The Most Terrifying Date Ever (ft. FouseyTube)

(psychotic music) – So, I had a great time tonight – So did I

– Do you want to come in for a bit? – I probably shouldn't – Why? You don't trust me? – It's not that I don't trust you, it's just really late – I'm not a serial killer! – I never said you were – Or am I? – Okay, stop being weird I'm not scared of you

– Prove it – Fine, I will Are you coming? – Wait, before we go inside, I want to remind you I'm not like other guys – Here we go And let me guess, you never get jealous and you're always honest, right? – Not always honest

I told you I wasn't a serial killer, remember? – Open the door – Make yourself at home – Nice – So, what is this, some sort of haunted house you use for pranks? – I live here – Like some sort of social experiment on how to scare people, huh? Cameras! – Are you scared? – Not even a little bit

– Should I tell you a story? – Go for it – A lot of terrible things have happened in this house

– Yeah, including this interior design – People have gotten hurt – Well, if I had to stay here, I would cry too – No, you don't get it (whispering voices) They hurt people

– They, as in, don't tell me, do you have really strict parents? Hello? I was hoping to make out at least a little bit – No, don't say that in front of them! – No one is here – She's here – Who's here? – The lady sitting beside you (whispering voices) – Well, I hope she's not cute, because, honestly, it would be mad hard to post a woman crush Wednesday being imaginary and all

– Don't say that! She didn't mean that, she didn't mean it – Do you have anything to eat? (whispering voices) – No, stop! – I know, I'm such a cow! We literally just ate – Stop! No, no! No, I won't do it! – Okay, okay, fine, don't But I can still eat something, right? – No more killing, you can't kill them! No! – Don't worry, I'm a vegetarian I only kill vegetables, and the happiness of my taste buds

– Don't make me hurt her – I know, I know ♫ You don't make friends with salad ♫ You don't make friends with salad ♫ – It's too late They're here – Did you order pizza in advance? (doors slamming) (baby crying) – Okay, I get it

Is this like you setting the mood right now? Is this what you're doing? – No, I won't do it, I won't do it – Woah A lot of really inconvenient things are happening right now – Come here – Finally, a little action

– I don't want any more blood – No, no, no, don't worry, don't worry I'm not on my period – No matter what she says, I'll never cut you into pieces – That's romantic, I guess

– I need to be strong – Okay, that's pretty hot – No I like her! I wanna be with her forever – What did you say? – I wanna be with you forever

– As in commitment? (screams) (ghostly groans) Hope you enjoyed that video Thank you so much for watching Thanks for being on my channel and being a psycho He's so scary and weird, oh, but he has muscles, okay If you like this video, give it a big thumbs up

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That is a wrap, and zoop! (growls) That's what you do, right? – [Yousef] Yeah Okay, I did it

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