The Friend Who Celebrates Halloween Too Early

(laughing evilly) (coughs) (horse neighing) – What up, everyone? It's your girl, Superwoman, and it's September, but let's be real We all have that one friend that's been full-fledge Halloween mode since last month

No, don't get me wrong, okay? I love Halloween, straight up I'mma be like 45 years old, and still trying to trick or treat So, until next year then? Shut up, zoomed-in Lilly, I swear to God, I'm gonna take candy corn, and shove it down your throat (gags) Anything but candy corn Also, if you're someone that likes candy corn, what is wrong with you? What have you done to your taste buds? That's a whole different video

Anyways, we all got that one friend who starts decorating for Halloween way too early (bags crackling) – Let's do this (choir music) (doorbell rings) Dammit! I'm not done – Happy Valentine's Day, babe – Oh, yeah

Okay, yeah Sorry, I was just in the middle of something, actually (spooky Halloween music) – Babe, are you decorating for Halloween in February? – Whoa, listen, okay It's never too early to prepare, am I right? Like (sighs) – Aww

– Like, bruh, if your prom pictures have a pumpkin in the background, something is wrong And don't even get me started on costumes because you know what normal people do? They wait until the last minute That's right October 30th, they're driving to the store, they pick up scraps of a costume, they wait in line for one hour, makeshift together a costume, so like, yeah, a witch's hat and a light saber, no, because I'm Obi-Witch Kenobi But these people? Nah, okay? For the whole year, their priority is a Halloween costume

– Done – What is that? – Are you kidding me? Come on My Halloween costume vision board Obviously, doy! Look, I got a section for solo, group, and couple Sick, right? – Wait, couple? You're single

– Okay, hello? It's Halloween You're supposed to dress up as something you're not I can pretend to be committed for one night, God – Okay, and what's with the question marks? – Oh, this? Yeah, no, I'm leaving space for a possible hit new Netflix show with an ensemble cast Stranger Things really effed me over two years ago

– Okay Yeah, maybe you should work on your– – Also, check this out If I have my period, and it impacts my hormones, and I wanna be more sexy than scary, easy! Look Sexy Avenger, sexy scarecrow, sexy egg, and there's even a section for Scarbro My little baby boy is so excited

Scarbro? – And you already know this is the person that messages the group chat just like, "Hey guys, I think we should get a head start "on a group costume" And they get really upset when no one gives a damn because we're just like, "Bruh, we're enjoying summer holiday, okay? "I don't give a eff about dressing up as crayons" And some people take this even further, okay? It's one thing to plan a costume in advance, but some people dress up in advance – So, what are you doing for Labor Day? – No plans yet Hey, excuse me

Thank you for your service – That's very kind – Are you in the Army? – No, I'm a barista Here are your drinks – Oh

– I'll be right there – [Police Officer On Radio] Suspect is armed and dangerous, driving a black vehicle – Is there a problem, officer? – [Police Officer] Just located the suspect – If you're in a costume, and it's not Halloween, or even Halloween week, you are not dressing up, okay? You are committing fraud Let me ask you something

Is going around saying, "Ho, ho, ho" acceptable at any other time besides Christmas? Don't be dumb Like, I hit up one of my girls on September 26th for my birthday party, and this happened – [Halloween Friend] Yo, what's dress code again? – [Friend] Formal – [Halloween Friend] Okay, cool See you there birthday girl! Yas! Part-ay! – And if they're really intense, it's not even about the physical things like decorations or a costume

It's the fact that they get into the Halloween spirit much too early If you're doing scary, creepy stuff, and it's not Halloween, that's not festive That's concerning, and I'mma have to get a restraining order – Woo! Road trip Six hours, let's do this

– Yas! Should I play some music? – Ah, totally – Got you! ♪ Suddenly to my surprise ♪ ♪ He did the mash ♪ ♪ He did the monster mash ♪ ♪ The monster mash ♪ ♪ It was a graveyard smash ♪ ♪ He did the mash ♪ ♪ It caught on in a flash ♪ ♪ He did the mash ♪ ♪ He did the monster mash ♪ ♪ From the laboratory in the castle east ♪ ♪ To the master bedroom where the vampires feast ♪ (laughs) – Also, can I just say, while I was recording that skit, all the white people on my team knew every word to Monster Mash, and I was just like, what the hell? It's like the scary version of the YMCA for them It's adorable You know what else is adorable? Sharing this video with that one friend that I know you have I already know who I'm sharing this with

Hi, hello friend that shall remain unnamed, this video is about you (speaks in foreign language) Yo, I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, give me a thumbs up, but also comment below letting me know, do you have any ideas for your costumes yet for Halloween? If you do, and it's September, shame on you! Last video of Vlog Channel, make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman That is a wrap, and zoop!

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