The Struggles of Grinding

– It's gonna be real awkward when your momma tells you she relates to this video (snorts) (horse galloping and neighing) What up everyone! It's your girl Superwoman and right off the bat, let me just define grinding

Dancing with someone in a sexual ish, romantic ish way AKA, dirty dancing AKA, couples yoga with music AKA, Tetris for humans AKA, hubba hubba

(squeaking) Wait up, hold on before you go and demonetize me and ish, don't even think about it Let me just explain that in a lot of cultures around the world, dirty dancing is actually not that big of a deal It's kinda just casual and fun and harmless It can be fun So chill and mash up the bumper

(squeaking) But it can be stressful because let's be real, there's a lot of challenges associated with popping the booty For example, if you've ever bumped-ed and grinded-ed, you would 100% experience this scenario You're at a party and you see someone hot and you decide, I wanna dance with that person So you make all the necessary interactions (techno music) But if one booty is moving at two kilometers an hour and another booty is moving at 100 kilometers an hour, at what rate will both booties awkwardly collide? (rustling) Yo, what beat are you dancing to right now? Look, you two so out of sync that you need the help of math and science

Maybe if you just go a little slower? – Okay, I'll slow down – That's a little too slow I'll speed up No, you don't go faster, I'll go faster Now we're both going, no, we just, wait! (record scratches) – If you hit every other beat at a rate of 3

7 kilometers per hour going clockwise, you should be in sync – Okay, so two plus two is four, minus one, that's three quick maths – Got it – Okay, here we go Five, six, seven, eight

One, two, three, four (snapping) – Yep – You're doing great – If your bump and grind feels like bumper cars, you need to exit immediately, okay? That ish can't be good for your spine I pity the lumbar that has a bad booty pop

But what about when you're dancing with someone, but like yo, you're ready to move on? (energetic music) – Alright, thank you I'm gonna go dance with my friends now – Aight, cool (energetic music) – I swear, Scarbro, don't you dare! No wires, don't act like you didn't do anything I swear to God, these guys out here pretending like they just slapping invisible handcuffs on girls like, homie, we danced for one course okay? You out here acting like we in a committed relationship

I need space, okay? That last song we were dancing though, that's was Drake, okay? But now we listening to Beyonce And I feel single and powerful right now So step, step back Some people don't know the time, the place or the vibe for a bump and grind Like take a hint

("La Macarena" by Los Del Rio) – Hey, I'm waiting outside in Hollywood Boulevard Yeah, I'm wearing a beige shirt There's this dude grinding on me – Although, like whatever Sometimes I be acting wack too

(squeaking) Like when you dance with someone at a party, it doesn't mean anything It's just for fun But then why is it that I get 3% salty when I see that random stranger I danced with dance with someone else? I'll just get a drink (faded upbeat music) ♪ Tell me why ♪ ♪ I should stay in this relationship ♪ ♪ When I'm hurting baby, I ain't happy baby ♪ ♪ Plus there's so many other things I gotta deal with ♪ ♪ I think that you should let it burn ♪ – Dude, are you okay? (techno music) – Uh, yeah, whatever, I don't even know his name Just get my drink

Like bro, why this kolaveri di? Okay, here's the next thing If I'm dancing with someone, right? It would be hella awkward if one of my friends approached me to have a conversation Just like, girl, we, me and him, we're so close I can literally feel his digestion occurring, okay? There's no room for a third wheel But sometimes you gotta communicate with the outside world So what do you do? What do you do? A-doi, do-I

Come on, you do what any good friend would do You communicate through sign language that only BFF's know (techno music) I'll be honest though, I love busting a good wind (speaking in Jamaican accent) Cock up yuh bumper, sit down pon it I'm like super confident on a dance floor, okay? Nothing a little Vodka and good music can't contribute to

So I be out on the dance floor just doing the most But that confidence does not translate in other interactions (techno music) (music stops abruptly) Okay, thank you – I have to go do something – Okay, bye

Straight up, Ri Ri on the dance floor, Millhouse in conversations Don't leave without giving it a thumbs up This matters way too much to me Check out my last video right over there Hopefully makes you laugh

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