The Most Difficult Decision Ever

– Okay, I know this is gonna be really difficult, so I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna cut to the chase What do you wanna watch? – I don't know, what do you want to watch? – No, I picked last time

– Doesn't matter, I'm down for whatever – Okay fine What about Daddy's Home 2? – No, let's do horror – Okay, so you want to watch horror then – Honestly, it doesn't matter

– It doesn't matter, or horror? – It doesn't matter – 'Kay – Horror – What about The Babadook? My friend said it was really good – Okay, let me check Rotten Tomatoes

– Rotten Tomatoes is a scam I've told you this – 96% fresh, 72% by the audience – What do the comments say? – Sucks, incredible, best movie ever, chick was hot – What about Little Evil? – Seen it

– What about Sinister? – Seen it What about The Ring? – Yes, let's do that – Let's do it – This movie's so bomb – So wait, you've seen it? – No I don't mind though it's fine, I can watch it again

– No, no, no, I want to watch something we both haven't seen – Okay Why don't we try comedy then? I don't want to think, I just want to chill I'm in that mood – Yeah, let's do comedy

I prefer that, I want to laugh, yeah – Neighbors – Nah – Neighbors 2 – Maybe

– Girls Trip – Yes, I love that movie Let's watch it – You've seen it – Oh my God, it doesn't matter

Let's just watch it – You know what, fine whatever It's not on Netflix – Hulu? – Nah – Amazon? – Yes

But wait what's your sister's password again? – Hold on, let me text her (phone clicking) (phone rings) 'Kay you ready? – Okay – U – U – R

– R – C-H – C-H – E-A – E-A

– P – P – 123 – 'Kay slow down – 1

– Wait 1 Damn it – 2 – 2 – 3

– Where's 3? 3, boom – 'Kay let's do it – Alright Girl's Trip – Ready for this

– [Woman] I don't know, two years maybe – I'm not really feeling the vibe – Yeah, it's like musty in here – It doesn't really feel like a Girls Trip type of vibe Should I hit the lights? – Yeah

– Yeah, okay How's this? – No, it's too dark I don't want to fall asleep Okay now there's a glare on the TV Perfect, let's do this

– That's better Yes, alright Okay, let's do it – I'm ready So, should we make popcorn? – Oh my God, yes

Yes, I'm so hungry I can't concentrate unless I'm eating popcorn Like, I can't follow the plot There you go – Thank you

– Let's do this – You know by the way, I just think it's really funny how you always get to pick the movie (crunching) – Hello, I hope you enjoyed that video If you did you know what to do, give me that thumbs up, so I know or else, how am I supposed to know? Check out the last video right over there, it was with my homies Brooklyn and Billy Second blog channel's right over there

Check it right out if you haven't done so Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop Goddamn, now I have to clean

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