The Struggles Of Dating Someone TOO Hot (ft. Justin Baldoni)

– Rent, who is she? (bells ringing) (popping) (twinkling) What up, everyone, it's your girl, Superwoman And the other day I was watching TV with my friends, you know, while I was waiting for bae to come home

– Your line into my world? Angels guard the sun – Yeah – Aw, he's so cute – Damn, he could get it – How is Jane still a virgin with him around? I would bend bend in every direction for him

– Daddy, dad-dy – I would do everything to him – Take your shirt off, boo, come on – His great thing with Petra are you and me – [Jane] Are you kidding me? – Absolutely, I called you

Wow, hey – Hey – Hi, sweetheart So, you guys enjoying the season so far? – Mm, it's decent – Hmm

(crunching) Wait, are there carbs in that? – The struggles of dating someone too hot Oh, wait, you hear that? It's all the people saying they can't relate Real talk, though, we all know the struggles of dating someone whack, or being single as hell But, yo, think about it it's also probably really tough to date someone that's a little too hot I know what you're thinking, shut up, hear me out

First of all, when you're in a relationship, right, people usually respect it enough to not just straight up hit on your boo but as your boo gets hotter, it becomes more and more okay for people to say sexual things about them AKA – Damn, he could get it – Are you telling me Gigi Hadid's friends aren't like to her, "girl, Zayn be looking like a gourmet snack

" Are you dumb, of course they are Like hoe, if you dating this fine man, okay, as your friend, I get to objectify him These are the rules If you dating Billy Bob Joe, have him Okay, but if you dating six foot tall sex bomb men, we gon' share, okay, because this Monopoly and those pecs are a community chest

Second of all, dating someone hot probably gives you mad trust issues I mean, your boo could be completely faithful, okay, but that's irrelevant because you don't trust other people Why? Because you remember the thirsty hoe you were the first time you met his fine self You tripping because you know people like you exist out there (chuckles) in the world I cannot with these boys

– Amen – There are certain things that are just deal breakers, you know? – Yeah, like if his wife's crazy – You mean if you have a wife? – Yeah, that's what I said – I just don't wanna date anyone from the industry I don't wanna a movie star or an actor

I don't want no one's baby daddy, the end, no exceptions – Preach, girl – Straight up – Excuse me, ladies, I'm sorry to interrupt Do you know where the restroom is? (sexy music) (twinkles) – Uh, no, but I have a restroom at my house

– I just came from set I just want to freshen up – Oh my God, I was just talking about how much I respect the film industry No, thank you for your service – Aw, and it was my turn to pick up my daughter at school – Shut up, I love kids, show me pictures right now

– Of course – That is so hilarious (giggles) (drum beating) (drum beating) (chuckles) Hoe, pass me some super glue for these deal breakers right now Just the biggest leech ever (chuffing) I smell fresh, sexy blood (chhuffing)

Some people are too hot for your irrelevant requirements With a face like that put a stroller in my hand and call me step-mom, boy, giddy up And because I was such a leech, now I naturally think everyone is also a leech His assistant – Oh, good morning, sir (chuffing)

– [Lilly] The delivery girl – Delivery for you, sir (chuffing) – [Lilly] His best friend – Hey, bro, you been working out? (chuffing) – The girl that wrote this script (chuffing) So, now I stay tripping, okay, and I question him all the time, even if he does nothing wrong

(playful music) (loud footsteps) – Hey, babe – Where you been? – Work, obviously, where else would I be? – Interesting, because I called your office and they said that you weren't there – When? – Six minutes ago – Because I was on my way home? – Mmm, okay, well how come you didn't share your Uber status with me then? – Because I drive myself Everyday now for two years

– Hmm, convenient Whose hair's on your shirt? (clears throat) So, definitely not mine But straight up, that's as far as that goes because when you're dating someone a little too hot, it's impossible to argue with them Like, you can pretend to be mad but you know that if y'all get in a fight and he sleeps on the sofa, really, it's your loss So, you try your best but your hormones simply will not allow it

– [Hot Bae] Getting tired of you not trusting me – And I'm getting tired of your lies – [Hot Bae] Oh my God, listen to yourself You're being ridiculous – Okay, do not speak to me like that, I swear to God I will– (sexy music) I will walk over there and I will effin' grope your bicep because you're pissing me off

– What? – Yeah, that's right, don't make me over there and shove my tongue down your throat because I will – I'm confused, are we fighting? – Yeah, we're fighting, okay You're so dumb you and your stupid toned perfect abs, yeah, I will totally come over there and lick them – Lilly, you are really upsetting me right now – Oh, yeah, you're so mad, take your shirt off

I bet you can't take your shirt off (chuffing) ♪ But my brain keeps telling me no ♪ ♪ But my vajayjay's telling me yes ♪ Is that a song? Did I just make that– ♪ But my brain keeps telling me no ♪ ♪ My vajajay's saying yeah ♪ Am I John Legend? What up, previous collab reference? Here's the thing, right, when you're dating someone really hot, you probably subconsciously defend them even when they do act whack You just like that velvet rope in a museum, just like, "do not come for the art" (chuckles) I think Justin forgot our anniversary – Rude, you need to dump him

– Okay, calm down, he's such a great guy – How long have you been waiting for that text back? – Four hours But give him a break he's going through a really tough time – Why? – Okay, well first of all, he ordered a pizza yesterday and they accidentally put pineapple on it That's a lot

– Are you serious? – Yeah, and he's just had a really rough childhood When he was growing up, his aunt had a gluten allergy and it was really tough on him, so, back off, okay? Like, girl, what you out here trying to suggest right now? Don't be out here trying to take away the one good thing I have with your uncalled for common sense You best be a good friend and tell me to shut the f up because I done won the jackpot, girl, stop it Because we're gonna live happily every after, okay? (chuffing) Wait, no wait, stop stop That needs to stop moving, do not, do not

You know when this video ends, I'm gonna have to stop pretending that I have a hot boyfriend Stop, do not, Justin, Justin! Do not cut to the end (booms) Thank you so much for watching this video with? – I'm Justin Baldoni – And he's so lovely Check out his new series called Man Enough, the link is in the description at WeAreManEnough

com My last collaboration right over there, second vlog channel right over there Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop Ah (crunching), I love you

– I love you

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