and ad agencies spend different amounts of money throughout the year That in combination with if my audiences in school or not it came they got free time to watch my ducky self or they don't Really impacts how much I mimic and typically there's two types of waves number one December To January her team wasn't up this month

There's only two meals a day okay lunch and water break We least turn on the heat the heat What do you think this is back-to-school season it's January no Everybody knows in December Christmas shopping season ad senses popping and everybody knows in January when everyone's like I can't spend no more money on nothing ad agencies are like And I only go to meetings so I can get a free lunch I am oh What's that you thought that your favorite youtubers did so many videos during December because they just weren't again the Christmas spirit Ha I'm even Christian Get ready for 12 collabs Number 5 comments now that we all know the internet is full of racist sexist um bag that say mean things This is not new information I think what a lot of people don't think about it that Creators put a lot of time and energy into these videos I mean some of them most of them a percentage do and sometimes when I'm really proud of a video I made I want to share some really insightful feedback I Am so happy with our last video Honestly I think it's creative It's timely

It's well executed What are the comments it? Notification Squad, okay scroll down do they mention anything about the dark color palette or anything like that, huh? Please react to BTS anyone from the BTS army here Don't read my user name Don't look at my profile picture Don't you hate when people beg for likes like if you agree here before a million views today is my birthday? Early squad twelve likes and two thousand views YouTube is broken you copied Shane Dawson stop trying to be jenna Marbles nice Pimple she's hot why does she talk like that I bang her please check out my channel I post comedy videos She has nice boobs even though I appreciate that you think my boobs are nice sometimes I want to hear about my actual art first You know but don't get a twisted the second thing you come and should definitely be about my boobs It makes me feel great right

They are pretty awesome mary-kate and Ashley so full They didn't even need to be in the reboot fuller house Hey What's this viewable oh right sorry? I hope you enjoyed my parents reacting to BTS Real Talk though yes, I mentioned some struggles of being a creator, but I gotta say that there's so many more positives I love love love my job And I just want to take a moment to say the best one my job is you I'm in this little speech I'm not even tell you to subscribe and I can tell you thumbs up There's no call to action in this segment genuinely me just saying you take time out of your day to come to my channel to watch my videos to interact leave comments if You do and I really really appreciate that because I know there's so many other things you can watch online There's so many other videos and the fact that you give me some time in your day really really does mean a lot and it Does give me this wonderful job? so thank you so much for watching my videos and now you can go to the end card in which I go promote things but I did right now, but now I will Like this video if you did you have to let me know by clicking the thumbs up It's free, and if you don't do it I'm I supposed to know I need validation, but watch my last video does a collab with RCL Beauty It's right over there my second daily vlog channel is right over there So check that out and make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday I want you to be here; sending you lots of hugs and kisses One Love Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop!

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