The Time I Was Breathing The Same Air As iiSuperwomanii

wello bello wello!! we are at KLCC for Lilly's book tour thing ya we went and see the place already

i like how i'm using my phone people are just gonna look like "ah this poor child cannot even see how she looks like" so we are going to get something to eat, drink and then we are going to go and see Lilly show starts at 8 but we're going to be there 5:30 or 6 because we want to be the first ones to go in so we got out drinks and i dont know if you can hear me i'm so shy we're waiting for my cousin who apparently said he's coming i dont know if he's coming or not, so and i'm holding it very low because i'm very shy to bring it up i'm so sorry going to see Lilly Singh

that is where Lilly's thing is and we are on the way Lord I cannot breathe it is 5:10 did see where the place was and there was these people taking her book and I kind of couldn't breathe thank you I cannot breathe hold it hold it hold it

oh my god i'm not even ready oh I can't believe i'm here oh my god Oh my god i got the book i just collected book just collected the book and i dont think the golden ticket is in here yes okay yeah yeah you look very adorable made some friends

people screaming downstairs but we already saw Lilly and its not her we also saw Lilly she liked walked here into that room over there can't I can't my mind is not ready and we're so front made a new friend that's Indhu she's so cute

hey guys thank you so much for watching this video this is the outro I'm at home it's the next day I just finished editing the vlog realize they didn't have an outro and here I am filming it the next day in front of my window in my room so you so much for watching please give this a thumbs up if you like vlogs which I think will be what's coming your way because I think I'll be focusing on vlogs its little it's more fun to do you can go and get Lily's book at lillysinghbookcom

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