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– You can help change the world just by watching this video This is not clickbait, it is a fact

(galloping) What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman And in case you don't know, my real name is Lilly Singh, and today is my birthday Thank you so much for all this wishes I really, really appreciate it But this video is not about me

365 days ago, I did a campaign selling rafiki bracelets Don't know what I'm talking about? Don't stress, I got you This is what we accomplished together (singing in foreign language) – I am Superwoman (singing in foreign language) – I am Superwoman

(singing in foreign language) – Lilly, we miss you so much – And we wanted to say thank you (singing in foreign language) – Thank you for helping me get an education – Thank you for believing in my dreams (singing in foreign language) – Thanks to you, I can become a doctor

– An engineer – A neurosurgeon (singing in foreign language) – [All] I am Superwoman (singing in foreign language) This year, for my birthday, I so excited to announce GirlLove rafikis v20 in partnership with WE Charity

Now hold on, hold on, hold on, don't click away, I know what you're thinking You've probably heard stuff like this so many times And I could make a really long video telling you a million reasons why I'm doing this campaign again And I could give you a million more reasons why you should support it, but I'm not gonna to do that I'm gonna make this short, simple, and to the point

These are straight facts Each one of these rafikis is hand-made by a mother in Kenya I have met these mothers and made these rafikis with them Number two The sale of each rafiki helps girls in Kenya go to school

It goes towards school supplies, uniforms, and school fees I've met these girls, and I've been to their school Number three I just came back from Kenya a few weeks ago, and I designed this new rafiki myself I picked the color, which is gold, these cute little square beads, it still has a GirlLove pendant on it

It's slightly longer than last year's rafiki, why? Because I wanna make sure our brothers can also sport it and spread some GirlLove Number four This year, in addition to the rafiki, there's also a combo you can buy with a really cute GirlLove pin, because you know I love a cute pin Number five Last year we shipped to just 43 countries

This year, we are shipping to 223 countries across the world And, shipping prices have been reduced from 25-75% because I know all you international homies wanna support your girl And not just your girl, but all the girls Life hack You and your friends can buy in bulk and pay shipment once, if you live in the same place

Number six The more educated girls are around the world, the better the world becomes And I need to emphasize, this is not some fairy tale or my biased opinion, this is a fact Higher education for girls means less teen pregnancies, and less child marriages Not to mention that educated women are less likely to get diseases like HIV and AIDS

And the list goes on and on and on and on, but at a very basic level I guess you could just frame it as hey, doesn't every girl deserve the opportunity to be the best version of herself? Number seven You can wear the rafiki like a bracelet, like a necklace, like an anklet, or like this cool thing I just did it right here (chuckles) You can get this new rafiki right now at girllovecom, and this specific campaign starts now, today, and goes until October 11th, which is Day of the Girl

My goal is to send even more girls to school than last year, sell even more rafikis, and impact even more stories That's literally all I want for my birthday Like, we are so privileged I don't need anything else besides knowing we, together, did something to give a girl the chance to go to school What better thing could I possibly ask for? If you were gonna do anything for my birthday, or forget my birthday, just because we should

If you personally can't afford a rafiki, I get it But you know what you could do? Share this video, spread this message, because maybe someone on your timeline or on your feed will watch it and maybe they can buy a rafiki So please, please spread the message Let people know about the rafiki I've been there, I've seen with my own eyes and it does make a difference

And by saying humanity is the most important team we're on and we're in this together So please, support my new GirlLove rafiki, and help me spread some GirlLove 'Til next time, one love Superwoman That is a wrap, and zoop (upbeat music)

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